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Kamalaya Offers New Group Life Enhancement Retreats

Kamalaya, a renowned destination spa in tropical Thailand, now offers Life Enhancement group retreats. This will give you an even greater ability for total immersion, and allow you to get more depth to your wellness journey..  While Kamalaya has offered incredible wellness retreats for years, these group programmes will guide guests on a shared journey of discovery. This will increase the depth and breadth of the retreat and allow guests to collectively heal and reflect on their shared experience together.

Retreat dates have been set for 2016 and 2017 and focus on three different topics. Simon Low will run a Yin & Yang Yoga Immersion and Kamalaya’s team of Life Enhancement Mentors will facilitate “Finding Emotional Balance & Freedom.” Co-founder Karina Stewart will also host a small group retreat called “Awakening Your Essential Self.

You can expect these new bespoke programmes to have the same authenticity, profundity, integrity and care which are the blueprint of everything Kamalaya do.   

"Viva Mayr is a well known high end health resort. However there is significant pressure from the doctors and health clinic receptionist to up sell and buy expensive treatments, over and above what is already included in my package and not in accordance with my wishes. I don't feel altogether comfortable having to be very assertive to my doctor nor the clinic manager, when they are purporting to put my physical health first. However I felt they did not feel they considered my financial health and wishes. A very disappointing stay and I will not return."
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