VIVAMAYR, one of the world’s leading luxury medical detox centres recently opened its first day clinic outside of Austria, right in the heart of London. Located on the prestigious Harley Street, VIVAMAYR will be joining a large number of private medical groups on the infamous on the street.

VIVAMAYR’s London clinic will differ from the Altausse and Maria Worth resorts but favour its counterpart day clinic in Vienna, providing Monday to Friday access to the VIVAMAYR medical team who have a weekly residency at the clinic. The clinic will primarily offer diagnostic consultations and information on how a bespoke VIVAMAYR programme can help improve their wellbeing and health.

A variety of therapies including; intravenous infusions, blood tests, oxygen therapy, applied kinesiology, abdominal treatments and stress testing are also on offer.

The VIVAMAYR approach has a strong focus on providing a diet that can cleanse the gut, and so will be offering cooking classes and demonstrations on how best to adopt this diet to your day to day life at home. Cooking ingredients will be available for purchase at the clinic alongside VIVAMAYR medical supplies.

The clinic is located at 15 Harley Street, just a short walk from Oxford Circus.

For more on the VIVAMAYR destinations and day clinics call our Wellness Experts on 020 7843 3597 or enquire online.

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"It was individual, care and treatment. Also an education on diet and nutrition and avoidance of sugar which has done so much damage in bringing on inflammation causing painful arthritis. I have abandoned medication as Vivamayr gave me the confidence to believe I could do it myself and for my health just must persevere. Thank you to all the team there."
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Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 2:00pm
020 7843 3597

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