How to relieve stress after Christmas holidays

After focusing on the importance of motivation for the new year, Faith Shorney reveals some precious tips on how to relax after stressful Christmas holidays. 

So Christmas was stressful, right? You bet. I guess we’re all feeling like we need a holiday right now. Didn’t we just have one though?

Christmas is probably the most stressful time in most peoples’ year, with work and family commitments, the pressure of buying presents and attending every Christmas party you’ve been invited to, drinking and eating to cope and then having the final blow out of new years. So now is the time to rectify the issues and get some real R&R. One thing I’ve learnt is that no matter what else is going on in your life, we all need to take a time out and spend time ALONE. Find at least 10 minutes a day to be with your thoughts, with no distractions and nothing to create stress. Meditation is a great place to start and there are plenty of nifty apps to help you get started so that even the usual excuse of “but I don’t know how to meditate” cant even get in the way of you and your down time.

Another useful trick is to try and cut down on the sugar and clean up your diet to help improve your sleep and overall energy levels. Now is also a good time to start exercising, even if it’s just walking during your lunch break. The fresh air and movement will do you a world of good.

Try turning off all electronics an hour before bed, switch your phone to airplane mode and read a book for an hour or spend time with the family – you’ll have a clear mind, less stress and a much better chance of a quiet night's sleep.

Start planning a proper relaxing holiday for later in the year as well; having something relaxing to look forward to is another way of calming the endless myriad of noise our minds tend to create for us. 

Faith Shorney

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