Sally Halstead - COMO Shambhala Estate Wellness Expert

Sally Halstead is a qualified nurse who has worked in acute care setting including Emergency Departments and Intensive Care in both the UK and Australia. She has a background in complimentary therapies including Reiki, reflexology, crystal healing and aromatherapy. Sally is also a certified colon hydrotherapist, an integral part of many detox programmes.

Sally currently works as the Spa and Programme Manager at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali. This holistic spa offers all manner of different wellness programmes including those on detox, stress-management, Ayurveda and more.





What is the basic philosophy of the COMO Shambhala?
COMO Shambhala advocates proactive holistic wellness, combining modern science with ancient healing. We drive for real results through a team of experts, spa therapies, products, yoga centres, activity and energy-giving cuisine at our wellness retreats located within properties managed by COMO Hotels and Resorts.


What makes you different from other retreats?
COMO Shambhala Estate's residential approach immerses guests in a positive, holistic and healing experience from the moment of arrival. Every aspect of the Estate answers to this greater purpose—the design, facilities, staff, treatments, cuisine, accommodation and community. Our intimate and prescribed service from our highly-trained key consultants means our guests receive tailor made wellness programme schedules, no two are ever the same.

As an award-winning Bali wellness resort, COMO Shambhala Estate takes a uniquely holistic approach. The pampering treatments of a conventional destination spa are woven into a personal Wellness Programme, allowing to us to provide a more complete, 360-degree experience closely tailored to your needs.


What is your most popular programme?
Our Rejuvenation Programme is extremely popular. This programme focuses on the mind, body and spirit. Through a combination of beauty and spa treatments, accompanied by a personalised menu created by our resident experts, the goal is to bring back our guests’ vibrancy. They enjoy a choice of facials, massages, wraps and baths, as well as yoga or pranayama breathing lessons, and dine on nutritious COMO Shambhala Cuisine.

How do you support your guests to find the right treatments?
Every guest on a wellness programme will be assigned a key consultant who will take care of them from their arrival, throughout their entire stay until departure. During the guests initial consultation the key consultant will discuss with them their current health status, their short-term goals for their stay and their long-term goals in life. As a result, a tailored schedule will be made for their stay, including the prescription of treatments to support their goals.


Who will most benefit from a stay at COMO Shambhala?
Anyone can benefit from a stay at COMO Shambhala Estate, especially guests who are suffering from chronic health conditions due to negative lifestyles, or those who wish to hit the re-set button in terms of stress management, or anybody who would like to work on longevity or disease prevention.


What are the benefits, short-term and long-term, of a stay?
Benefits are incredibly varied due to the diverse nature of guests who stay with us. Short-term benefits include a sense of relaxation, an ability to breathe, a deeper or re-connection with self and the environment and a renewed sense of self and understanding of what is important in one’s life.

Long-term benefits include higher stress tolerance once returning home, a more educated approach to one lifestyle and more practical and beneficial choices for one’s wellness regime.


What is the best time to go there?
The best time to visit COMO Shambhala Estate is when guests are seeking and are open to the answers they find.


Is there a minimum stay at COMO Shambhala?
7 nights, this is the minimum length of our programmes.


What is the most important advice you would give to someone who wants to do a retreat at Como Shambhala?
There is a lot of important advice for those wishing to embark on a cleanse programme with us, however, we suggest the guest digs deep to understand why they are selecting this particular programme as cleansing can have not just a profound effect on ones’ body, but in all aspects of being, so sometimes we subconsciously chose cleansing when we wish to remove something else from our lives.


Do you provide support after your guests stay?

Guests who need it are sent home with supplemental information as we are very aware that only so much can be done during a short stay. One of the most important things which we advocate here is education and as such guests will be advised and counseled so that they can implement the key consultant’s advice once they return home, and integrate it into their every-day living. Additionally should guests require more in-depth support, we offer skype consultations with our key consultants.

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