André Vitorino - Fitness Expert at Epic SANA

Wellness Expert
André Vitorino - Fitness  Expert at Epic SANA

André Vitorino dedicates his life to helping others strive to achieve maximum fitness in order to live a more active, fulfilling and healthy life. He brings tremendous passion and commitment to the fitness programme at Epic SANA Algarve. Drawing upon his extensive experience and education, he works very closely with guests to assist them in realizing their fitness goals.

Graduated in Sports & Exercise and with international accreditation in Personal Training, Football and various certifications as Fitness, Pump, Cycling and Swimming instructor.

His appreciation for results made him specialize in personalized training in order to help guests achieve their goals in a quick, secure and efficient way. He already obtained surprising results in several cases that he accompanied. One of his many happy customers, Lourenço Ribeiro, lost 16 kg in 22 weeks in a healthy and easy way. Through André’s tailor-made fitness programme and a healthy diet, Lourenço was able to not only lose and maintain his weight, but to also significantly improve his lifestyle, wellbeing and health.

He is passionate about sports in general and regularly carries out innumerous activities like surf, football, tennis and BTT. One of his favorite hobbies is healthy cooking. Constant training and education is one of his top priorities, allowing him to always offer innovating and diversified training sessions, based on the latest and most up to date scientific investigations. He is recently finished his certification in Sports Nutrition to help him to further increase his already advanced knowledge in well-being.



1. What is the basic philosophy of Epic Sana?

We seek to offer unique and innovative experiences in hospitality from cool and chic accommodation to bespoke wellness retreats in order to create positive and lasting memories for our guests.


2. What makes Epic SANA different from other wellness / fitness resorts?

Our seamless personalised service paired with our unique cuisine using the freshest Algarvian products and a unique location within a lush pine forest next to Falésia beach are unique aspects of Epic SANA. Also, our staff is devoted to guests and their friendliness and warmth makes our valued guests feel well cared for. 


3. What are Epic SANA's most popular programmes?

One of our most popular programmes is the residential fitness bootcamp, which is an intense programme to that improves strength, cardiovascular health, endurance and flexibility. Other popular retreats are the focused yoga retreat and dedicated weight management programme, Reshape. Both of these programmes include daily fitness activities for those who really want to reach and surpass their health goals. 


4. How does Epic SANA support your guests to find the right treatments?

Our Wellness assistants are available in the Spa reception. Through various assessments and evaluations we can determine the needs and goals of our guests. For example, in the Reshape programme we include a nutrition evaluation and a fitness assessment.


5. Who will most benefit from a stay at Epic SANA?

Those in the age range of 35 to 55 would especially benefit, but anybody who deals with stressful environments and lives a fast paced life will find respite. Epic SANA is great for any gender and solo travellers or couples. We welcome many guests who are fitness addicts and like to keep in shape during holidays, but there are also people who look forward to lose weight and experience the yoga classes and workshops.


6. What are the benefits, short-term and long-term, of a stay?

Short-term benefits are an improved mood, increased vitality and mind-body balance.

Long-term benefits are positive lifestyle changes and added longevity. 


7. What is the best time to go to Epic SANA?

To avoid high temperatures and the high season in the Algarve, we recommend the period from October to June.


8. Is there a minimum stay at Epic SANA?

The minimum stay depends on the programme. The standard stay is 7 nights but there are shorter programmes with 3 or 5 nights.


9. What is the most important advice you would give to someone who wants to do a wellness or fitness spa vacation?

Prepare your body. Aim for an early start on what’s ahead of you by having your final evening meal at home before 7pm, making sure it’s low in carbs. This allows your digestive system time to work before bedtime, resulting in better quality of sleep. You will be fresh and filled with energy to start the programme. 

feefor rating
"Everything was excellent, except the very gloomy lighting in my room. There was no bedside switch for the lights, so I had to unplug the standard lamp - the only lamp that gave much illumination - before getting into bed. With all three lamps lit, there was not enough light to see colours when I was packing. Notwithstanding this, I intend to go again. The staff seem to get on well together. They have a high morale, and the business is well-run. It feels like a happy place."
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