How to get your equilibrium back by reducing stress

Stress. It’s a common part of life but can often leave us feeling upset, burnt out and overloaded. In a fast-paced modern world with many responsibilities it can be easy to forget to look after ourselves properly and fall prone to the effects of stress.

Stress can affect you both physically and mentally from health complaints like chronic headaches to putting a strain on your relationships with others. Whilst stress can impact your life significantly if left unchecked, there are a range of steps you can take to get yourself back to good health including embarking on a wellness programme at one of our carefully handpicked retreats. These places are home to the very best doctors and healers who will help you to identify the root cause of your stress and give you the tools to cope more effectively with it when you return home. Through a combination of various activities, treatments and healthy nutritious meals, your body and mind will be re-energised and re-equipped to face the challenges of everyday life.

So if you're suffering from stress and would like to escape somewhere to get help this National Stress Awareness Month then give one of our wellness experts a call today on 020 7843 3597 and then can help find the retreat and programme that is just right for you.

The Very Best Places To De-stress

If you are running on empty and in urgent need of some serious downtime, and are searching for better physical and mental health, then this is the place for you. Discover Vana and its soulful solution to mental and physical stress.


If you want to hunker down and do some deep healing close to home, then Euphoria’s blend of ancient Greek and Chinese wisdom is just the ticket.


With uniquely-tailored programmes, delectable food and knock-out treatments, this lush and lovely holistic retreat is a wonderous place to de-stress and to take a step back from the demands of life.

SHA Wellness Clinic

Hidden away in Spain’s Sierra Helada Mountains is SHA Wellness Clinic, one of Europe's leading medical spas. This gleaming white beacon of health combines effective, proven natural therapies with first-rate nutrition and the latest advancements in Western medicine for a 360º approach to wellness. Your body, mind and soul will leave feeling rested, restored and with a whole new set of healthy habits to take home.

Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Stressed? Run down? Now is a good time to re-start & balance your body at Sen Wellness Sanctuary in Sri Lanka. This retreat specialises in personalised retreats where you can take the time self-care, to address your issues of the mind, body and spirit as you practice yoga in the gorgeous Yoga Shala, overlooking verdant treetops and feel the refreshing sea breeze. 

Ayurveda Parkschlosschen

If you are a devotee of Ayurveda and long for some Indian healing close to home, then this is your spot. Come here for their Panchakarma detox, which is designed to help you achieve top physical and mental form by ridding the body of toxins and waste. It's not for the faint-hearted, but the results are truly incredible.

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