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Ditch your day-to-day routine, and take your practice to one of the world's most blissful destinations. Join yoga enthusiasts of all levels for a once-in-a-lifetime yoga and meditation retreats. 

A Yoga retreat involve a higher focus on mental state in addition to the physical movements and breathing that in turn relieve stress, calm the emotions along with precision sculpting your figure into a lean, flexible and physically strong body.

Ancient Yogis believed that in order for man to be in balance and harmony with himself and his environment, he has to integrate the body, mind and spirit. For the three to be integrated, emotion, action and intelligence will need to be in balance. They created a way to achieve and maintain this balance through exercise, breathing and meditation which form the three main pillars of Yoga structures. Today there are six branches of yoga – each with their own special focus.

A yoga retreat appeal to a wide age range and physical condition with different levels of fitness that can easily be adapted to. On a spa escape, yoga teachers are able to safely guide and advise you on the best movements, poses and exercises based on your body’s needs. This is the ideal opportunity to learn from the experts and integrate a healthier way of life. For experienced yoga students there are great options to be guided into further levels of yoga in breath taking surroundings. De-stress, relax and get your body in tune with your mind at the best yoga retreats worldwide.

Discover our selection of yoga retreats below or contact our wellness experts, who will give you unbiased advice on how to tailor the right programme for your individual needs. Call on 020 7843 3597 or submit your enquiry here.


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Healing Holidays Exclusive
Spa and Wellness Retreat
Sen Wellness Sanctuary - Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka
This 10 night Conde Nast exclusive spa programme is all about relaxation and personal wellbeing tailored to your needs. This programme is fully focussed around your needs with treatments and recommendations from the Ayurveda doctor twice daily and two private yoga sessions with our resident teacher,...
Singles from £3,219 pp
Yogarosa Silent Yoga Retreat
YogaRosa Retreats Ibiza | Spain
Retreat dates: 28 April - 5 May
Spend this May bank holiday connecting with your spirituality at the serene Yogarosa retreat. This one week programme is designed to reduce stress, emotionally heal, and provide relaxation, working with the energy of the nature around us to help restore our spirit.To slowly wake up the mind and body...
Sayanna Yoga Retreat
EPIC SANA Algarve | Portugal
This five night dedicated yoga retreat at EPIC SANA combines daily yoga lessons with wellness workshops. During your stay, you will learn the basics of meditation and stress relief, including how to address stress through various breathing techniques. The training at the Sayanna Yoga Retreat will al...
Sharing from £909 pp Singles from £1,101 pp
7 Nights at Absolute Sanctuary
Absolute Sanctuary | Thailand
Escape the stresses of everyday life and experience the serenity of Absolute Sanctuary on the beautiful island of Koh Samui for 7 nights. Here, you will enjoy the comfort of modern facilities in pure paradise. A stay at this premiere detox and yoga resort will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready...
Sharing from £945 pp Singles from £1,255 pp
Shanti-Som Yoga Retreat
Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat | Spain
Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert, yoga at Shanti-Som is especially created for those who want a short break from the stresses of the world to reconnect with their inner self. Whatever your level, Shanti-Som will immerse you in a harmonious approach that incorporates the physic...
Sharing from £1,365 pp Singles from £1,700 pp
SUP Yoga & Pilates at Sol Beach House
38 Degrees North Fitness Retreats | Spain
3 nights - 22 - 25 Jun. 6 - 9 Jul. 7 - 10 Sep.
This programme allows a maximum of 8 participants, & you will build a camaraderie with your peers as you collectively work together, to encourage and inspire each other. The refreshing 3-night programme includes 4 stand up paddle board sessions, which will challenge your strength, balance and co...
Sharing from £1,405 pp Singles from £1,689 pp
Swa Wellbeing Programme
SwaSwara | India
A “swa” programme is the most basic programme SwaSwara offers and aims to help you tune in to yourself through Yoga and Ayurveda, the specialities of this Indian wellness sanctuary. If you’re seeking to restore harmony and balance back to your life, this retreat is ideal for you.Ov...
Sharing from £1,580 pp Singles from £2,075 pp
Shanti-Som Pilates Retreat
Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat | Spain
Whether you're a beginner looking to get to grips with Pilates, or an experienced enthusiast looking to spend some time dedicating themselves to their favourite fitness activity, this 6 night Pilates programme at Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat is sure to offer what you seek. Located in sunny Spain...
Sharing from £1,639 pp Singles from £2,030 pp
Shreyas Yoga Retreat
Shreyas Retreat | India
This yoga retreat has been created for those who would like to delve deeper into the ancient spiritual tradition of Yoga. Added to these are a variety of rejuvenating massages to choose from and the chance to practice Karma Yoga.The Yoga Retreat packages are carefully structured to allow you to expe...
Sharing from £1,849 pp Singles from £2,975 pp
Yoga Programme
Absolute Sanctuary | Thailand
Receive two extra nights free
Whether you are a beginner or a dedicated practitioner this programme is an excellent way to help you enhance your practice. With unlimited daily classes, healthy, daily massages, smoothies and fresh juices - you will leave feeling brand new. Their yoga classes are amongst the best you will ever exp...
Sharing from £1,858 pp Singles from £2,288 pp
YogaRosa Retreat
YogaRosa Retreats Ibiza | Spain
Take some time for yourself to re-centre on a YogaRosa Retreat for 8 or 10 days and build up your strength, flexibility and endurance. Not only will you learn about the physical asanas of yoga, you will also be able to learn about meditation. Find a sense of groundedness and clear your thoughts as y...
Sharing from £1,945 pp Singles from £1,945 pp
Yoga & Ayurveda Programme
Parkschloesschen | Germany
7 days
The Yoga and Ayurveda programme is an intensive week with a strong focus on cleansing your body and mind. Inner peace, balance and vitality can be achieved by combining the calming qualities of Yoga with the healing capabilities of Ayurvedic treatments.In intensive personal training sessions you wi...
Sharing from £2,010 pp Singles from £2,125 pp
Sen Wellness and Wellbeing Retreat
Sen Wellness Sanctuary - Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka
Escape to the sandy shores of Sri Lanka at Sen Wellness, founded as a universal space that stimulates growth and promotes healing by Sam Kankanamge. Situated in a national park, you will feel both calm and invigorated when you into contact with nature and wildlife. During the yoga retreat, you will ...
Sharing from £2,135 pp Singles from £2,479 pp
Discover Yoga
Six Senses Con Dao | Vietnam
Immerse yourself in a daily practice of hatha yoga to maintain body and mind balance. Relieve modern day concerns, be they stress, mild depression or muscle stiffness caused by sedentary lifestyles. Develop the ability to control your state of mind and overcome self-limiting thoughts. Keep the body ...
Sharing from £2,465 pp Singles from £3,299 pp
Yogic Detox
Six Senses Con Dao | Vietnam
Cleanse the body and mind through this ancient, yet effective practice. Increase your energy levels, improve clarity of thought and enjoy a quieter mind. Rest and improve your digestive system through sensible eating of whole foods. Boost your immune system.This programme is ideal for yoga aficionad...
Sharing from £2,485 pp Singles from £3,299 pp
Discover Yoga
Six Senses Yao Noi | Thailand
Drifting blissfully between Phuket and Krabi and with unspoilt views of Phang Nga Bay, Six Senses Yao Noi is the perfect destination for a tropical Thai retreat. Powder white sands with a jungle backdrop make for a relaxing combination and the ideal surroundings to embark on a Beauty Journey. Sumptu...
Sharing from £2,529 pp Singles from £3,919 pp
Personal Yoga Synergy Programme
Kamalaya | Thailand
The personal yoga programme at Kamalaya is suitable for beginners and yogis alike. You'll have private one-on-one yoga sessions and Ayurvedic therapies tailored to your own skill level and goals, such as addressing physical limitations, developing a regular home practice or deepening and intensi...
Sharing from £2,568 pp Singles from £2,889 pp
Yogic Detox
Six Senses Zighy Bay | Oman
A gentler alternative to a more traditional detox, this retreat doesn’t require a greatly restrictive diet or invasive treatments; instead the Yogic Detox programme at Six Senses Zighy Bay combines the healing effects of yoga practice with less intensive detoxifying treatments to leave you fee...
Sharing from £2,658 pp Singles from £3,680 pp
Discover Yoga
Six Senses Zighy Bay | Oman
You don’t have to be an experienced yoga practiser to enjoy a yoga retreat, in fact the Discover Yoga retreat at Six Senses Zighy Bay is designed with those who are completely new to the practice in mind. A great way to get to grips with yoga, this retreat gives you the chance to learn from sk...
Sharing from £2,664 pp Singles from £3,286 pp
Yogic Detox
Six Senses Yao Noi | Thailand
Perched high on the island of Ko Yao Noi with sweeping views of Phang Nga Bay, Six Senses Yao Noi is the perfect Thai escape. Relax from dawn till dusk and drift from the powder white sands to the vibrant rainforest. Decide between the Andaman Sea or your private infinity pool, board a boat to explo...
Sharing from £2,698 pp Singles from £4,188 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Yoga Programme
Santani Wellness Resort & Spa | Sri Lanka
This seven night retreat at Santani combines evening yoga with a variety of lifestyle workshops and activities designed to relax and restore balance. During your stay you will learn about meditation and other relaxation techniques through scheduled wellness activities that will help you centre. To p...
Sharing from £2,799 pp
Discover Yoga
Soneva Kiri | Thailand
7 Nights
For beginners looking to improve their yoga practice, or those who simply seek a retreat that allows them to immerse themselves in the practice of their favourite fitness activity, the Yoga Discovery retreat at Soneva Kiri is ideal. There are so many health benefits to practicing yoga, both physical...
Sharing from £3,315 pp Singles from £5,130 pp
Yogic Detox
Soneva Kiri | Thailand
7 Nights
For those feeling run down, tired, and in need of a boost, Soneva Kiri’s Yogic Detox retreat could be exactly what you needed. Designed to cleanse and balance the body and mind through a combination of yoga, detox, and a few other treatments and therapies for a more rounded experience, this re...
Sharing from £3,399 pp Singles from £5,299 pp
Conscious Living with Sushant Pandey
Santani Wellness Resort & Spa | Sri Lanka
7 Nights
For one week only world renowned Yoga master Sushant Pandey will be running the Conscious Living programme. Designed to help you discover your true self through Yoga and Ayurveda, this programme will provide you with tools to help deal with the complexities of the mind.The Retreat will be a tranquil...
Sharing from £3,475 pp Singles from £4,475 pp
Yoga For Life Retreat
Chiva-Som | Thailand
For yoga lovers or those looking to improve their abilities, Chiva-Som offers their Yoga For Life retreat which allows you to immerse yourself in yoga with daily group classes as well as private one-on-one sessions so that you can experience the benefits of both.Throughout the duration of your progr...
Sharing from £4,099 pp Singles from £5,399 pp
Ananda Yoga Retreat
Ananda | India
India is the home of yoga – and Ananda’s location in the heavenly Himalaya’s offers the ideal base to improve your practice. Rediscover yourself through the ancient discipline, which encompasses all aspects of life in order to balance the mind, body and spirit. Ananda Yoga enhances...
Sharing from £4,575 pp Singles from £5,698 pp
Ananda Yogic Detox Retreat
Ananda | India
A unique programme that combines yoga and Ayurvedic treatments for an ultra-effective detox, this retreat is ideal for those who have had some familiarity with Ayurveda or detox in the past. Receive the ultimate cleanse, with not only your mind but your body and spirit feeling the benefits of the va...
Sharing from £4,575 pp Singles from £5,698 pp
Segera Yoga Retreat
Segera - Kenya | Luxury Spas in Africa
Take part in a unique yoga retreat at Segera, where you will join leading yoga expert, Nella Nencini-Hutchings for a special yoga retreat and workshop. On this retreat with daily yoga classes and walking meditations among the stunning African scenery, you will encounter a myriad of animals in a vari...
Sharing from £5,764 pp
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