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MB - 16 Nov 2015

Living in a busy city, it was so important for me to stay somewhere surrounded by nature and Dwarika's Resort was the perfect place for that. The setting was simply stunning, so natural and I loved that the resort embraced this and used natural materials too. Even more impressive than the surroundings has to be the wellness offering, I loved the holistic approach that is used here and I definitely believe it helped me to recharge and rebalance. There is something so special about Dwarika's I fully intend to return as soon as possible and experience the magic again.

EL - 13 Oct 2015

I had a real need to recharge my batteries and when I heard about Dwarika's Resort I knew this would be the perfect place to do so. The way of life at Dwarika's is so simple yet rewarding, in between different massages and Ayurvedic treatments I spent the majority of my time practicing yoga and meditating in all the different beautiful spots around the resorts - I don't think I have ever been somewhere so serene before. My stay was everything I had hoped it would be and so much more, my batteries are now fully recharged and I feel so much more peaceful and balanced, thank you for all your help in organising my stay.

CW - April 7 2016

I cannot recommend Dwarika's Resort enough. For anyone who is serious about holistic healing this place is a real treat. From the moment you arrive you can sense the positive energy in the air, it is such a calming and beautiful place. I was here for the Rejuvenation Programme and I loved that they address your individual needs and tailor your stay accordingly, there is no one size fits all approach here and that really makes all the difference. After a series of various natural treatments, plenty of time spent meditating, and all the nutritious meals I feel such an improved sense of wellbeing.

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"So friendly ,professional, efficient with the most wonderful personal service !! I would recommend using Healing Holidays to anyone and have done with the same feedback !"
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