Marcello Mulatto - Fitness Expert - Verdura Resort

Wellness Expert
Marcello Mulatto - Fitness Expert - Verdura Resort

Marcello Mulato, the Fitness Manager at Verdura Resort since 2015, has been passionate about sports and fitness since he can remember. He is an absolutely indispensable member of the team, promoting the Rocco Forte Fitness concept, and ensuring the quality of the Rocco Forte Health programmes. Marcello extensively studied Sports Science, and he is on the verge of receiving his diploma to be a chiropractor. Throughout his lifetime he has trained and competed in a number of sporting disciplines, including kickboxing, kayaking, swimming, high jump and volley ball. He also enjoys teaching and has been an instructor for swimming, tennis, martial arts and bodybuilding in addition to working as a personal trainer with a Federazione Italiana Fitness diploma. 





What is the basic philosophy of Verdura Resort?

Verdura Resort entails all the pillars common to Rocco Forte Hotels: individuality, authenticity of territory and Forte Family. Verdura is deeply integrated in the surrounding landscape; for example, its architecture is inspired by its Mediterranean setting, and is likened to the design of traditional Sicilian houses.

We treat our guests as individuals and recognize that each guest has his/her own personality and needs. The Verdura Team put the guests’ overall experience at the centre of everything they do and our passion for hospitality is apparent in the way service is delivered.


What makes the Verdura Resort Spa different from other Spas?

Verdura Spa is one of Europe’s most advanced luxury wellbeing centres, with a distinctive Sicilian flair. We also bring the Rocco Forte philosophy to life at the Verdura Spa.

We help guests to think better, relax better, move better and eat better. As a result, they feel and look better. We create positive moments for guests and ensure that they learn from their experience here. Our aim is for guests to take away tangible results and to enjoy a happier future.


What are Verdura Resort's most popular programmes?

Rocco Forte Health offers a balanced and integrated approach to health, using state-of-the=art techniques, with programmes individualised to every guest. The five health-focused programmes are Detox, Slim, Fitness, Relax and Anti-Age.

The most popular is ROCCO FORTE FIT, designed to help guests achieve their fitness goals. Whether a guest is preparing for a sporting event, or would just like to kick-start a good exercise routine, this programme will help them towards reaching their goals.


How does Verdura Resort support guests to find the right treatments?

Each guest receives personal attention from the staff to design the best programme for them. Prior to arrival, guests will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire to better understand their personal requirements. Upon arrival, tests will gather more information at each guest’s physiology. These tests will also serve as a baseline to show improvements throughout the stay.


Who will most benefit from a stay at Verdura Resort?

We aim for guests to achieve their goals by the time they leave, but if not, each guest should have made significant progress and received the knowledge to incorporate new habits into their daily life.

We believe every guest would benefit from a stay at Verdura Resort.  


What are the benefits, short-term and long-term, of a stay at Verdura Resort?

Short-term benefits from Rocco Forte Rituals are that the senses are completely inspired and that you will feel extremely pampered. Long-term benefits come from learning new habits to integrate into everyday life and improve health overall.


What is the best time to go to Verdura Resort?

Verdura Resort is the perfect all year-round destination, thanks to a wide range of activities including a world class spa, three link golf courses, water sports, tennis and tailor-made excursions to explore the island.


Is there a minimum stay at Verdura Resort?

The minimum stay is only required around Christmas and Easter (3 nights) and in August (7 nights).


What is the most important advice you would give to someone who wants to do a spa vacation?

We follow Sebastian Kneipp’s philosophy in our spa, so our most important advice comes from him, “Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health,” so leave your watches and technology at home and just follow Nature’s rhythm. 

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