How to start a successful healthy eating plan

In her new blog for Healing Holidays, life coach and nutritionist Faith Shorney reveals some virtuous secrets on how to turn your eating programme into a successful and long-term healthy lifestyle plan. 

Probably the most confusing and controversial topic of the New Year is Nutrition. With thousands of diet books released each year, and every over qualified personal trainer and nutritionist under the sun trying to sell you a different version of the same story based on their personal opinions and research, changing your diet can lead to a minefield of information and can be quite a stressful experience.

So let me simplify this one by simply giving you one piece of advice which has served me better than any I’ve ever received. Do one thing each week which will take you closer to your goal, you don’t need to do more than that. Don’t try to change your entire diet all at once, unless you have the willpower of Ghandi, because there’s too much temptation out there and you will feel overwhelmed and probably slip up after a few weeks or less.

Start by writing down 10 things which you believe will make your diet healthier; for example,

1. Drink 3 litres of water per day
2. Eat 3 different vegetables with each meal
3. Cut out sugar
4. Reduce meal sizes by 30%... and so on.

If you do ONE of these things each week, and keep adding a new one each week, or even every other week, then by the end of your 10 (or 20) weeks you will have achieved a successful and sustainable change in your diet, and you will probably lose weight slowly at first, but it will become a consistent change and you will continue to see results.

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