JM - 8 Feb 2016

I had an incredible time at Vana and am very grateful to you for recommending it to me. It really has changed my life for the better and I have been recommending it and Healing Holidays  to my friends. I would love to be able to go back again.

Jessica - 8 Dec 2015

I have never been to a more extraordinary, exquisite place than Vana. Everything about Vana is immense-the architecture-the location-the staff-the food. I had to be persuaded to stay a minimum of 10 nights by Tracy at Healing Holidays, she was absolutely right. To go for any less would have been a big mistake. I was surprised by the depth of offering they had at Vana, and I happily had a programme that combined Ayurveda with Chinese medicine, as well as fantastic Tibetan massages. I want definitely to go back and do a full Panchakarma with them.     

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DK - 28 Jan 2016

Vana was the perfect place for a retreat. I enjoyed getting to know the other guests and having time to myself for meditation and reflection. I felt that the staff really took the time to get to know me, and the advice I was given was very thorough. This has been my favourite holistic  retreat to date, and I am looking forward to booking another stay with Healing Holidays in the future!  

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Art - 10 Feb 2014

I am so glad that we booked to stay at Vana Malsi Estate with Healing Holidays! The staff made me feel comfortable and at home from the very second that I arrived. I loved the peaceful environment. It was very easy to unwind – especially after the fantastic spa treatments. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. 

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SWT - 29 Mar 2015

Thank you, [Healing Holidays], for sending me on such a rejuvenating holiday! The food was top-notch, and I thoroughly enjoyed the option to attend music performances, culinary classes and other workshops. I really learned to tune in and listen to myself. Now that I have returned, I feel more focused and energised. I can’t thank you enough! 

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Claire - 22 Feb 2016

I cannot thank you enough for recommending Vana, it was all I had hoped it would be and more. I have never felt more connected with myself and the world around me than when I was in the serene haven of Vana, I had the chance to learn so much about myself while there that even now that I’m back at home I am still reaping the benefits and noticing the positive changes it has brought to my life. I cannot wait to return, and hopefully for an even longer stay next time!

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CL - 1 MAR 2016

They make you feel very welcome. The food was amazing and healthy.The treatments were excellent, [as were] the classes I attended. They really could not do enough for you. On the second day I was not well, and they noticed I had not left my room, [so] they rang a couple of times to check if I was ok and sent meals to my room.  I also had problems sleeping, and they gave me an iPad with music to help me sleep. They have thought of all the little touches and more. The people working at Vana were so lovely and very rarely I have come across such good service.

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Mary - 19 April 2016

I was after an Ayurevda retreat and after talking to Healing Holidays and seeing all the excellent reviews I knew I had to try Vana. My stay was exceptional, it's such a peaceful environment which makes it perfect for rejuvenation. The Ayurveda offering was faultless, I combined panchakarma with plenty of meditation and yoga and by the end of my stay I felt more rested and revived than I ever have before. There is something so special about this place and I will definitely be returning to experience it again.

Anne C - 24 May 2016

Vana is indeed a special place, and I am back very refreshed and calm.I felt as if every member of staff had my wellbeing at heart. From the design of the building and gardens to the presentation of the delicious and nourishing food, everything was pleasing to the senses and the soul. You need to go with an open mind and not to expect a conventional hotel with spa activities attached. It is very much a retreat with a spiritual element, [which provides] an excellent individual treatment programme. I sampled Chinese, Indian and Tibetan therapies [in addit visiting Rishikesh and completing a trek.
I managed to lose almost a stone in weight by RELAXING! I still don’t quite understand how that happened... All in all, a wonderful, safe and nurturing  place to go to de-stress, relax and switch off.
Thank you for organising everything to make the journey to the resort so stress free. I look forward to the next time!

Karen - 14 June 2016

Healing holidays were able to match me to Vana as a result of careful listening to my needs. Often hard to articulate, even though a seasoned destination spa healing holidays customer, this time my holiday needs where different.

I wasn't "on my knees" physically and emotionally exhausted in the same way I have been pre Kamalya in December. However I was searching for a place to prevent this, develop my early belief in meditation key to thriving in my busy corporate job, and to secure a deeper connection with my self-confidence and focus for the future. I knew that the Ayurvedic diet suited me for improved energy but also didn't want to trade off pure Ayurvedic ways in India with a lack of comfort and luxury.

On arrival to Vana, I felt truly handpicked to be part of the experience. The assault on the senses from travelling via Delhi was quickly left at the main entrance of Vana.

The entrance to Vana, you later come to realise, is so far from from the areas that you spend your days, it was designed to scoop up all the unwanted emotions, thoughts and feelings as you arrive, and gently let them evaporate away into the Himalayas as part of the Vana service!

During my 9 nights I've never experienced such incredible, discrete-elegance, perfection and deeply authentic guest-centric care, compassion and hospitality.

You immediately find the slowest gear you didn't think you possess, and are encouraged to flow with the melody of Vana. Strictly no phones, careful volume control and placement of your conversations mean that you and your fellow guests forget about invasion of each other's space, technology, cross fertilisation of life's junk on each other.

The purity of the Spanish designed estate, puts Vana into its own league. It feels like you are the first to use everything, like no one else has been before you, anywhere.

Surrounded by perfect green trees, immaculate gardens you have no option but to be mindful throughout your days. I would encourage you to do the Eco trail walk into the Himalayas, not only to experience the landscape like no other but for the deep connection and spiritual influence it may have on you. It's a time to lock down all that you have practiced and promised during your days at the Vana Estate.

Pre-thinking your Ayurvedic consultation will give you more than you could hope for. At the very least you will be in peace of mind that the final agenda is truly personalised, with the perfect food, treatments and the way you spend your days is worked to respond every little niggle in your head about your health and wellbeing. Be ready to have repeat treatments and try new experiences. The blend of the Tibetan, Ayurvedic and more well known spa treatments will deeply rebalance you. Some more luxury, some more functional, but each with rituals and carefully mastered traditions by the amazing (handpicked) practitioners, who all show compassion and care.

I've made connections with myself that are sustainable, I've connected with 5 people around the world who shared the space with me at Vana. This is helpful to reaffirm what you learnt and practiced weeks later. I have left fear and anxiety behind and breath better than I've ever done.

A true investment in your long term wellness. I'm back next year and have achieved more in my 7 weeks post-Vana than for the last 3 years in my life, thanks to letting go to unwanted energy and maintaining habits from Vana that I now couldn't live without. 

Vana is a life experience, part of your life's journey. 

HN & MW- 15 JUL 2016

"Karen, Thank you for a well organised tour and for your quick reply to all [of] our questions both before and during the trip. From beginning to end this was a great experience and we would be happy to talk to you prior to our next adventure abroad!" - HN

"I just want to confirm... This was a wonderful trip and experience. Thank you for organizing so carefully... [A trip to Vana] is really a life changing experience." - MW

Anne - 24 April 2017

Vana is a special place.You need to go with an open mind and not to expect a conventional hotel with spa activities attached. It is very much a retreat with a spiritual element as well as providing an excellent individual treatment programme. From the design of the building and gardens to the presentation of the delicious and nourishing food everything was pleasing to the senses and the soul. It felt as if every member of staff had your wellbeing at heart. I sampled Chinese, Indian and Tibetan therapies; massages every day; a visit to Rishikesh and a trek in the Himalayan foothills. All in all, a wonderful, safe and nurturing place to go to de-stress, relax and switch off.

Jessica - 7 June 2017

Amazing - beyond exceeded expectations. So peaceful, beautiful, life changing, made great friends there. Amazing healthy food and fantastic local teachers.

Fiona - June 2018

Vana Vana Vana!! WOW! What a beautiful Forest. Home to my soul and absolutely a little Piece of Heaven on Earth! I feel so blessed and so very grateful that Vana was my choice of refuge. My six weeks there was amazing, so much love, kindness and nourishment from all the beautiful Vana team and surroundings, it was enlightened, blissful and left me with such a grounded feeling of being.

Michael - 09 January 2019

Vana is AMAZING! The level of professionalism and the attention to details are to a standard that I never experienced elsewhere. They go the extra mile. The place is eco-friendly and makes it a personal commitment to stand behind their words. They have high standards and won't compromise because it is their belief. They believe in nature, spirituality, humanity and making Vana a unique place. My experience there was life-changing. After Vana I can honestly say that I became a new person! The quality of life, the people, the staff, the quality of the treatments, the professionalism and knowledge of their specialists, the food, etc. It was fantastic! I have learned so much on so many levels: mentally, spiritually, in terms of nutrition, health, etc. Vana has brought me closer to my inner self and has also allowed me to realise what I want to achieve to be content with my life.

Aisha - April 2019

Hi Tracy,

I do hope this meets you well. I just wanted to write to say I am back home and I wanted to thank you for a beautiful holiday. I truly have never been to a place like Vana and I enjoyed myself and also found myself, and this is me just doing the Ashram. Whatever it is they are doing at Vana is truly unique and wonderful and I do hope to go back again. I just wanted to say thank you to you and Healing Holidays, everything was perfect.

Alan - June 2019

Vana is quite simply the best retreat we have stayed at over 30 years of health and wellness travel. Excellent people, a 7 star facility, superb and very thoughtful food and medical/nutritional advice and the most helpful , friendly and caring staff in every area.

feefor rating
"The Holiday was bought as a 60th Birthday present for my mother. The resort and service I'm told was absolutely fantastic, and my mother would not only recommend, but has requested to revist the retreat.

I want to reserve special praise for Emily Barnes my advisor from healing holidays, who pretty much organised the whole package including special requests on short notice and tight budget and timescales, she was absoltely amazing, timely, exceptionally responsive, thorough and thoughtful, and a real credit to what you do there, I cannot speak highly enough of her, and will be booking my holidays with her in mind in future"
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