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Chiva-Som International Health Resort is the Grande Dame of destination spas, it has been purging and cleansing for 20 years, and still remains triumphantly at the top of it’s game. Tucked away on acres of lush tropical gardens in Hua Hin, a mere two hours by road from Bangkok, Chiva-Som is the perfect spa for everyone. It caters in equal measures for the single traveller, a couple or a group of friends. Asia is brimming with snazzy health spas, minimalist and cool, but Chiva-Som is a world away from this sort of offering, its aim is to deliver long-term health benefits by changing the way you live.

During your stay at Chiva-Som you will follow a fluid schedule advised by the experts who will ensure you enjoy a balance of treatments and relaxation, think Tai Chi at sunrise, followed by a nice stretch, with kick-boxing, Pilates, yoga and meditation all on the list. You can be sure that the classes are not just there by chance, they are scrupulously chosen by their team - tried and tested, and you can be positive that you will be challenged to the limit by the very best instructors. Chiva-Som boasts an almost unimaginable range of spa and alternative treatments. As well as the range of massages and facials, there are colonic irrigation therapies and flotation, scrubs and body polishes, iridology and seaweed treatments, milk baths and acupuncture. Treatments cover everything from chakra balancing to physiotherapy. You can be sure you will also have the access to the world’s top visiting experts, as this is the place they all want to come to. Food has always been delectable at Chiva-Som, saintly yet scrumptious. The menu features contemporary Thai cuisine with international influences’, food that is low in fat, salt and sugar, and big on flavour. You can still have chocolate brownies, although it will only have just over 200 calories. You can learn how to cook healthily, with daily classes to teach you the art of preparing and cooking the Chiva-Som way. It’s all about education, learning and understanding about food, and ultimately helping you to eat healthier.

With elegant rooms that have been recently renovated, there are countless reasons why people may choose to visit Chiva-Som, but it is undeniable that the main thing that keeps enthusiasts returning year after year are the results. After a week here you will feel brand new, and more importantly, you will take a wealth of knowledge with you on how to live your life better.

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Includes accommodation, breakfast & access to facilities

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Detox | Fitness | Yoga & Pilates | Weight-Loss | Holistic Healing | Fixing Your Issues | Anti-Ageing 


Call Us: +44 20 7843 3597

Room Types

All guest rooms at Chiva-Som are designed with luxury and comfort in mind, creating seamless harmony with your retreat programmes. All rooms have satellite colour TV and a Blu-ray player. Air conditioning is available, as are International Direct Dial phones, bathrobes, hair dryers, refrigerators and room safes. Chiva-Som can also be personalised, allowing for change. You can switch the scent in the oil burners, amenities in the bathroom, and linens and pillows in the bedroom.  

Choose from a variety of Ocean Rooms, an Anchan Room, a Thai Pavilion or a Suite (Juniper, Patchouli, Jasmine, Champaka, Golden Bo or Leelawadee). 


Chiva-Som's well-appointed spa offers an extensive range of treatments and activities, to help you relax, restore and rejuvenate. Facilities include physiotherapy, fitness, spa and holistic health options; their is a focus combining Eastern and Western approaches for a fully comprehensive approach to your wellness.

The spa offers over 150 treatments, from fitness classes like Tai Chi and Pilates, to complementary therapies and medical services. Beauty treatments, massages, hydrotherapy and more all feature on Chiva-Som's impressive spa menu, ensuring whatever you seek, there is a treament that will suit your needs.

Expect to find water therapy rooms complete with saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis and heated water beds to prepare you for your treatment ahead and a tranquil spa environment that will help you unwind and fully enjoy your time spent here.


Fresh, healthy and calorie counted (written on a card next to each dish) all the food is salt and fat free, using as much of the garden produce as possible. Expect the likes of rock lobster curry or baked marinated seabass with turmeric. If you’re travelling alone you can sit at a sharing table should you prefer.

Emerald Restaurant

International Spa Cuisine

Taste of Siam Restaurant

Traditional Thai Spa Cuisine by the Beach


Your time at Chiva-Som is sure to be enriched by the plethora of activities that are on offer. Opt for early morning lessons in yoga and Thai Chi, and fun aqua aerobic classes, or perhaps try fitness assessments, kick-boxing, beach walks, Pilates, body balancing and body stretching – there truly is something for everyone, no matter your ability.

With a changing weekly schedule of activities, Chiva-Som offers guests a varied experience, ensuring you get to try new things and there is plenty to keep you entertained.

On the more relaxed side of things join one of the spa cuisine classes or attend one of the lectures, you are sure to take away many handy tips and information that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle even after you have left. Or if you prefer to get outdoors, expect to find golf, biking and even kayaking all on the weekly schedule.However you choose to spend your time, you can be certain that you are in the hands of the experts at Chiva-Som

  • Male/female wet area (including sauna, multi-level steam, room, hydro-Jacuzzi, relaxation room)
  • Watsu pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Dance studio
  • Pilates studio
  • Yoga pavilion
  • Yoga sala
  • Kinesis studio
  • Tai Chi pavilion and bathing pavilion, complete with exercise pool, plunge pool, waterfalls and Kneipp therapy foot bath
  • The Niranlada medi-spa offers a range of rejuvenating non-invasive cosmetic procedures
  • There is also a well stocked library and comprehensive boutique
  • Wifi is available in all bedrooms

185km South of Bangkok (approximately 2 and a half hours by private car transfer), Chiva-Som is found amongst stunning surroundings which include tropical gardens and sea views for a serene and calming environment.

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Insider's Tips
  • Book early, as Chiva-Som gets a huge amount of repeat guests.
  • Book a room with a view of the ocean, not only will it make your soul soar, but its near to the heart of the Spa action.
  • Do a cookery lesson with Kanyarat Thanomsaeng, so you can replicate some of their scrummy dishes.
  • Do their stretching class at sunrise, it will set you up for the day, and ensure that you are fit for the day ahead
  • Pack lightly as you will spend most of your time in the comfy pyjamas provided
  • Study the weekly schedule a week prior to travel and ask that treatments are planned not to clash.



  • 5 nights stay in double occupancy receives complimentary treatments of 7 nights
  • 7 nights stay in double occupancy receives complimentary treatments of 10 nights
  • 10 nights stay in double occupancy receives complimentary treatments of 14 nights
  • 14 nights stay in double occupancy receives complimentary treatments of an extra 5 nights
  • Minimum 7 nights stay in single occupancy receives complimentary voucher to spend on treatments worth £625

Offer Valid on stays during 1st June - 31st October 2017


At Chiva-Som there's a programme for just about everything. Whether you're looking to lose-weight, de-stress, or fix another issue that's bothering you, Chiva-Som's holistic approach to health and wellness is sure to help bring you the results you seek.

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1 Night at Chiva-Som
Chiva-Som | Thailand
Fly away to Thailand to spend some time at Chiva-Som, a renowned destination spa that has been helping guests to rewind and improve their help for over 20 years. Relax in the serene tropical gardens of Hua Hin and enjoy Chiva-Som's beautiful facilities.Those looking to improve their fitness can ...
Sharing from £415 pp Singles from £585 pp
7 nights stay
Chiva-Som | Thailand
For those seeking a wellness break without necessarily having a specific objective in mind, this 7-night stay at Chiva-Som is ideal.While you may not have a set programme, during your stay you will benefit from a daily treatment as well as an allowance to put towards options from Chiva-Som’s e...
Sharing from £3,449 pp Singles from £4,819 pp
A Taste of Chiva-Som
Chiva-Som | Thailand
Best suited to those who may not have a specific wellness goal in mind but would just like to feel a general sense of improved health, wellbeing, and happiness, this retreat can be tailored to suit your individual needs.Receive consultations with your health and wellness advisor to help decide on th...
Sharing from £4,099 pp Singles from £5,399 pp
Art Of Detox Programme
Chiva-Som | Thailand
7, 10 or 14 nights
Chiva-Som understands that everyone is different, and for that reason every detox has to be different – that is why your programme will be tailored to suit your individual needs and can be adapted according to your choice of either a radical or gentle dietary change.You will receive an initial...
Sharing from £4,099 pp Singles from £5,399 pp
Fitness Retreat
Chiva-Som | Thailand
7, 10 or 14 nights
The primary objective of the Fitness Retreat at Chiva-Som is to help you look good and feel great both emotionally and spiritually. Whether you are experienced or just starting out on a fitness and exercise regime, this retreat will help inspire, motivate and educate while working with you to achie...
Sharing from £4,099 pp Singles from £5,399 pp
Natural Renewal
Chiva-Som | Thailand
Ideal if you're suffering from chronic health conditions
Chiva Som’s Natural Renewal programme has been designed for those who are suffering from a chronic health condition or may just generally not be feeling at their best.The experts at Chiva-Som aim to explore the roots of your health concerns in order to create a programme tailored to your needs...
Sharing from £4,099 pp Singles from £5,399 pp
Optimal Performance Retreat
Chiva-Som | Thailand
Fitness and Physiotherapy
The Performance Retreat aims to build on your existing fitness level to ensure that you are performing at your optimal level, using a combination of different activities, treatments, and diet.When you arrive you will receive a consultation with your Health and Wellness advisor which will help ascert...
Sharing from £4,099 pp Singles from £5,399 pp
Spa Wellbeing
Chiva-Som | Thailand
7, 10 or 14 nights
A retreat designed to allow you to escape the stresses of everyday life and simply focus on yourself and your health and wellness, Chiva-Som’s Spa Wellbeing programme is for those who simply need a break without a specific objective in mind.An initial consultation with your health and wellness...
Sharing from £4,099 pp Singles from £5,399 pp
Weight Management Programme
Chiva-Som | Thailand
For those looking not just to lose weight but to keep it off using healthy and sustainable methods, Chiva-Som’s Weight-Management programme is for you.Working with personal trainers and nutritionists, your retreat will be tailored to your individual needs, abilities and lifestyle, working to i...
Sharing from £4,099 pp Singles from £5,399 pp
Yoga For Life Retreat
Chiva-Som | Thailand
For yoga lovers or those looking to improve their abilities, Chiva-Som offers their Yoga For Life retreat which allows you to immerse yourself in yoga with daily group classes as well as private one-on-one sessions so that you can experience the benefits of both.Throughout the duration of your progr...
Sharing from £4,099 pp Singles from £5,399 pp
Cell Vitality
Chiva-Som | Thailand
Ideal for those who're recovering or are in remission from cancer
The Cell Vitality retreat has been carefully created to support guests who have recovered or are in remission from cancer. The programme will be fine-tuned by wellness experts to suit each individual guest, aiming to assist in the recovery of your vitality and wellbeing, using holistic healing techn...
Sharing from £5,599 pp Singles from £7,399 pp
Cranial Relief
Chiva-Som | Thailand
Designed for those who suffer from frequent migraines and life-disrupting headaches, Chiva-Som’s Cranial Relief retreat aims to help you resolve these issues using a combination of holistic and physiotherapy treatmentsEnjoy a daily spa treatments that will ensure you feel pampered, take advant...
Sharing from £5,599 pp Singles from £7,399 pp
Emotional Wellbeing
Chiva-Som | Thailand
10 or 14 nights | Stress Management
For guests who feel over-stressed or suffer from a lack of energy, this retreat will rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Emotions greatly affect the body, so this retreat focuses on mastering the ability to control your stress, mood and overall wellbeing.At the start of your retreat you will rece...
Sharing from £5,599 pp Singles from £7,399 pp
Tension Release
Chiva-Som | Thailand
10 or 14 nights | Stress Management
The build-up of tension can negatively impact our lives in many ways, which is why Chiva-Som has created their Tension Release retreat to help you escape tension-causing routines and find inner peace once more.During stay you will receive an initial consultation which will help highlight the cause o...
Sharing from £5,599 pp Singles from £7,399 pp
Sustainable Slimming
Chiva-Som | Thailand
14 nights | Weight-loss
Begin your journey towards a healthier lifestyle on Chiva-Som’s sustainable slimming retreat that aims to help you lose weight in a healthy and controlled manner and keep it off too.You will receive an initial consultation that will help ascertain your current fitness and ability levels, as we...
Sharing from £7,599 pp Singles from £10,085 pp
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