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Start planning your transformational journey today. We have a list of expert-led fixed date retreats across all our properties for you to choose from.

2019 Long Haul
Curated Expert Retreats

Experience a selection of curated retreats and programmes between May to October at Vana. The programmes, for the most part, can be done alongside your usual wellness treatments except a few which will require prior sign up. These fixed date retreats will be based on wisdom, arts, music, cuisine, literature and learning. Most programmes will run for 5 days and will begin either in the afternoon or evening of day 1 and finish by lunch on the last day. 

Classical Pranayama and Philosophy

This training is focused on the practice of pranayama and will also encourage those ready to further their practice of kriyas. For most, this means getting into the other dhautis and basti. Various options for asana practice are offered. The afternoon lecture sessions will focus on Gorakhnath’s Siddha Siddhantapaddhati followed by open discussion and Q&A.

The Art of Integration

This retreat offers the opportunity to practice yoga in-depth with an experienced and inspirational teacher who will share his passion for yoga and personal growth. The focus of the program is to integrate oneself as a person but also to delve deeply into all aspects of a fully rounded yoga practice. This means we’ll be following well structured sessions created to educate and provide experience in all aspects of practice from meditation, pranayama and asana to exploring our deeper sense of self and identity.

Yin & Yang Yoga Immersion with Simon Low

You are invited to enrich and expand your yoga practice through a yoga immersion with Simon Low, one of the world’s foremost specialists of ‘Yin & Yang Yoga’. Within a small group of maximum, 12 participants students will receive individualized consideration, informed by Simon’s ongoing studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, applied anatomy, Pranayama, Oriental and contemporary energy practices, psychology and philosophy.

Golden Summer Wellness Retreat

Sen Wellness invite you to join them for their Golden Summer retreat, a journey of self-healing and reconnection to ourselves and to nature led by an extraordinary team of practitioners.

Awakening Your Essential Self

Drawing on Karina’s 30+ years of experience with Asian healing and spiritual traditions, this unique retreat is a deeply personal and experiential exploration of your self. Throughout the retreat, Karina will be there to support and nurture you through a subtle and profound process of inner discovery, to awaken to your essence and live your potential. In your daily sessions with Karina, you will experience the teaching coming to life with simple but powerful practices that will become your own tools of personal alchemy and transformation. 

Finding Emotional Balance & Freedom

Guided by Kamalaya’s mentors in an intimate group setting of maximum 12, participants explore their emotional habits and learn to more practically and effectively respond to life’s challenges. This environment promotes a powerful energy in daily practices that are unavailable in an individualized setting. In additional one-to-one sessions mentors support participants in developing a personal growth plan.

2019 Short Haul
Rebalance & Re-energize

A certified practitioner in traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture) since 2006, Zoé has more than ten years of experience in complementary medicine. Her approach to treatment incorporates body, mind and soul.

Exclusive Group Classes

Yoga instructor and internationally renowned coach Jeff Grant offers you an exclusive four-day program to help you unleash your full potential and achieve your goals.

Relax, Release, Receive Retreat

This weekend retreat was designed to assist you in letting go, unwinding, help escape everyday stress and prevent burnout. An exclusive program created to offer you a customized holistic wellness experience. You will be immersed in a protective and deeply relaxing atmosphere within a refined and warm environment.


The RAJI-UKEMI Fitness© method develops the body and self-control through a process of getting in shape or back into shape by rolling and falling to the ground...
his concept is based on the optimal use of the body and its different components, in accordance with the laws of gravity. The technique is practiced on the floor using a carpet or tatami. The movements taught are simple and natural. Coordination, flexibility, reinforcement, breathing, the list of benefits is endless and adapted to the needs of each individual, the principle being to recover the ”lost“ sensations of the body after birth. This method is accessible to all and designed for those seeking to maintain their bodies in perfect health.

Holistic Practitioner

Toby Maguire has been featured in the Sunday Times, Forbes Magazine and the Huffington Post for his work on managing stress and contributions to the health and wellness industry. With gentleness, compassion and humour, he uses his knowledge to provide immune-boosting wellness treatments, heal physical pain and offer spiritual life coaching to bring about greater self-awareness and peace of mind.

Kiyindo Shiatsu

Try Kiyindo® Shiatsu, a highly specific art designed to tone up your energies with Pierre Clavreux – a Shiatsu Master and a pioneer in Europe. This technique of dispersion/toning through the movement of stimuli allows for in-depth movement. Based on the principle of cross similarities in the body, Kiyindo® Shiatsu works on the tendons, muscles and joints. Its preventive effect is remarkable, while it also has a definite impact on stress, sleep and digestive-related issues.

Shamanic Energy Healing Retreat

Being in harmony with yourself, perceiving and realising your purpose in life, experiencing inner peace – regardless of what is going on externally: the Energy Healing Retreat combines the cardinal Ayurvedic treatment Panchakarma with Shamanic coaching units designed to guide body, mind and spirit in the direction of gratitude and deep joy.

Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat

The Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat, Euphoria's Signature intensive retreat, aims to improve your overall state of emotional wellbeing and bring harmony between your physical and emotional aspects. By addressing all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual, it assists your self-reflection and contemplation and enhances your evolutionary journey towards self-awareness and illumination. The programme includes nutritional assessment, using innovative technology pattern 3 GL.


Settle and restore your inner energy levels as you gain a deeper awareness of your inward-looking, mindful spirit. This yoga retreat offers you this and more as you find connection and unity with your true self. Park Igls' holistic approach combines yoga, modern Mayr medicine and a proven exercise programme for anatomically correct posture.

Hatha Yoga Retreat In The Swiss Alps

At Nira Alpina in Switzerland, Ananda will teach a 3-day yoga and meditation workshop that aims to help one develop and achieve a balance from within.


The joy of effective exercise and movement - 'new' bellicon mini-trampolining at Park Igls for mental and physical strength. As well as improving muscular strength and cardiovascular strength, this mini-trampoline exercises gently activate the metabolism of every cell in the body.  

Ulysses Journey

The symbolic travels of Ulysses are your inspiration on this three-day Mini Retreat that will help you identify and guide your inner voice in your search for spiritual and emotional purpose.

Six Senses Kaplankaya - Visiting Practitioners

As part of Six Senses Visiting Practitioners Program, Six Senses Kaplankaya brings together a selection of the most popular and long-standing wellness experts to offer guests inspiring health and lifestyle consultations and unique holistic treatments.

Amanda Hamilton Detox & Nutrition Retreat

Amanda Hamilton, one of the world's leading nutritionists, will be leading a 4-night detox and nutrition retreat in November. This results-oriented programme will include a host of inspiring seminars, individual consultations, spa treatments and daily activities.

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