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Rajesh Ramani is one of Kamalaya’s Meditation & Life Enhancement mentors. He has been working in the spiritual philosophy field for over 18 years. Rajesh has travelled widely and has addressed diverse audiences across the world, bringing balance and insight to individuals and organisations. As an excellent motivational speaker, Rajesh believes in ‘Finding Balance Through Awareness’. Through powerful processes of reflection and spiritual insights Rajesh will help you to become free of conflicting repetitive responses, to heal unresolved emotions, enable you to establish greater connections in relationships and rediscover core strengths and values.




Read Rajesh's simple meditation tips for beginners:

What are the benefits of meditation?

The immediate benefit of meditation is calmness and clarity. It reduces the chatter of the mind and improves attention and focus. With sustained practice meditation can help us respond to life situations from a place of balance; a much more centered approach to life.


What are the most common barriers to meditation? (i.e why do people give up on it so easily)

Restlessness and lethargy are common barriers to committing time to meditation. Often we enter meditation practice with a ‘violent’ approach, inducing a forced approach as though it were something to be achieved and tamed. Meditation practices need patience and gentleness, attributes that are cultivated with strategies and approaches used by our specialist experts.  When we realize the nature of our efforts and adjust our thinking accordingly, restlessness and lethargy reduce.


Top seven tips for getting started:

1. Start with simple and easy techniques.
2. Find a comfortable posture with your back straight.
3. Be relaxed; be still; become aware of your breathing and begin to calm your mind
4. Find your focus for 3 - 4 minutes (Breath, body sensations, sound, image, mantra etc)
5. Repeat this cycle of ‘focus and rest’ a few times.
6. Do not try to control or empty your mind. If your mind wanders about, get back to the object with a gentle smile.
7.  Take a 'mental selfie' of yourself meditating and appreciate the moment with a smile. 


If you would like to book a programme at Kamalaya enquire online here, speak to one of our wellness consultants on 020 7843 3597 or email info@healingholidays.co.uk.


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What are the benefits of meditation? The immediate benefit of meditation is calmness and clarity…

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