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ila spa & Mustique Island Retreat Friday, 15th August 2014

As summer gradually begins to draw to a close, schools restart, and the inevitable tinsel scatters our shops - the winter-gloom can begin to build up unwanted stress.The perfect remedy for this is to escape to Mustique Island. ila-spa founder Denise Leicester and Mustique Island have teamed up together to bring you a one-off, luxury spa retreat this November. You’ll be surrounded by tropical waters, soft sandy beaches, and resting easy in the height of exclusivity. Wake up to a morning of yoga, followed by island inspired healing treatments - Ananda Facial Therapy, Balancing Massage and Chakra Wellbeing Ritual. While your body will thank you with a special organic and vegan menu designed by Retreat Chef Amy Oliver.To make sure you have secured a place (only 16 can attend), book your place with one of our Spa Experts on 020 7843 3597 or email at info@healingholidays.co.uk*EXCLUSIVE OFFER* When you book with Healing Holidays you will receive a complimentary goodie bag to get you Spa-ready before your visit. Just quote 'ila' at the time of booking.

Enjoy a Healthier Summer with SHA Wellness Monday, 14th July 2014

Are you looking to give your health a boost this summer? SHA Wellness is celebrating five years of delivering cutting edge wellness programmes from its state-of-the-art medi-spa in Spain. To mark the occasion, customers can enjoy one free night when they book a seven-night health programme of their choice on stays until 31st August 2014.A stay at SHA Wellness combines luxury accommodation with wellness programmes which use nutrition, health and sport to rebalance your body and mind.Terms and conditions apply. Speak to our Spa Experts on 020 7843 3597 or info@healingholidays.co.uk to book your stay.

Download Our Sleep Webinar Wednesday, 25th June 2014

Thursday 19th June saw Healing Holidays host an Experts Webinar with the incredibly knowledgeable Sleep Guru, Anandi. Over the course of the 40 minute webinar Anandi outlined the problems we can face when it comes to sleep, and shared her advice on how to tackle them. Topics covered included the architecture of healthy sleep, the causes of insomnia and the techniques to overcome it.In case you weren’t able to tune in live to the webinar, the recording is now online for you to download and listen to at a time that suits you. The session is well worth listening to, with plenty of simple and sensible tips that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to improve your own personal sleep patterns.For more useful information and resources on sleep enhancement, take a look at our sleep experts page.The winner of the Neom Organics Perfect Night Sleep Kit will be announced on Monday 30th June 2014. If you suffer from sleep problems and want to take corrective action, speak to our spa experts about arranging a sleep enhancement retreat. Call them on 020 7843 3597 or email at info@healingholidays.co.uk

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What Happens to your Body During Stress? Friday, 15th August 2014

Healing Holidays work with a wealth of industry experts, who are leaders in the Spa world. Dr Michel Golay, from Lonhea Alpine Clinic, uses a unique theory of the two brains and the relationship between them - the human brain and your digestive brain. Michel explains what happens to your body when stress becomes a factor... By Michel GolayMy opening statement is not something you’d usually expect to hear - but we all need stress to live. It’s a key body functionality which releases an ‘adaptation’ mode for us to react to the situations life throws at us, and our ability to adapt is a clear measurement of our state of health. There are three elements to stress; Chemical, Physical and Emotional, and when one, or all three elements become a negative aspect, the results can be damaging. Physical and Chemical StressWhen it comes to chemical and physical stress, the first reaction is an increase of oxidant stress in the most exposed parts of our body. If this oxidant stress is not well managed and the effect continues to grow, it will lead to the next step of the process – Inflammation. Once this process begins it will target the immune system. In our current society (fast paced lives mixed with city living), the intestine and the lung mucous membrane are at the greatest risk as they are the most exposed – we inhale fine particles in the air and xenobiotic (unnatural processed elements) in our food.Emotional StressEmotional stress can result in something entirely different – it’s all in the development. When emotions (messages from the cerebral cortex) reach the reptilian brain (the co-ordinator of all essential functions), it actually has an initial positive impact on your health, resulting in an attitude called ‘hyper-control’. The impact becomes negative, however, when these messages are released over a prolonged period of time at a heightened level. As this happens your control decreases and leads to the hyper activity of the autonomous nervous system. You might experience symptoms such as heart palpitations, hot flushes, irregular heart rhythm, asthma attack or an irritable colon. This could develop into exhaustion and a demise of the reptilian brain which could result in the failure of the digestive and immune functions, sleeping disorders and eventually serious illnesses and diseases.To understand the state of your autonomous nervous system, a stay at Lonhea will begin with a four hour consultation to assess your body’s functionality, based on the method of the two brain functions. Upon the results you’ll have a programme tailored to improving your wellbeing. Once your stay is over and you return back home, you are monitored for the next four months to continue your new health regime.Lonhea Alpine Clinic recently won the Condé Nast Traveller – Best Avant Garde Spa. Their innovate treatments, Michel Golay’s Two Brain method, and the simply stunning Swiss location make it a truly original spa. To book your stay speak to one of our Spa Experts on 020 7843 3597 or email at info@healingholidays.co.uk.

The Sleep Guru: Stress and Sleep Monday, 11th August 2014

By The Sleep Guru In this day and age we are all running on cylenders at a very unhealthy pace. We expect everything to arrive instantaneously, and if it doesn’t we get stressed. Stress is the direct response from not getting our needs and desires met.So what does being stressed mean? In physical terms, our body responds agggresively by pumping stress hormones into our system and  increasing the heart rate. Our breath becomes shallower and with that, the mind starts to race. The digestive system gets disturbed as the body is dealing with, what it perceives to be, more pressing things than digestion. The immune system also decreases as the body has no time for fighting germs during times of stress - this response is known as the ‘fight or flight response’. The body does not seem to know the difference between physical stress and danger, and ego stress. It just responds in exactly the same way and prepares us for running away from danger, or fighting our way out of something, even if the stress relates to a relationship breakdown or a bereavement.In terms of our mental health and wellbeing, stress plays havoc with our mind. One the most important mechanisms for coping with the day’s activities and challenges is sleep. Sleep is a time when our mind is refreshed and our body is nourished. Hopefully, after a good nights sleep, a new day brings fresh perspective and less stress. However if the stress starts affecting your sleep, which it surely will, your ability to think straight, be rational and cope with the challenges of life will be vastly reduced. In the long term stress will start breaking you down, and the saying that ‘stress is a killer’, is absolutely true.Taking care of yourself by living a balanced life generally and taking time out to recharge is absolutely vital.  If you would like to embark on a stress retreat or sleep retreat - contact one of our Spa Specialists on 020 7843 3597 or email info@healingholidays.co.uk

Dave Fletcher: Stress Can Be Fattening Monday, 11th August 2014

By Dave FletcherWhen most people think of stress, they think about impossible targets at work, credit card debts or completing your daily (and crowded) commute. In this article, I am going to focus on another type of stress – internal stress. I will explain the hormonal affect of stress and how eating the wrong foods, not sleeping enough, dehydration and a lack of exercise, which could eventually lead to tiredness and fat gain (particularly around the stomach area).Hormonal health has continued to fascinate me over my career as a health coach. I have learnt it is the foundation to your health, and in many cases, it is the key to losing unwanted body fat. One particular syndrome worth mentioning is ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ which is most commonly associated with stress. There are varying forms of adrenal fatigue, but those who have the syndrome carry around a feeling of tiredness everywhere they go. They often rely on coffee and stimulants to get through the day and in many cases, it is linked with ‘un-shift able’ fat around the belly.Ongoing stress can also lead to adrenal fatigue, which basically means that your adrenal glands produce less hormones than they should. Changes occur in the metabolism of nutrients, fluids, electrolyte balance, your cardiovascular system and even your sex drive.I have dealt with many clients who have been at their wits-end with their energy levels and lack of success on a fat loss plan – and adrenal fatigue has usually been responsible for this. I have a certain set of guidelines, which followed properly, will result in a great outcome. Tip number one: If you are someone who likes to run great distances every morning or gets up at 4:30am to make sure you get to the gym, this is not helping you. In most cases, less is more. With many of my clients, I have cut back on the volume of their exercise to three or four 45-minute quality workouts a week. Too much exercise can be stressful, especially if you don’t have enough sleep and your intake of overall calories, essential fats and amino acids are low. Tip number two:Consume protein with every meal, cut out refined carbohydrates, get rid of dairy and minimise alcohol. For some people, this turns things around very quickly. For others, it can take longer, but in my experience, everyone who has had adrenal fatigue issues can improve by following these guidelines. Tip number three:Get as close to 8-hours sleep a night as you can. Sleep is a vital ingredient to your health plan, and amongst many other important functions, sleep helps to regulate the healthy production of hormones which has a knock on affect to all of our bodies systems. If you have trouble getting off to sleep, I have found that taking magnesium or amino acids just before bed helps with this. *Remember to seek professional advise before taking any supplements. Tip number four:I recommend getting into the habit of consuming a healthy greens juice every morning. A recipe I use and recommend is: Broccoli Kale Spinach ½ an inch of ginger ½ a lemon A portion of fruit of your choice to sweetenHaving raw vitamins and enzymes fed straight into your body first thing in the morning will give you a new lease of life. You’ll instantly notice the difference.Top Tip: For more information on adrenal fatigue, I highly recommend reading the book “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers” written by Robert.M.Sapolsky. If you are keen to combat your rising stress levels, our Spa Specialists can recommend the perfect stress retreat. Contact them on 020 7843 3597 or email info@healingholidays.co.uk 

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Body+Soul: SHA Wellness Clinic

September's issue of Condé Nast Traveller highlights the importance of Body and Soul. Here they showcase SHA Wellness Clinic, the ideal retreat for a detox holiday - which is the beauty of SHA, they remember you are still technically on holiday. Enjoy the seven-day Detox Programme from £3,035 per person including flights and transfers. Speak to one of our Spa Experts on 020 7843 3597 or email info@healingholidays.co.uk

Conde Nast Traveller: USA Special

September's issue of Condé Nast Traveller arrives with a special USA Supplement. Highlighting everything that's wonderful about America, they pin point some of the not-to-be-missed Spas. The Golden Door is one of the best known spas stateside, and has been going since 1958. The founder, Deborah Szekely, is as-bright-as-a-spark at 94, and with her list of returning clients from the Hollywood hills, the Golden Door is best for old-school networking.

Heavenly Slumber: 38 Degrees North

The Experts in Health at Condé Nast Traveller share their top Spas when it comes to sleep. For an heavenly slumber they suggest Ibiza's 38˚ North. Their six-day programme will help you get a full nights, and un-disturbed sleep in no time.

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September Promotion: Detox Programme Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

Escape to the tranquillity of Absolute Sanctuary this September and save up to 14% on this 7 day Detox Programme

7 Nights at Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali, Indonesia

The beach paradise of Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali has a 7 night offer not to be missed includes 2 free nights accommodation.

September & October: Energetic Autumn at SHA SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

SHA Wellness Clinic are celebrating the arrival of Autumn with 10% of various programmes.

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