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Vilalara Thalassa Resort , Portugal

Has your busy life taken a toll on your body? Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa Resort's 7 Night, Life Rejuvenation & Anti-Ageing programme will turn back the clock. Here, you will be able to enjoy the incredible Thalassa facilities and undergo treatments that will reconnect you with your youthful vigour. You will undergo a personal health check and biophysical evaluation that will help you gain knowledge about your own physiology. Next, you will receive a biochemical profile, these evaluations will give you critical information about how your body is currently functioning.

Consultations throughout your stay will focus on integrative medicine and anti-ageing. You will discover how to positively affect your health through good nutrition and stress management skills.

An added benefit of this anti-ageing programme is that you will boost your immune system defences as you increase vitality with high impact detoxifying and regenerative therapies.

Sharing from £7291.00£7291.00 pp
Singles from £7617.00£7617.00 pp

Including accommodation, transfers & 7 Night programme

Standard Inclusions
  • Accommodation in a Junior Suite Garden View
  • Transfers
  • Standard Healthy & Tasty Low-Calorie Meal Plan – up to 5 Meals a day, Liquid Diet (detoxifying & anti-inflammatory shakes, juices and soups), subject to doctor’s approval
  • Daily supply of Alkaline Water 9.5pH, Herbal Teas & Detox Supplements
  • Access to the Relaxation Area
  • Access to the Longevity Vitality Plan daily group activities
    (ex: Slim Circuit, Burn It, Aqua Boost, Aqua Pilates, power hike, Shape It, HIIT, walk, Fitball, Pilates, yoga, Tibetan bowls and stretching)
7 Nights
  • 1x Personal Health Check
  • 1x Biophysical Evaluation
  • 1x Evaluation of Heavy Metals and Trace Elements
  • 1x Longevity Biochemical Profile Premium
  • 1x Integrative Medicine & Anti-Ageing Consultation
  • 1x Nutrition & Wellbeing Consultation
  • 1x Stress & Lifestyle Assessment
  • 1x Session of Mind-Body Techniques for Stress Management
  • 1x Energetic Healing Session
  • 2x Mindfulness Therapy Sessions - Mind, BOdy & Inner Self Relaxation
  • 2x Osteopathy Sessions
  • 1x Microphysiotherapy
  • 1x Cranio Sacral Therapy
  • 2x Ozonetherapies (autohemotherapy)
  • 2x Intravenous Nutrient Rebalancing Therapies (IV)
  • 1x Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • 1x Medical Pressotherapy
  • 1x Personal Training Session
  • 1x Longevity Skin Deep Cleansing
  • 1x Exfoliation in the Tepidarium
  • 1x Seaweed Therapy
  • 4x Thalassa Treatments (1 Day Thalassa Cure)
  • 1x Therapeutic or Sports Massage
  • 1x Aromatherapy Massage
  • 1x Detox Infusion for Liver, Pancreas, Kidney, Ballbladder & Lymphatic System (IV + Oral) 
  • 1x Life Length Telomere Evaluation
  • 1x Mesolift Facial Rejuvenation 
  • 1x Medical Body Mesotherapy (1 Zone) 
Healing Holidays Special Offer

Added Value

Enjoy a complimentary pilates or stretching session when you book a wellness programme. Valid for 2018 reservations only. 

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