Is your sleeping position keeping you awake?

Anandi - The Sleep Guru

The Sleep Guru has returned with her advice and solutions on how to avoid a painful sleep. It's not all about bedding and mattresses, but the position we try to rest our bodies in...

One thing that can keep you awake, and often wakes you in the night too - is pain.

Neck and back pain are increasingly common in this age of slumping in front of desks, computers, TV and games consoles. I know we all have our favourite sleeping positions, but sleeping in the recovery position can cause real problems for your neck! If you’re going to sleep on your side, maybe pop a cushion under your knees to keep you from rolling over.

However you sleep, ensure your neck is in a “neutral” position; you shouldn’t have so many pillows under it that your spine can’t sit straight.

If sleeping on your back causes pain in your lower back, consider popping a pillow under your knees. This will stop your hips from pulling your back into an arch and hopefully alleviate some of your pain. In my opinion we should all visit an osteopath regularly to ensure the muscles in our neck and back aren’t so tight they’re causing discomfort that keeps you awake.

Osteopaths believe that our wellbeing depends on our bones, muscles and tendons functioning smoothly together, and I think they make a valid point. After a visit to the osteopath I feel refreshed, as if someone has stretched me out and allowed my joints to gently go back to where they were supposed to be. We often don’t realise we’ve been sitting, standing or moving awkwardly until it’s too late, the small niggly tightness gradually builds up until we’re unable to move in a full range of motion. Unless there’s a sudden great pain, we often just leave it, thinking “oh, it’s not too bad; I can cope with that.”

Meanwhile, we’re taking an hour to get to sleep because we can’t get comfortable, waking a couple of times in the night because we rolled over awkwardly in our sleep, and getting up in the mornings wondering why we’re so tired.

Cranial osteopathy can be great for helping you to sleep. The gentle manipulation of your head and spine can help to alleviate stresses and strains we might not even be aware of on a day-to-day basis - until they are removed, and we suddenly feel so much lighter and more comfortable.

It seems bonkers to me that we spend so much time and money on choosing a bed, the perfect mattress, perhaps a mattress topper, exquisite Egyptian cotton bedding, perfect pillows, all in the name of ensuring our comfort in bed… and then we pay little or no attention to the way we sleep. Your sleeping position can be just as important as the firmness of your mattress or the fluffliness of your pillow, and it’s vital you address this before it’s too late.

Sleep well!

Love Anandi

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