Body Purification Therapy Programme

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort , India

Different to your average detox retreat, this Body Purification Therapy programme offered by Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort relies on the natural powers of Ayurveda to cleanse your body.Your diet and lifestyle have a great impact on your body’s ability to shed toxins and this body purification therapy supports the body’s natural mechanism of excreting these toxins to purify and reinstate balance for renewed vigour. Ideal for those looking for an alternative to more Western modes of detox, at Somatheeram you will find a holistic solution to detox.

At Somatheeram the belief is you are what you eat – your eating habits, environment and lifestyle influence the body’s ability to cope with stress and the ordeals of everyday life. With the constant battering of your office aircon, the city’s pollution and your weekly treat at the confectioners counter, your body is constantly absorbing toxins that cause an imbalance to what is referred to in Ayurvedic medicine as the Tridosha. These toxins can cause havoc in your system and often are the precursors to more serious ailments or illnesses. The body purification therapy works with your body’s own natural mechanisms to excrete these toxins and cleans itself so you regain your Vatha, Pitha and Kapha – or balance as we would say. Get slicked up, sweated out and relax back into your personalised therapy to come back feeling like new. 

After two weeks spent undergoing different Ayurvedic to cleanse your body and purge it of any toxins you are sure to look and feel completely rejuvenated.

Sharing from £1899.00£1899.00 pp
Singles from £2175.00£2175.00 pp
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Including flights, transfers, accommodation, full board and a 14 night programme

Standard Inclusions
  • Flights
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Full Board
14 Nights

This 14 night programme has the below inclusions:

  • Daily Ayurvedic vegetarian full board
  • Daily doctor’s consultation
  • Body massages
  • Purgative treatments
  • Various oil applications
  • Medicated steam baths
  • One half-day tour on the backwaters
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"Booked two healthy breaks with them this year. All aspects very good - including price - couldn’t beat it even booking direct. Good documentation and very professional to deal with. Highly recommended. Even the hotel was very complimentary saying they were a serious company visiting and vetting all locations."
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