Why Choose a Medical Spa?

Medical Spas are ever growing in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. We all deal with different issues throughout our life, whether it is Acne, Chronic Pain or even needing help to stop smoking. Medi-Spas provide in-depth expertise and specialised treatment for many conditions. These benefits, combined with relaxing massages and pampering spa treatments make medical spas the perfect place you to improve yourself and to treat yourself while you recuperate in comfort and serenity. These spa’s specialise in a number or ailments and conditions, below is a list of some of the most prominent and a few recommendations of our top medi-spas.

ACNE: The approach to treating acne is much more scientific than that of day spas in beauty salons and the range of treatments is far greater.  Doctors at medical spas can treat breakouts, lighten hyperpigmentation post breakout, reduce scarring and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Best programmeBasic Medical Programme - Lanserhof Tegernsee 

lanserhof suite acne treatment


ANTI-AGEING: Body reshaping and non-invasive cosmetic surgeries are performed by skilled specialists under close medical supervision at medi-spas.  Photo facials, micro dermabrasion, chemical peels, skin tightening, and injectables (e.g., botox, fillers) are some of the most common treatments to reduce the signs of ageing and leave you looking younger. Palace Merano offers a great anti-ageing programme with all natural treatments to leave you looking and feeling younger and refreshed.

Best programmeAnti-age programme - Palace Merano

Anti-ageing Junior Comfort Suite


STOP SMOKING: Quitting smoking often takes more than just a few nicotine patches and some chewing gum. Medi-spas look into both physical and environmental factors that motivate individuals to smoke and target it through a method that works for the guest to ensure the longevity of quitting. Sha Wellness’s stop smoking programme runs tests to get a clear picture of the effect smoking is having on their guest, from here a full programme is tailored to their guests needs to help them quit smoking.

Best programme: Anti Tobacco Programme – Sha Wellness Sanctuary

Stop smoking SHA wellness anti tabacco


CHRONIC PAIN: The cause of chronic pain can often be hard to ascertain which often leads to misdiagnoses and erroneous treatment. One of the many benefits of receiving treatment for chronic pain in a medi-spa is the specialization and expertise they have in the area, the in-depth examinations and analysis far exceeds that of regular treatment centres. Modern Mayr clinics such as VIVAMAYR Altaussee target chronic pain through a combination of traditional methods and the Mayr medicine method.

Best Programme: Back Pain Retreat - Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai

traditional thai massageback pain retreat 


SLEEP ENHANCMENT: Problems sleeping affect many of us; much like chronic pain, there is a plethora of reasons that could be behind it and it can often be hard to pinpoint just one. Medi-spas like “Bad Ragaz” in Switzerland offer Sleep Enhancement programmes to diagnose the causes behind poor sleeping habits through thorough medical examinations and observation. Organ function, lung capacity, spinal checks and even an exam of the central nervous system are all covered in their examinations to diagnose the cause of sleeping issues.

Best programme: Sleep Sogni D’oro programme – Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda 

sleep enhancement Bedroom Suite


MENOPAUSE: The menopause affects every woman differently; symptoms can range from person to person, meaning that there is no one way for every woman to deal with it when their experiences vary so greatly. A medi-spa can take away the negative feelings that can often come with the menopause, and restore the knowledge that it is a natural and positive process. One of the best medi-spas to attend for help dealing with menopause is Vana Malsi Estate, their personalised programme allows them to tailor your stay and treatment fully around your needs and how the menopause is affecting you.

Best programme: Vana – Personalised Programme 

MenopauseVana Bedroom Suite 


MENS HEALTH: In a world where the word spa, even medi-spa can have feminine connotations in society, as a result men can often avoid getting comprehensive and effective health care at a medi-spa. Most programmes are gender neutral and appeal to both genders no matter the nature of their ailment, however certain medi-spas do specialise in male specific treatments. The Parkhotel Igls resort offers a full “Men’s Medical Check”, this programme looks at key areas of men’s health for those with pre-existing conditions or for those who would just like a general, all-encompassing checkup for their peace of mind.

Medical spas aren’t only about the quality and availability of medical procedures.  Medical spas offer a high degree of personal privacy, personalised service, and luxury that is unrivalled, even in the best private hospitals. 

Best programme: Men’s Medical Check – Parkhotel Igls 

Igls hotel men's health



A growing issue in today’s society, Eating Disorders come in many different shapes and forms and there is no “one size fits all” solution for this problem. Treatments and therapies through the NHS or private therapy can often be intense, and many find the comfort of a personalised programme, that also acts as a holiday to be less overwhelming.

The benefits of a personalised programme is that it works around you and your needs, it’s a change from the often clinical setting that those with an eating disorder will have to endure during treatment, and offers help in a calm and safe surrounding. Medical checks and therapy are still taken as seriously and can be provided alongside a tailored diet, but with the comfort and serenity that you can’t always find at home.

Best programme: Personalised programme – Vana

eating disorders vana temple


Find our selection of the best medical spas in the world, if you have any questions speak to our wellness consultants who will advise on how to tailor the right medical programme for your individual needs. Call on 020 7843 3597 or submit an online enquiry.


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