Elizabeth Montgomery - Nutrition and Holistic

Wellness Expert
Elizabeth Montgomery - Nutrition and Holistic

Elizabeth has studied nutrition and holistic medicine for the last 30 years. She passionately believes in the healing power of nature and works with an integrative approach to healthcare which incorporates the whole person. The ancient healing systems: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy make up the foundation of her holistic nutritional medicine practice - along with cutting edge Western scientific advancements in nutritional medicine. This approach to healthcare is powerfully effective in the role of prevention, recovery and wellness.

Elizabeth has also trained extensively in energy medicine, and the Medicine Way healing practices of the indigenous tribes of north and south America. She walks a shamanic path and applies this to her holistic practice.

She has written articles for prominent magazines including: Natural Health, Om Yoga and Positive Health. She also lectures, leads workshops and works with clients from all walks of life. For more information go to www.holisticnutrition.co.uk.

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