In our fast-paced, hectic times, living a healthy lifestyle is difficult. Mental and emotional stress trigger toxic processes in the body, which often lead to health problems. A Panchakarma treatment cleanses your body and mind, strengthens your immune system and vitalizes in an unexpected way.  

The traditional Ayurvedic cures such as the Panchakarma cure are an effective way of purifying and detoxifying the body and restoring energy and harmony in the body. These are individual therapies because every human being is unique and needs different applications depending on their constitution, state of health, age and season. Your individual health plan will be prepared by Vaidya Kumaran Rajsekhar after the initial consultation and in consultation with you.

Singles from £8115.00£8115.00 pp

Includes transfers, accommodation & a 21 day programme

Standard Inclusions
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Full Board
21 Days
  • Ayurveda cure introduction, 30 min.
  • Initial consultation with the Vaidya / Ayurveda doctor 
  • 60 min pulse diagnosis
  • Individual cure planning: therapies and nutrition
  • 4x short med ayurvedic with the Vaidya check approx. 15 min.
  • 1x cure-check ayurvedic with the Vaidya check approx. 30 min.
  • Final consultation with the Vaidya / Ayurveda doctor 45 min 
  • Individual specified ayurvedic nutritional advice 
  • Ayurvedic medical herbal recommendation
  • Tips and diet plan for everyday life back at home 
  • Individual Spa and Wellness care plan by the Vaidya / traditional Ayurvedic doctor
  • Individual Herbal medication/package (herbal intake during the cure)
  • Yoga in small groups or "Fit in the day" - morning exercise
  • 2x Padabhyanga
  • 3x Abhyanga synchronously
  • 2x Udvartana synchronously
  • 2x Garshan synchronously
  • 1x Pinda Sveda synchronously
  • 1x Vishesh
  • 2x Kalari
  • 2x Shirodhara traditional
  • 2x Pitchu
  • 5x Svedana
  • 3x Upanasveda
  • 1x Nasya
  • 4x internal oilings

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