The power of the Corpse Pose

Feeling a bit stressed, in a bad mood after a terrible night’s sleep or knocked down by an annoying headache?
Well no panic at all, it’s quite normal and the solution to get over it is easier than you think!
Take some time for yourself, relax and follow this helpful advice by our renowned guest blogger The Sleep Guru.  

“Corpse Pose” sounds a bit morbid, doesn’t it. The proper, Sanskrit name is Savasana; we call it Corpse Pose because you lay on your back, completely still, like a corpse!

Joking aside though, It is a hugely rejuvenating pose and a great way to revive yourself after a bad day. Don’t let its simplicity fool you into thinking it’s not incredibly useful. Some people say this is the most important yoga pose.

To start, make sure you are comfortable. A cushion under your knees will release the psoas so that it won’t pull on your back. Cover yourself with a blanket to ensure you don’t get too cold! A cushion under your head is also a good idea; be good to yourself, you deserve it! Take a few long, deep breaths and sigh on the out breath. Ahhhh!

Take a mental tour of your body. Take all of your attention to your right foot, and consciously release any tension you find there. Then your right leg, and release. The same for your left foot and leg, and so on around your body. Try to feel yourself relaxing away from any tension. If you have tension somewhere that won’t budge, don’t get caught up on it. Carry on with moving around your body, releasing tension and breathing. Once you’ve finished scanning your body, try to let go of all conscious thought of it. Try to forget you have a body and just relaaax!

Keep the long, deep breaths going but don’t force it. Breathe naturally but deeply, and allow yourself to melt, melt, melt.  Pay attention to your breath, to your diaphragm rising and falling as you breathe in and out. Always remember to breathe!

This is a great way to recover from a busy day, but also a good way to revitalise if you’ve had a bad night’s sleep. It’s great for calming your brain and resetting yourself and can help if you’re suffering with a headache, or just a bad case of life-itis!

Savour every moment it is delicious!



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