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Claire Bostock - Yoga & Pilates - Absolute Sanctuary

Claire Bostock, Executive Director of the Absolute Yoga Group, has years of experience in yoga teaching and counselling work and has a passion for integrated healing. Claire, originally a banker from Singapore, left the banking world and went into yoga teaching and, in early 2006, she moved to Bangkok where she taught Hot yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa and Pilates classes. Later, Claire took up the position as a Counselor for TRIA, an Integrated Medical Wellness Centre, where she managed the Movement Department and set up a yoga programme to provide an integrated approach to healing for clients. In 2008, with her experience in developing programmes & charisma in attending to people's personal needs, she became the Executive Director at Absolute Sanctuary. Over the years her portfolio has grown to include Executive Director of the entire Absolute Yoga Group overseeing its other business: Absolute Yoga, Absolute Pilates & Absolute Fit Food.



What is the basic philosophy of Absolute Sanctuary?

Absolute Sanctuary’s mission is to provide a haven for people to receive a pampering, revitalising and re-energising experience. We offer a place for them to embark on a journey back to balance and a healthy lifestyle. We hope all our guests will achieve a life-changing experience, whose benefits will last a lifetime.  

What makes the Absolute Sanctuary Spa different from other Spas?

There are a few points that make us unique – but the Absolute You premium corporate brand is the factor that clearly sets us apart from other wellness spas. Absolute You is Thailand’s leading health and lifestyle brand with 15 years of experience running successfully studios domestically and internationally. Absolute You is also a specialist in yoga, Pilates, functional training and health food, but also an inventor of hip and effective exercise trends.

Absolute You includes:

  • Absolute Yoga: the largest yoga studio in Thailand
  • Absolute Pilates: the inventor of group Pilates reformer classes in Thailand
  • Absolute Coreblast: the first to introduce an effective suspension workout in Thailand
  • Absolute Fit Food: the premium and leading health food delivery company in Thailand that revolutionised the health food industry by combining healthy ingredients with flavour and convenience
  • Absolute Sanctuary: internationally recognised as one of Asia’s leading wellness resorts

What are Absolute Sanctuary's most popular programmes?

Our most popular programmes are our signature detox programmes, yoga holiday programmes and Pilates reformer boot camp holiday programmes. Fitness holiday programme bookings are also very common.

How does Absolute Sanctuary support guests to find the right treatments?

All guests go through an in-depth wellness consultation with bio-impedance analysis, where we discuss their goals, medical history, and challenges that can help us guide them in choosing the right programme or treatments.

Who will most benefit from a stay at Absolute Sanctuary?

Because we offer a variety of programmes, anyone looking to get fit, relax, recharge or cleanse will benefit from a stay at Absolute Sanctuary.

What are the benefits, short-term and long-term, of a stay at Absolute Sanctuary?

For stays of less than 7 days, guests will feel a difference in their body and start seeing changes – but long-term benefits include noticing emotional, physical and mental changes. Those who stay longer will also be able to formulate new habits that will support them back home.

When is the best time to go to Absolute Sanctuary?

Any time of the year is good to visit. March-May are the hottest months, so that is perfect for those who wish to sunbathe. November is the rainy season, which will suit those who like to stay in and reflect inwards. 

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