"Hemantha" in Old Indian means "cold season". During wintertime, Ayurveda recommends a seasonally adjusted diet with individual tailored therapies. Our metabolism needs special support during this season to rid itself of toxic metabolic remains.

In general, the cold winter time causes an imbalance of the Vata Kapha Doshas, which we must harmonize. In addition, Pitta causes in this time inner restlessness, nervousness and indigestion, sometimes infections or the typical seasonal cold symptoms.

Gräflicher Park Health & Balance Resort's Hemantha winter detox cure is just right for this. This detoxification helps to regulate your digestive system and your metabolism optimally seasonally. You gain a healthy, type-appropriate appetite, your sensory perceptions are sharpened and your performance and your immune system strengthened. They are thus cleaned internally and vital through the winter!

Singles from £2295.00£2295.00 pp

Includes transfers, accommodation & a 6 day programme

Standard Inclusions
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Full Board
6 Days
  • Ayurveda detox treatment plan intro 30 min.
  • Initial consultation with the Vaidya / Ayurveda doctor 60 min.
  • 2x short check at the Vaidya / Ayurveda doctor approx. 15 min.
  • Final consultation with the Vaidya / Ayurveda doctor 30 min.
  • Yoga in small groups or "Fit for the day" - morning exercise
  • 1x Abhyanga 4-handed - full body oil massage
  • 1x Vishesh 4-handed - Dynamic full-body massage
  • 1x Kalari 2-handed - vital massage
  • 1x Padabhyanga - leg-foot massage
  • 1x Upanasveda - back treatment with mud wrap
  • 1x Pitchu - warm oil compresses
  • 1x Svedana - steam bath
  • 2x ayurvedic internal oilings

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