Stuart Bold - Meditation & Mindfulness

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Stuart Bold - Meditation & Mindfulness

For over 20 years Stuart has been an international practitioner, teacher and coach, enhancing the health, wellbeing (physical, mental and emotional), performance (professional and personal), happiness and overall quality of life of his clients.

Stuart's focus is on evidence-based integrated health practices. He specialises in meditation & mindfulness coaching (secular/non-religious), wellbeing programmes and coaching, integrated health and energy-based practices. Stuart also works with the cutting-edge science of Heart Rate Variability monitoring and evaluation.

Stuart is also a Visiting Consultant/Teacher for some of the world’s top destination spas, including SHA Wellness Clinic (world’s No. 1 Clinical Spa), Six Senses chain and Chiva-som, Thailand. He works with renowned organisations such as Quintessentially & Q Elite and is the appointed expert Grace Belgravia; Destination Spa Management; 100 Years Plus; Steven Taylor Associates (superyachts) & Aravis Group. Stuart is also the Head of Wellbeing Services for SP&Co.

Stuart is the founder of the Meditation Foundation; a Dept. of Health supported social enterprise dedicated to delivering the massive range of evidence-based benefits of secular meditation and mindfulness for health, education, business and community.

He worked with Prince Charles’ Foundation for Integrated Health and managed the initial creation of the Dept. Health supported Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, and has also managed health-related courses at Kensington Palace and Highgrove House.

Prior to all of this and 20+ years ago, Stuart chose to leave behind a successful career as a London and New York based international lawyer, in order to follow ‘pursuits of the heart’; one of these was meditation. He firstly spent a ‘meditative year’ living on a secluded beach in Mexico, developing a personal meditation practice, followed by a decade of personal practice and ongoing learning.

Stuart's focus is entirely on the professional teaching of modern, straightforward, down to earth and evidence-based integrated health practices that enable and empower clients to tangibly improve and enhance health and wellbeing and almost all areas of life.

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