Yamuna Zake specialist retreat at Vana Malsi Estate

Vana is known for its innovative approach to wellness, where physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are all taken into consideration and deemed equally significant. Vana believes there is no one fix-all approach, rather each guest needs to be treated as an individual and have a Vana Personalised Programme. However, in its mission to give guests the optimum wellness experience, Vana Malsi Estate also occassionally hosts specialists who come to share their wisdom and teachings on exclusive retreats, and one of these specialists is Yamuna Zake.

Yamuna Zake will be holding an exclusive 10-night retreat at Vana from the 4th–14th March 2016 which will centre around Yamuna's teachings on the body. Yamuna is an expert in her field, a true visionary who has dedicated her life to learning how the body works and developing teachings and methods unlike any other out there. Her belief is that a correctly aligned body will be at its full potential to move freely and effortlessly - and that this is the best and healthiest kind of body. Her treatments therefore aim to work all different parts of the body so that the it can function to the best of its ability. Yamuna has worked with professional athletes, ballerinas and other performers, as well as holding classes and programmes all over the world. Now, she’s bringing her unique methods to Vana.

On her 10-night retreat, guests will have the chance to have exclusive one-on-one consultations and sessions with Yamuna, so that they can have their bodies’ individual issues personally addressed, as well as group sessions. Guests will get to participate in some of Yamuna’s signature sessions, such as her Body Logic session which applies a deep understanding of what the body needs to correct itself to ensure that the skeletal structure is properly aligned, muscles are elongated and toned, and that the range of movement is unrestricted. The popular Body Rolling technique will be employed, which teaches the individual how to effectively work every part of their own body, allowing it to self-heal and work better at any age. There are even treatments dedicated to specific parts of the body, such as the face or the feet, so you can rest assured that whatever the body complaint there will be a way to deal with it.

Yamuna’s treatments will be offered alongside Vana’s own personalised wellness offering which will be specially curated to run around Yamuna’s sessions.

To find out more about Vana and Yamuna’s retreat, contact our wellness experts via email or on 020 7843 3597.

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