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Smoking can be a huge dominating factor in your life. Its addictive power can ultimately control you and your habits. Sofitel Quiberon Diététique are the specialists in the field, and with a dedicated programme they share their expert advice from how it starts, to how to overcome it. 


The nicotine in cigarettes determines your life, your schedule, your mood.

Indeed, people smoke to relax, de-stresses and for fun. It has become a habit, when you’re with friends, for a drink, drinking coffee, when you’re upset or under stress - you light up a cigarette.

There are different types of dependencies:

  • Cigarettes for “fun”: During your smoking cessation, you’ll replace these cigarettes by new contentment like having fun with new foods or having fun doing Sport.
  • Cigarettes for “stress”
  • Cigarettes as a “habit”. This automatic gesture is usually replaced by snacking.

Certainly, the nicotine in cigarettes is an appetite-suppressant, slows down the stocking of fats and helps to burn significantly more energy.

However, smoking increases the risk of developing heart diseases, lung cancer and life expectancy.

1 pack of cigarettes = 3.40 hours reduction in life expectancy.



New or long-time smokers, small or big consumer, it’s never too late to quit smoking. You’ll succeed after only few weeks: No more strong cravings, no more tobacco smells, no more tired looking skin. You’ll return to a better quality of life.

Here are some benefits:

  • 20 minutes: Normal blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias
  • 8 hours: blood CO2 is reduced by half / Normal cellular oxygenation
  • 24 hours: Improving mucus elimination and smoke residues / No more nicotine into your body
  • 48 hours: Taste and smell improving
  • 72 hours: Breathing easier, Slackness of bronchus
  • 2 weeks to 3 months: Decrease in fatigue and cough
  • 1 to 9 months: Increase bronchial cilia / Less shortness of breath
  • 1 year: Reduced by half the risk of myocardial infarction and the risk of stroke
  • 5 years: Reduced by half the risk of lung cancer
  • 10 to 15 years: Same life expectancy as a non-smoker



The decision to quit smoking caused many people to gain unwanted pounds.

However, they generally gain up to 2 or 5 kg and only 10% of them gain more.

Smoking cessation

The objective is to stabilise your weight. If you want to lose weight, you’ll have to wait until you've successfully kicked the habit. 

Indeed, dietary restriction will make you feel some frustration that you’ll add to your 'quit smoking' frustration. It would be better to wait.

Contrary to generally accepted ideas, quiting smoking does not cause weight gain, but dietary errors that goes with it. They’ve replaced one negative habit with another: Excessive consumption of calories.

Pitfalls to avoid:

  • Quantity: A basic rule is to eat all things in moderation.
  • Snacking : Instead of snacking, you should drink something hot
    • (Not too much coffee)
  • Heavy meals: Prefer light meals
  • Lack of tone: Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. It will give you vitamin C (smokers are usually deficient in vitamins)
  • Alcohol: High in calories and makes you really want to smoke



When you quit smoking, you may crave a cigarette. This is a normal phenomenon that decreases with time. Remember that a cigarette craving lasts only three minutes. Here are some tips to help you:

  • To relax: Relax yourself with some breath exercises and to keep your mind occupied.
  • Encourage yourself: Theres nothing better than self encourage.Keep in mind the reasons why you quit smoking. Why not read one more time the benefits of smoking cessation in your health?
  • Escape from tempting situations: If you can’t avoid them, find some solutions: Carrot sticks or sugar-free chewing gum is a good alternative.
  • Doing Sport (Physical activity): During exercises you will not have those cigarette cravings. You’re having breaths, improving endurance leading to an overall better physical condition.



There’s a risk of relapse but keep in mind that each try is a victory.

First of all, crucial to success is your will to stop smoking. There are also some methods to guide you through this process: acupuncture, hypnosis, sessions with a magnetizer, nicotine substitute. Don’t keep it to yourself - tell your family, your friends, your doctor to find the support needed. 

Sofitel Quiberon Diététique also have a dedicated 6 Night Stop Smoking Programme. To kick start you personal quit-smoking campaign speak to one of our wellness consultants on 020 7843 3597 or email

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