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Whether you’re a couch potato or a health nut looking to get moving, the goal of getting fitter most certainly seems a daunting one. Why not get the ball rolling with a week at a fitness retreat where you’ll be assessed and a carefully planned routine to kick off your new fitness lifestyle can be introduced. From getting you moving and showing you the best type of exercise for your body type to how to integrate the new routines into your busy lifestyle – the spa experts will guide you and ensure your fitness routine can become a lasting one.

Popular choices include boot camp spa escapes where you’ll be pushed to get that heart racing, bike programmes to speed up your blood flow and yoga retreats where meditation and breathing techniques ensure your body is properly invigorated. Enjoy hiking? Join a nature spa where treatments offer the option of challenging yourself to the surrounding hills and mountainsides. Yoga, Pilates, kick boxing or simply the resort gym – there are one on one trainers, or group sessions so you can decide your own pace.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your upper body, improve your body shape or increase your cardiovascular fitness – there’s a fitness retreat program for you. The best advantage is you’ll get to enjoy the views, sights and spa facilities while training with experts so your break will leave you feeling strong, fit, and healthy with lasting holiday memories of your fantastic spa location.

Discover our selection of fitness retreats below or contact our wellness experts, who will give you unbiased advice on how to tailor the right programme for your individual needs. Call on 020 7843 3597 or submit your enquiry here

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Fu're - Unconventional Sport & Spa Programme
Vair Spa at Borgo Egnazia | Italy
Vair Spa
If you desire to look healthier and feel stronger without slaving away for hours in a gym, then Vair Spa's Unconvential Sport & Spa programme is ideal for you. Rather than completing multiple reptitions of traditional exercises, you will be able to participate in an active lifestyle that wil...
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Longevity Feel Fit
Longevity Cegonha Country Club | Portugal
3 or 5 Nights
Nothing quite revitalises the body like a fitness holiday, you get a chance to eat well, reset your body clock, exercise and see the change in yourself. The aim of the Longevity Feel Fit programme is to achieve that happiness and self-fulfilment as you break personal barriers and walk away a stronge...
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7 night stay at Kamalaya
Kamalaya | Thailand
7 nights stay with 5% discount included
Kamalaya is the right choice for you, if you need the time and place to step back from life and recover balance, de-stress, relax, replenish depleted energy levels and boost your immune system. Stay between the 1st May - 31st July 2017 and enjoy a 7 night stay package with flights, transfers, accomm...
Sharing from £1,260 pp Singles from £1,635 pp
5 Nights at Schloss Elmau
Schloss Elmau | Germany
5 nights
When it comes to the fine art of pampering, award-winning resort Schloss Elmau is second to none in delivering unique experiences of sheer indulgence. Embraced by the enchanting landscape of the Bavarian Alps, this is the perfect spot for a relaxing escape with a backdrop of breath-taking beauty. Du...
Sharing from £1,420 pp Singles from £1,455 pp
Body Re-Set at ME Ibiza
38 Degrees North Fitness Retreats | Spain
3 nights - Apr, May, Jun, Sep & Oct.
The female-specific fitness programme is ideal for women who would like to attend a retreat and improve their fitness within a short period. A fitness consultation upon arrival includes a full body analysis, biometric & fitness test to understand your physiology. It will segment the body fat and...
Sharing from £1,425 pp Singles from £1,799 pp
Longevity Fitness Booster
Vilalara Thalassa Resort | Portugal
3 nights
With a gorgeous golden beach and lush gardens, Vilalara Thalassa Resort is an inspiring locale for a fitness programme. Take time out of your busy schedule to spend just 3 nights at Vilalara to burn some calories, boost your fitness levels and experience a new active lifestyle. During your stay you ...
Sharing from £1,469 pp Singles from £1,689 pp
Rocco Forte Fit
Verdura Resort | Italy
Venture to Verdura Resort, Rocco Forte’s family-friendly destination that sprawls 560 acres of beautiful beachfront land along the enchanting coast of Sicily.Scheduling a designated time to work out every week can be difficult, and with a heavy workload and a full social schedule, it is easy t...
Sharing from £1,480 pp Singles from £1,955 pp
Body Fit at Sol Beach House
38 Degrees North Fitness Retreats | Spain
6 nights - May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep & Oct.
Begin your retreat with a fitness consultation and fitness test, informing you about your current physical state and serve as a progress marker at the end of the programme. You will be kept busy with 5-6 varying fitness activities each day. Ramp up your cardio with kickboxing, boxing and Tabata trai...
Sharing from £1,497 pp Singles from £1,828 pp
Shanti-Som Pilates Retreat
Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat | Spain
Whether you're a beginner looking to get to grips with Pilates, or an experienced enthusiast looking to spend some time dedicating themselves to their favourite fitness activity, this 6 night Pilates programme at Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat is sure to offer what you seek. Located in sunny Spain...
Sharing from £1,639 pp Singles from £2,030 pp
Longevity Bootcamp
Longevity Cegonha Country Club | Portugal
7 Nights
Motivation can be hard to find for many of us, especially when it comes exercise and eating well. The Longevity Bootcamp programme is the perfect way to kick start a new health regime with an intensive week of fitness activities. The programme aims to improve your cardiovascular condition, increase ...
Sharing from £1,645 pp Singles from £1,929 pp
Fitness & Activity
Neeleshwar Hermitage | India
A fitness retreat with a difference, on the Fitness and Activity programme at Neeleshwar Hermitage guests won’t be subjected to intensive workouts that lead to over-exertion but rather activities that get you active, moving, and stimulate both body and mind. Perfect for those who not only want...
Sharing from £1,670 pp Singles from £2,161 pp
Be Fit Programme
Absolute Sanctuary | Thailand
Receive two extra nights free
This programme uses a holistic approach to fitness, catering to those seeking to improve their fitness levels as well as those wanting to kick-start a fitness regime.Starting off with a comprehensive fitness assessment, this fitness programme is tailor‐made to meet your fitness goals, including bo...
Sharing from £1,779 pp Singles from £2,079 pp
Pilates Reformer Bootcamp
Absolute Sanctuary | Thailand
Receive two extra nights free
Absolute Sanctuary is the first resort to bring Pilates reformer classes to Asia. Inspired by the unique programs the Absolute's Pilates Reformer programme will strengthen your core muscle groups, burn fat, build long, lean and toned muscles to achieve the ideal body.This bootcamp programme is i...
Sharing from £1,779 pp Singles from £2,039 pp
Fitness Programme
L'Albereta | Italy
3 Nights
This programme aims to assess your fitness performance potential, your physical strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve them to enhance your health and improve your wellbeing regardless of your age. The treatments are personalized to the needs of each individual and are monitored constantly...
Sharing from £1,815 pp Singles from £2,305 pp
Family Stay at Schloss Elmau
Schloss Elmau | Germany
5 Night Family Stay
A spa hotel might not be the most traditional choice for a family holiday, but Schloss Elmau isn’t a traditional spa hotel. With four separate spas, one of which is specifically for families, spacious suites with kitchenettes as well as a host of different activities and clubs for kids of all ...
Sharing from £1,869 pp
Shanti-Som Fitness High Intensity
Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat | Spain
For those who are looking to dramatically overhaul their fitness regime, Shanti-Som’s Fitness High Intensity retreat is ideal. Whether you are looking to take your fitness to the next level or simply desire a challenge, this programme is full of different exercise classes and sessions designed...
Sharing from £1,869 pp Singles from £2,210 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Detox on the Run
Parkhotel Igls | Austria
7 nights
A stay at Parkhotel Igls can reset your body and state of mind, fully preparing you to return to the everyday grind after your retreat. Encompassed by the majestic Tyrolean Alps, you will have the luxury of time to give your body the attention it needs.Gentle exercise is absolutely integral to Moder...
Sharing from £2,128 pp Singles from £2,158 pp
DNA Fit at ME Ibiza
38 Degrees North Fitness Retreats | Spain
18 - 21 May / 6 - 9 Jul / 12 - 15 Oct.
This programme will allow you to learn about your genetics and physiology to help fuel your body and exercise more efficiently. The programme includes a fitness consultation and full body analysis that segments the body fat and muscles of the entire body. Personal training sessions will also help yo...
Sharing from £2,255 pp Singles from £2,628 pp
Sports & Postural Programme
Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda | Italy
5 Nights
Escape to the rolling hills of Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garder in Italy for the perfect relaxing getaway. For those dealing with sport or postural related issues this programme is designed around diagnosing and then rehabilitating guests through these injuries.The programme will start with a t...
Sharing from £2,255 pp Singles from £2,749 pp
Basic Optimal Fitness Programme
Kamalaya | Thailand
Adapted accordingly for both beginners and advanced exercise enthusiasts, this programme will help you achieve your fitness goals. With personal instruction and guidance from fitness experts, holistic spa therapies and nutritious cuisine, you will experience improved health on all levels.This is a p...
Sharing from £2,359 pp Singles from £2,854 pp
Marbella Club Performance Fitness
Marbella Club Spain | Spain
7 nights
Take time to get in shape with the Performance Fitness programme, which will help to improve many aspects of your health such as strength, agility, flexibility and endurance. This retreat has been designed for those physical conditions are less robust, so you will be able to build a fitness foundati...
Sharing from £2,372 pp Singles from £3,418 pp
Insane Fitness
EPIC SANA Algarve | Portugal
The insane fitness programme lasts 5 days and includes five hours per day of intense and varied workouts, including military training, cycling, TRX, cardio circuit, BTT, stretching, cardio box and more. The programme starts with an initial fitness assessment to help structure your week by highlighti...
Sharing from £2,477 pp Singles from £2,746 pp
The Farm Fitness
The Farm at San Benito | Philippines
If you don’t like to spend a day without being active, or really want to overhaul your entire fitness regime and become the kind of person who exercises regularly, this fitness programme at The Farm at San Benito is right for you. Be pushed to the limits and really take your fitness to the nex...
Sharing from £2,660 pp Singles from £3,440 pp
Sports Starter Programme
Sofitel Quiberon Dietetique | France
Perfect for those who are just getting into fitness, or those trying to get back into it, Sofitel Quiberon Diététique Sports Started retreat is designed to help optimise your sport performance, boost your weight-loss and tone your body.You will have assessments and daily consultations ...
Sharing from £2,779 pp Singles from £3,499 pp
Be Active Programme
COMO Shambhala Estate | Indonesia
7 or 14 nights
This results-driven programme focuses on holistic, healthy living to improve your health and fitness levels. You will receive personal training sessions and revitalising massages. The programme incorporates wellness consultations, fitness assessments and daily personal training to ensure you see the...
Sharing from £2,941 pp Singles from £4,135 pp
Body Fit Plus at ME Ibiza
38 Degrees North Fitness Retreats | Spain
6 nights - Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep & Oct.
This programme begins and ends with a fitness consultation and fitness test, so you can gauge your progress and maintain it once you return home. Your training will be full of engaging activities, and you will complete 5–6 different activities per day. Possible sessions include hiking, running...
Sharing from £2,956 pp Singles from £3,628 pp
Comprehensive Optimal Fitness Programme
Kamalaya | Thailand
Kamalaya's Comprehensive Optimal Fitness Programme is geared towards those who exercise regularly, and want to improve their workouts by striking the right balance between exercise, relaxation techniques, stretching, nutrition and a generally healthy lifestyle.. The team of fitness and wellness ...
Sharing from £2,975 pp Singles from £3,295 pp
Kick Start Fitness Course
Wildfitness Zanzibar | Luxury Spas in Africa
Spend 9 days on idyllic Zanzibar to focus on kick starting your fitness. This course includes a range of services including multiple daily training sessions, a number of flexibility sessions and workshops and 2 massages to help unwind.This course will cover all the basic parts of the Wildfitness phi...
Sharing from £3,499 pp Singles from £4,165 pp
Fitness Performance Bootcamp
Marbella Club Spain | Spain
7 nights
If you are looking to up your fitness but do not know where to start, The Performance Boot Camp is the best programme for you. The retreat will begin with an initial medical consultation, nutritionist consultation, coach session and medical check-up, which will inform you and help to tailor the prog...
Sharing from £3,552 pp Singles from £4,598 pp
Fitness Retreat
Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai | Thailand
Make your way to the Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai to experience be transported back in time amidst historical and traditional architecture and to enjoy the ultimate in Thai luxury. If you have just not been feeling like yourself, there is a good chance that you need to up your fitness. At the Dhara Dhevi ...
Sharing from £3,599 pp Singles from £4,679 pp
Back Pain Retreat
Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai | Thailand
Make your way to the graceful Dhara Dhevi in Chiang Mai in order to treat your back pain. In traditional Vedic language, the spine is equated with the "axis of the universe" and helps a person to determine the main direction of their life. Two channels on either side of the spine are conne...
Sharing from £3,895 pp Singles from £4,979 pp
Fitness Retreat
Chiva-Som | Thailand
7, 10 or 14 nights
The primary objective of the Fitness Retreat at Chiva-Som is to help you look good and feel great both emotionally and spiritually. Whether you are experienced or just starting out on a fitness and exercise regime, this retreat will help inspire, motivate and educate while working with you to achie...
Sharing from £4,099 pp Singles from £5,399 pp
Optimal Performance Retreat
Chiva-Som | Thailand
Fitness and Physiotherapy
The Performance Retreat aims to build on your existing fitness level to ensure that you are performing at your optimal level, using a combination of different activities, treatments, and diet.When you arrive you will receive a consultation with your Health and Wellness advisor which will help ascert...
Sharing from £4,099 pp Singles from £5,399 pp
Spa Sampler
Canyon Ranch Tucson | United States
Head to Canyon Ranch Tucson in the spectacularly beautiful Sonoran desert of Arizona to dedicate time to your health. The luxurious spa within Canyon Ranch Tucson offers pampering services that will soothe your body and rejuvenate your spirit. Treatments range from massages to Watsu and Ayurveda. A...
Sharing from £4,155 pp Singles from £4,665 pp
SHA Fitness Programme
SHA Wellness Clinic | Spain
Early Booking Offer - 10% off accommodation
The SHA Fitness Programme Combines a variety of treatments and activities will equip you with the necessary tools to get fit and maintain those results - no matter what stage you are at in your current fitness journey.Upon arrival you will undergo initial health tests, during which the SHA health ex...
Sharing from £4,564 pp Singles from £5,507 pp
Ananda Active Programme
Ananda | India
The Ananda Active programme has been designed for those who want to up their activity levels with some gentle exercise in the stunning location of the Himalayan foothills. Complimented by spa treatments that aim to pamper and renew, this retreat strikes the perfect balance of relaxation and gentle f...
Sharing from £4,575 pp Singles from £5,698 pp
6 Night Nescens Boot Camp Programme
La Reserve Ramatuelle | France
Want to boost your fitness? During this 6 night Nescens Boot Camp your programme includes combining Nordic Walking, spa treatments and the benefits of a light Mediterranean cuisine, sure to increase your fitness levels and slim you down. With an array of personal training sessions, therapeutic treat...
Sharing from £4,649 pp Singles from £6,615 pp
Optimal Living Programme
Canyon Ranch Lenox | United States
Take a trip to the beautiful Berkshires to stay at Canyon Ranch Lenox for a luxurious wellness getaway. The fitness retreat includes a plethora of group classes to get your blood flowing, but you can also participate in a range of outdoor activities or play racquet sporst with other guests on one of...
Sharing from £4,925 pp Singles from £5,890 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Energetic Programme
Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot | Italy
7 nights
This programme is more focused on helping you feel the benefits of a high-protein diet using Henri Chenot's high purity proteins. It relies on a combination of diet, exercise, and effective spa treatments to help you feel a difference in your energy levels.Suitable for those of all abilities &am...
Sharing from £5,115 pp Singles from £5,565 pp
Optimal Living Programme
Canyon Ranch Tucson | United States
Head to Canyon Ranch Tucson, set in the stunning Sonoran Desert where the weather is pleasant year-round, in order to enjoy a multitude of stimulating activities. The Optimal Living Programme is one of Canyon Ranch's most popular programmes, simply because of the diversity of subjects that guest...
Sharing from £5,285 pp Singles from £5,795 pp
Fitness Immersion
Amanpuri | Thailand
Whether just starting out on your fitness journey or looking to significantly increase your existing levels, the Fitness Immersion at AmanPuri is designed to deliver the results you seek. This tailored retreat takes a comprehensive approach to fitness, factoring in all the different aspects which co...
Sharing from £6,039 pp Singles from £6,919 pp
Bodyism at Amilla Fushi
Amilla Fushi | Maldives
7 nights
Perfect for those looking to improve their health and fitness while still enjoying all the benefits of a relaxing holiday in the sunshine. After a ‘Body Oracle’ consultation, you will receive a personalised programme of spa treatments and Bodyism fitness and wellness classes designed to ...
Sharing from £7,929 pp Singles from £11,535 pp
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