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Iceland is an interesting and surprisingly versatile destination, offering everything from snowy mountains to geothermal baths, awe inspiring waterfalls and geysers. The icing on the cake, during winter is the chance to catch a glimpse of the elusive Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights. Alternatively, travel during their summer for the ‘Midnight Sun’ so that you can make the most of your time exploring this diverse island. You will struggle to find anywhere more whimsical.

This popular holiday destination was named after the Viking, “Iceland”, who discovered this magnificent country and its simply sublime scenery. Many people picture Iceland as its name describes: an icy paradise, but it’s so much more than that. Iceland is actually home to some lush, green surroundings, with vast forests and mossy mountains to explore. This is what makes Iceland spa holidays so unique; they offer the relaxation of a spa retreat, with perfectly picturesque scenery and the opportunity to go out and explore.

Lavish spas are sprinkled across this popular holiday destination, meaning there is more than a handful of activities, programmes and adventures to embark on. Tourists book Iceland spa holidays each year and return because every spa has something unique, with different practises and courses to partake in, all of which amount to relaxation and a purely tranquil experience.

Iceland is notorious for its peaceful atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle; making it the perfect place to escape to for a rejuvenating spa break. The country is celebrated for its secluded feel; the spa’s remote locations allow visitors to escape the stresses of everyday life. Enduring soothing treatments and discovering secluded landscapes allow guests to feel closed off from the outside world; the perfect recipe for anyone looking to wind down and relax.

Iceland’s famous capital, Reykjavik is home to unforgettable spa resorts which offer guests the chance to truly take in Iceland’s surroundings, by inhaling the fresh outside air, experiencing the calming culture and taking a dip in geothermal pools.

Immerse yourself in Iceland’s calming spa breaks, whether its sinking into the comforting hot spring water pools located here, or admiring the close proximity of the infamous Blue Lagoon, which sits next door to one of our popular spa resorts. Iceland spa holidays involve the action of peaceful hikes, combined with the luxurious experience of the surrounding landscapes, tailor-made treatments and revitalising detox programmes at the spa.

Hot springs come in a variety of forms, too, in Iceland. These steam pools can be found at a number of spas and luxury locations, enabling residents and visitors alike to sit back, relax and admire the beautiful Icelandic scenery as they sink into the warm spring waters. Even better, spas offer both indoor and outdoor spa experiences, mimicking the famous Blue Lagoon.

Iceland spa holidays are perfect for holidaymakers looking to relax in style, fitting the criteria when it comes to lavish resorts combined with personalised spa experiences. Spa breaks here are also rooted in health and wellness, with a variety of treatments and detox programmes to choose from. Nothing can compare to the gyms located in the spas here, either; where else can you take a morning run on the treadmill, overlooking majestic mountain-top landscapes?

Spa guests endure only the best on an Iceland spa holiday, with room designs that are tailor-made to ensure you are relaxed from the moment you step inside the door. Rooms feature carefully selected lighting, to sustain the relaxing atmosphere throughout your stay and luxury baths allow visitors to sink into an evening of pampering and relaxation.

Iceland spa holidays focus on improving specifically what it is you had in mind when you first booked your escape. Spas here offer anything and everything to build your confidence and self-worth, while focusing on the areas you want to improve about yourself. You will find the usual programmes available to partake in, as well as more specific options, too. Psoriasis programmes are even available, with specially-designed treatments and natural remedies available to help reduce psoriasis and change your mind-set from a negative to a positive one, with regards to this common skin condition.

Treatments available are heavily invested in caring for you from start to finish, with aftercare available once treatments and programmes are completed. Every aspect of your stay at an Iceland spa will not disappoint; it is unlike any spa experience in the world.

Allow yourself time beforehand to plan what it is you want out of your trip. This isn’t a must, but allows your mind to be organised before you arrive. However, if you live for the moment and would prefer to explore what’s available once you arrive, there’s no harm in doing so. The therapists and instructors here will be happy to answer any questions you have about anything you are unsure of and will invest their time in getting to know you, to choose the treatments and programmes that are best suited to your interests and self-improvement.

Healing Holidays build spa accommodation with traveller’s needs in mind, which is why our popular Blue Lagoon Clinic is so popular amongst holidaymakers; it sits beside the notorious Blue Lagoon, providing you with an experience like no other.

For an informed insight into what Iceland spa holidays entail, explore online with Healing Holidays today, and begin planning your life-changing trip.

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