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Start planning your transformational journey today. We have a list of expert-led fixed date retreats across all our properties for you to choose from.

2019 Long Haul
Curated Expert Retreats

Experience a selection of curated retreats and programmes between May to October at Vana. The programmes, for the most part, can be done alongside your usual wellness treatments except a few which will require prior sign up. These fixed date retreats will be based on wisdom, arts, music, cuisine, literature and learning. Most programmes will run for 5 days and will begin either in the afternoon or evening of day 1 and finish by lunch on the last day. 

Yin & Yang Yoga Immersion” with Simon Low

You are invited to enrich and expand your yoga practice through a yoga immersion with Simon Low, one of the world’s foremost specialists of ‘Yin & Yang Yoga’. Within a small group of maximum, 12 participants students will receive individualized consideration, informed by Simon’s ongoing studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, applied anatomy, Pranayama, Oriental and contemporary energy practices, psychology and philosophy.

Finding Emotional Balance & Freedom

Guided by Kamalaya’s mentors in an intimate group setting of maximum 12, participants explore their emotional habits and learn to more practically and effectively respond to life’s challenges. This environment promotes a powerful energy in daily practices that are unavailable in an individualized setting. In additional one-to-one sessions mentors support participants in developing a personal growth plan.

Awakening Your Essential Self

Drawing on Karina’s 30+ years of experience with Asian healing and spiritual traditions, this unique retreat is a deeply personal and experiential exploration of your self. Throughout the retreat, Karina will be there to support and nurture you through a subtle and profound process of inner discovery, to awaken to your essence and live your potential. In your daily sessions with Karina, you will experience the teaching coming to life with simple but powerful practices that will become your own tools of personal alchemy and transformation. 

2019 Short Haul
Meaningful Relationships Mini Retreat

Understanding your relationship blockages and learning to express your needs through the interplay of a small group setting, you will manifest joyful and trusting relationships. Group work will consist of creative interplay of guided meditation/visualisation, energy techniques, group sharing and/or role playing. The process will engage your sensual and body awareness, your emotions and your intellect.

Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat

The Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat, Euphoria's Signature intensive retreat, aims to improve your overall state of emotional wellbeing and bring harmony between your physical and emotional aspects. By addressing all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual, it assists your self-reflection and contemplation and enhances your evolutionary journey towards self-awareness and illumination. The programme includes nutritional assessment, using innovative technology pattern 3 GL.

Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic Homeostasis Therapy (EIMMOT)

Euphoria Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic Homeostasis Therapy (EIMMOT) is a seven-day, fully personalised metabolic and emotional re-balancing programme involving nutrition, exercise and experiential group-sharing practices, including meditation and five-element therapy.It deepens the collaboration with preventive healthcare & well being experts Eucrasia, bringing to the retreat a scientific team that includes a molecular nutritionist, pathologist and geneticist to complement the holistic transformation offered by the spiritual masters and healers of Euphoria Retreat.

Mindfulness Wellness Retreat

Longevity Cegonha Country Club's mindfulness wellness retreat allows guests to rediscover wisdom and build knowledge on stress reduction by working on how to intentionally stay present.

Ulysses Journey

The symbolic travels of Ulysses are your inspiration on this three-day Mini Retreat that will help you identify and guide your inner voice in your search for spiritual and emotional purpose.

Shamanic Energy Healing Retreat

Being in harmony with yourself, perceiving and realising your purpose in life, experiencing inner peace – regardless of what is going on externally: the Energy Healing Retreat combines the cardinal Ayurvedic treatment Panchakarma with Shamanic coaching units designed to guide body, mind and spirit in the direction of gratitude and deep joy.

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"After the point of sale - up until I paid for the holiday - all was great and then it was like I was deserted: I was told that I would be sent the package with all information necessary for the trip but instead I had to ask for the itinerary and note about the airport transfers etc. The airport transfer 'service' provided in my first airport transfer was not good and there was no provision made for a transfer service on my return."
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