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Sri Lanka

A beautiful island off the southeast coast of India with a rich history and housing one of the most important Buddhist shrines in the world, the Temple of the Tooth. Sri Lanka also has remnants of Dutch, Portuguese and British colonisation. From a high hinterland it offers caves, crags, waterfalls and forest, while its coastline boasts multiple golden beaches.

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Healing Holidays Exclusive
Spa and Wellness Retreat
Sen Wellness Sanctuary - Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka
This 10 night Conde Nast exclusive spa programme is all about relaxation and personal wellbeing tailored to your needs. This programme is fully focussed around your needs with treatments and recommendations from the Ayurveda doctor twice daily and two private yoga sessions with our resident teacher,...
Singles from £3,219 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Light Cure
Surya Lanka | Sri Lanka
For those guests who want a less intensive cure with more time for leisure/holiday. The main cleansing treatments of nasya, vasti and virechena are administered in a shorter, milder version and massages are fewer. This enables the guest to experience a complete, though “less intensive” P...
Sharing from £1,485 pp Singles from £1,605 pp
7 Night Wellness Retreat at Tri
Tri | Sri Lanka
Tri, an inspiring sustainable hotel in Sri Lanka, spans an area around an island hill on the shore of Koggala Lake. Influenced by nature, you will find green roofs, living walls and edible gardens on the expansive grounds. The aesthetic has been informed by the Golden Ratio, which determined the pla...
Sharing from £1,625 pp Singles from £2,375 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Intensive Cure
Surya Lanka | Sri Lanka
This level of cure delivers a complete detoxification of the body. It is the level chosen by approximately 80-90% of Surya's guests. The treatment schedule will vary according to each guest’s current or past medical condition. The oils prescribed for various massages, shirodhara; preparati...
Sharing from £1,795 pp Singles from £1,670 pp
Barberyn Ayurveda Programme
Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort | Sri Lanka
Newly arrived guests visit the health centre for a consultation and diagnosis with an Ayurvedic doctor, who creates an individual programme of treatments for each guest consisting of oil, herbal massages, herbal baths, herbal medicines and liqueurs, in addition to a tailormade diet for their stay at...
Sharing from £1,799 pp Singles from £1,999 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Heil Cure
Surya Lanka | Sri Lanka
This cure is for guests with chronic or multiple medical ailments such as arthritis, asthma and psoriasis. These conditions require more intensive, specific treatments; more medicines; closer monitoring and supervision by the Surya Lanka doctors. The diet of guests may also have to be more strict to...
Sharing from £1,825 pp Singles from £1,945 pp
Sen Wellness and Wellbeing Retreat
Sen Wellness Sanctuary - Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka
Escape to the sandy shores of Sri Lanka at Sen Wellness, founded as a universal space that stimulates growth and promotes healing by Sam Kankanamge. Situated in a national park, you will feel both calm and invigorated when you into contact with nature and wildlife. During the yoga retreat, you will ...
Sharing from £2,135 pp Singles from £2,479 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Yoga Programme
Santani Wellness Resort & Spa | Sri Lanka
This seven night retreat at Santani combines evening yoga with a variety of lifestyle workshops and activities designed to relax and restore balance. During your stay you will learn about meditation and other relaxation techniques through scheduled wellness activities that will help you centre. To p...
Sharing from £2,799 pp
Conscious Living with Sushant Pandey
Santani Wellness Resort & Spa | Sri Lanka
7 Nights
For one week only world renowned Yoga master Sushant Pandey will be running the Conscious Living programme. Designed to help you discover your true self through Yoga and Ayurveda, this programme will provide you with tools to help deal with the complexities of the mind.The Retreat will be a tranquil...
Sharing from £3,475 pp Singles from £4,475 pp

"In my opinion the only negative I have . More emphasis should be put in introducing you to other guests.the meeting table really is not adequate. No group meetInfant were had all the time I was there. I can mingle with any one . However it took me two days to start a conversation. Confusion being unsure whether it was a place for talking or not . So is in need to advertise promote group gatherings. So all feel totally comfortable. Every one I spoke to said this was lacking and such a shame . Apart from that I loved it 😀"
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