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Kamalaya Superior Suites - Open for Bookings Monday, 8th December 2014

 It’s with great excitement we can announce the completion of the new Superior Suite building at Kamalaya,  as well as the new state-of-the-art fitness centre and 25m lap pool.All facilities will be up and running from early January and we are able to start taking reservation now for the Superior Suites – which will be available from stays of Thursday 15th January 2015 onwards.Watch this space for the new pictures, but to book your stay speak to one of our experts on 020 7843 3597 or email info@healingholidays.co.uk and be one of the first to stay at the highly anticipated new development. 

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa New Launch Wednesday, 26th November 2014

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Baden-Baden, one of Europe’s most impressive and innovative properties, will open its doors to a brand new spa in January 2015. The new spa, housed in the historic Villa Stéphanie adjacent to the existing hotel, will offer an integrated approach to health that reflects the hotel’s decades of experience and expertise in the spa and medical realm. Over the last two years, Brenners has embarked on a project to create one of Europe’s most refined spa concepts for the 21st century. Covering an area of 5000 square metres, an entire house has been dedicated to sprawling spa haven. Villa Stéphanie expands over five floors and will comprise a 500 sq metre sauna, plunge pool, private gym, hammam, and Ladies Sauna. There are also 15 inspiringly designed treatment rooms with private terraces overlooking the gardens and a salon. The twelve double rooms and three corner suites (including personalised set-ups) are designed for guests who wish to remain in this unique and timeless atmosphere for an even more intense spa experience. Villa Stéphanie also will be connected to ‘Haus Julius’, a 1700 sq metre property dedicated solely to Brenners Medical Care.If you want to experience Brenners’ brand new opening for yourself speak to one of our Spa Experts on 020 7843 3597 or email info@healingholidays.co.uk. 

Conde Nast Traveller Readers' Travel Awards Thursday, 4th September 2014

October’s edition of Condé Nast Traveller, sees the Readers’ Travel Awards unveiled. The readers have been voting in their thousands, and now we can share the results with all of you. We must say a huge congratulations to a Healing Holidays favourite, COMO Shambhala Estate, which took the top spot. However, a lot of other firm favourites have done extremely well too, here is a run down of the Top Ten: COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali Brenner;s Park-Hotel & Spa, Baden-Baden Parkhotel Igls, Austria Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Hua Hin, Thailand Banyan Tree Phuket, Thailand Lefay Resort & Spa, Lago di Garda, Italy The BodyHoliday LeSport, St Lucia Grayshott, Surrey Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts, USA Ananda in the Himalayas, India If you would like to experience these award winners yourself, then speak to one of our Spa Experts on 020 7843 3597 or email info@healingholidays.co.uk.

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The Sleep Guru: How to Sustain Your Practice Thursday, 22nd January 2015

With the New Year we all try to adjust our routine – optimism is at its peak and we strive to achieve these new goals. The Sleep Guru explains why it’s important to not set too many – as you’ll just be setting yourself up for failure.“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into an old age which means never losing your enthusiasm” - Aldous Huxley.One of the questions I am asked most often is: how do I keep going with this? So many of us start off filled with good intentions - especially at this time of year - but within a few weeks our enthusiasm has petered out. The novelty has worn off, and we find it hard to squeeze our practice into our already busy day.Unfortunately there is no magic cure for this, and nobody can do your practice for you. By reading this post you won’t magically be able to stick to your practice. My words have no supernatural power, and neither do anyone else’s. But I can help you to put certain things in place to help you to keep it up.The key is to create rhythm, so that it forms a part of your daily routine - the same as brushing your teeth before bed, or picking up your keys before you leave the house.The first step is to work out what your rhythm will be. Pick a point in your routine where you will meditate, and stick with it. Make your routine steady and full, and keep re-dedicating yourself to your practice.Don’t go overboard here; the last thing you want to do is to try and put too much into your routine and risk setting yourself up for failure. Adding fifty things to your daily routine is a great way of providing yourself with an excuse to give up - but adding one or two should mean you are able to integrate them into your day without too much fuss.Think about what you can add to your practice to help you heart to participate 100% in your practice. You could introduce flowers, a plant or a beautiful mat to your altar. I’ve written before about the power of a smell in your practice; it really can make a big difference. It’s important that the scent you use isn’t too strong though, as it will overpower your meditation as you find yourself smelling the smell, rather than actually meditating! I also love to wear a beautiful, simple light coloured shawl when I meditate. It helps to keep me warm on the chilly mornings, but it also now forms a part of my ritual; when I pull it around my shoulders I am telling my entire being, now it is time to meditate.Do whatever you can to encourage your connection to spirit. If you create a peaceful, loving atmosphere each time you go to your practice, you will find that you look forward to it each day. You want to do it, and so finding time for it is no longer a problem. It you would like to get into a new routine take a look at our list of retreats. What ever you are trying to achieve – form a new diet, to improving your fitness levels, our Spa Experts are on hand to help find the right retreat for you. Email info@healingholidays.co.uk or call 020 7843 3597 to find out more.

Review: Absolute Sanctuary Thursday, 15th January 2015

Healing Holidays Managing Director, Frances Geoghegan pays a visit to the sublime – Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand. Picked as Condé Nast Traveller’s Best Spa for Weight-Loss 2014, Absolute doesn’t miss a trick. Read Frances’ review to see why it’s rated one of the best.Absolute Sanctuary on Koh Samui, Thailand is one of my favourite Spas - it is low key, understated, great value-for-money, and brim-full of loveliness. It’s worth making the journey alone for the tantalising food, served with passion from the Love Kitchen. Huge emphasis is placed on how the dish looks, so expect to be frothing at the mouth in anticipation. It’s all locally sourced, freshly made to nourish and rejuvenate. For those on programmes, you will eat from the Spa menu, which cleverly tells you what to eat each day; it’s carefully prepared, to ensure you get enough calories and nutrients. Each meal consists of two courses, and a freshly prepared juice or tea of your choice. Breakfast could be a coconut yogurt, followed by a poached egg; lunch could be fragrant chicken in lettuce cups, or Vietnamese spring rolls bursting with tofu, noodles and crispy vegetables. Dinner could be a plump grilled fish, fired up with chilli, served with pesto salad with cashew nuts. If you are on a full blown detox, then on the menu are juices, which are very tasty, and most importantly - filling. Why I wanted to visit?The reason for my visit to Absolute Sanctuary was to try their new Pilates Boot camp, which is run by the totally gorgeous Sari, a Filipino who has mastered her art across the globe. Reformer Classes are for a maximum of six people, and structured to focus on Abs & Arms, Butt & Thighs or simply Fit & Tone. The classes are challenging, but are varied and interesting, and guided with humour and grace by Sari. I have been doing Pilates for five years, and enjoyed classes everywhere from New York to Hong Kong, Cape Town and London - and none have been up to the standard of Absolute.It’s a complete body work out, energetic and engaging, there is no pumping music to distract, just a full on focus on your core, and all the key muscles. You can almost see your body stretching out, making you look leaner and longer. What’s not to like? Sari observes all her students with an eagle eye, so there is no chance of any slacking She will ensure that everyone is positioned to execute the perfect move She is tireless in the pursuit of the optimum work outThe bootcamp is perfect for everyone, as they cleverly have individual postural analysis and private sessions as part of their package, so the Pilates teachers have a fully understanding of the ability of each student. And once you have finished your two daily classes, you can give yourself over to one of the magic Thai therapists who will sooth your aching muscles.The Bottom LineThis is my ideal place to do a Fitness week - you can add in some great Yoga, (Absolute are the best in Thailand at this), and mediation classes, do Aqua Fitness with Marco, who is a former international water polo player, do morning hikes, or simply laze by the pool. There are lots of fitness options, whether you decide to partake or not. I went with my partner Chris, who has no interest in Yoga or Pilates; he found all he needed to challenge his fitness, under the guidance of Marco. He did Box Fit- high impact, heart pumping exercise, as well as daily gym with supervised training. That being said Absolute is somewhere I would be equally comfortable going on my own to.                                      Feeling inspired after Frances’ visit – experience Absolute Sanctuary for yourself. Speak to one of our Spa Experts on 020 7843 3597 or email info@healingholidays.co.uk

10 Benefits of Detoxing Your Body Friday, 2nd January 2015

1. Detoxing Eliminates Excess WasteOne of the major benefits of a detox is eliminating waste from the body, and by eliminating excess waste, all the other benefits that are listed in this article appear. Toxins can come from external factors like the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe, as well as internal factors like toxins from the metabolism, dead sells and hormonal imbalance. A detox can help cleanse and revitalise the organs of elimination, so the organs in our body work better due to less toxins and a reduction of excess waste. The organs of elimination include the skin, kidneys, lungs & bronchioles, bowels, lymphatic system and the liver. Keeping these organs clean and healthy is vital for our overall health, and reduces issues that can be caused by toxins re-entering into the body due to underperforming organs strained by excess waste.2. Renews Energy LevelsWhen you detox your body, you are getting rid of all the toxins that contribute to low energy levels. By stripping away excess sugar, caffeine, trans fat and saturated and substituting them with fresh natural produce, you are providing yourself with a natural healthy energy boost that has remarkable long term effects. In addition, pollutants can come from a variety of sources, from environmental impurities to over processed food and medicine. A cleanse can help bring balance to the body, creating a new revitalized you.3. Improves the SkinThe skin is usually one of the key places that depicts whether or not your body needs detoxification. If your body is full of toxins, it usually shows through listless irritable skin that constantly breaks into eruptions like acne. Detoxing helps to eliminate toxins from the blood, improving blood circulation which improves the skin. Furthermore, the healthy glow to the skin that detoxing provides is likely to come from the increase of vitamin and nutrient consumption that comes with detoxing, allowing your body to project its healthy self from the inside out.4. Aids Weight loss A lot of the fat that we have in our bodies is a result from our body defending our vital organs. By keeping excess fat from vital organs like the heart, liver and kidneys the body stores the fatty acids in a safe location. Moreover, an excess of fat soluble toxins from sources like the environment, pesticides on food, excess alcohol etc can contribute to weight gain, and these toxins are usually stored in the fat to keep them away from the vital organs. These toxins can hinder weight loss, so it is vital that you detox to eliminate these impurities. Detoxing can also help curb the addictions and cravings that make us gain the weight that we’ve lost back, creating lasting weight loss results.5. Strengthens Immune SystemEvery item of food that passes through our mouths can impact how our immune system defends the body against external threats. When you detox your body, you cleanse the immune system and allow it to focus properly on fighting external threats because the internal threats caused by poor nutrition are washed out of the body.6. Helps with stress managementPeople have a tendency to think that being overwhelmed by stress is purely a mental dilemma. But the state of the body’s health is a key contributor to the stress and fatigue that we feel in our daily lives. The plethora of nutrients gained from food and drink during a detox has a nourishing and healing effect on the adrenal glands, which may need a reboot after all the strain from stress and poor nutrition. Healthy adrenal glands help the body and mind cope with stress in a more healthy way.7. Slows down ageingWhen your body is overwhelmed by toxins, there are various physical affects, and one of those is early ageing. Toxins can get trapped trying to escape the body through pores, and the trapped toxins can create a poor complexion or enhance premature ageing on the skin. Moreover, detoxing can reduce free radical damage that contributes towards ageing, catalysing an increased longevity, healthy youthful skin, and a body that feels light and young.8. Improves breath and body odourBad breath and body odour are indicators of impurities and imbalances in the body.  Body odour can be caused by the intentional excretion of harmful toxins from our bodies. One of the main factors of body odour is the toxic gas created from the fermentation processes going on inside your body due to ingestion of animal products and processed foods. Furthermore, if the enzymes flavin monoxygenases, enzymes that break sown residues from digestion are in poor supply, it can emit bad body odour. Detoxing can help invigorate the digestive system and important organs of the body that may contribute to body odour when they are under stress.9. Cultivates a clear mindIt’s only normal that after a detox, one feels clear and focused. With all the pollutants that contribute to lack of concentration, fatigue and lethargy eliminated, it allows the mind to be sharp and attentive. In addition a newly detoxed body absorbs vital nutrients more efficiently, including nutrients that helps our brain stay energetic and healthy.10. Healthy HairHair is another external indicator that signifies the state of the body. Hair is extremely sensitive to internal changes, and it is the fastest growing cell in our body so it is important that we keep our bodies healthy to keep our hair health. When hair is able to grow unhindered by internal impurities, there is a significant change in the body and the shine, dry, limp, frizzy hair prone to split ends could all be signs of impurities and imbalances in the body, and detoxing may change some of these issues. 

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The Sunday Times: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Susan d'Arcy visits Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Set in the idyllic foothills of the Alps in Switzerland, this mega medical spa is one of the leading destination spas in the world. As Susan d'Arcy says herself - "If it's good enough for Roger Federer - then it's good enough for me".

GQ Grooming: Chiva-Som

February's edition of GQ sees the spotlight on male grooming - and our house favourite Chiva-Som is right there. As the original destination in Asia for spa, this stunning property has been reigning supreme for 20 years. Read on to see why all males should pay a visit in 2015.

How To Spend It: COMO Shambhala

Maria Shollenbarger reports from the one-of-a-kind COMO Shambhala. With a new expert-led oriental-medicine programme, it has repositioned Bali as one of the ultimate destination spa locations.

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Healing Offers
Verdura Sicilian Aroma Massage Verdura Resort, Italy

Verdura Golf & Spa Resort are offering a free Scilian Aroma Massage when you book minimum of 4 nights.  

Absolute Sanctuary New Year Promotion 2015 Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

Winner of the Condé Nast Traveller - Best Value for Weight Loss Spa 2014Start 2015 in the right way - with a detox or weight-loss retreat at Absolute Sanctuary. 

7 Nights at The Mulia The Mulia, Indonesia

EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL OFFER: save up to 25% per person with a seven night pampering stay at this ultra luxurious Bali resort + US$100 to spend on additional Spa treatments of your choice.

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