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Conde Nast Traveller Readers' Travel Awards Thursday, 4th September 2014

October’s edition of Condé Nast Traveller, sees the Readers’ Travel Awards unveiled. The readers have been voting in their thousands, and now we can share the results with all of you. We must say a huge congratulations to a Healing Holidays favourite, COMO Shambhala Estate, which took the top spot. However, a lot of other firm favourites have done extremely well too, here is a run down of the Top Ten: COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali Brenner;s Park-Hotel & Spa, Baden-Baden Parkhotel Igls, Austria Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Hua Hin, Thailand Banyan Tree Phuket, Thailand Lefay Resort & Spa, Lago di Garda, Italy The BodyHoliday LeSport, St Lucia Grayshott, Surrey Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts, USA Ananda in the Himalayas, India If you would like to experience these award winners yourself, then speak to one of our Spa Experts on 020 7843 3597 or email info@healingholidays.co.uk.

ila spa & Mustique Island Retreat Friday, 15th August 2014

As summer gradually begins to draw to a close, schools restart, and the inevitable tinsel scatters our shops - the winter-gloom can begin to build up unwanted stress.The perfect remedy for this is to escape to Mustique Island. ila-spa founder Denise Leicester and Mustique Island have teamed up together to bring you a one-off, luxury spa retreat this November. You’ll be surrounded by tropical waters, soft sandy beaches, and resting easy in the height of exclusivity. Wake up to a morning of yoga, followed by island inspired healing treatments - Ananda Facial Therapy, Balancing Massage and Chakra Wellbeing Ritual. While your body will thank you with a special organic and vegan menu designed by Retreat Chef Amy Oliver.To make sure you have secured a place (only 16 can attend), book your place with one of our Spa Experts on 020 7843 3597 or email at info@healingholidays.co.uk*EXCLUSIVE OFFER* When you book with Healing Holidays you will receive a complimentary goodie bag to get you Spa-ready before your visit. Just quote 'ila' at the time of booking.

Enjoy a Healthier Summer with SHA Wellness Monday, 14th July 2014

Are you looking to give your health a boost this summer? SHA Wellness is celebrating five years of delivering cutting edge wellness programmes from its state-of-the-art medi-spa in Spain. To mark the occasion, customers can enjoy one free night when they book a seven-night health programme of their choice on stays until 31st August 2014.A stay at SHA Wellness combines luxury accommodation with wellness programmes which use nutrition, health and sport to rebalance your body and mind.Terms and conditions apply. Speak to our Spa Experts on 020 7843 3597 or info@healingholidays.co.uk to book your stay.

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Zucchini Pancakes with Italian Salsa Wednesday, 19th November 2014

Absolute Sanctuary is home to one of the world’s best spa kitchens –Love Kitchen. Their menu is not only healthy but incredibly tasty, and packed full of goodness (and love). Here is a recipe you can make at home, taken from their Love Kitchen Cookbook, which will help fight ageing skin. In our eyes, it’s the perfect meal for a weekend brunch with friends. These pancakes help you start the day bright and alert. Zucchini, which gives these pancakes their distinctive character steps up the metabolism rate and has excellent anti-ageing properties. It is very rich in antioxidants which can improve the memory and reduce age-related negative process in the body. The vegetable’s high carotenoid content also sharpens vision and reduces eye stress. Sunflower oil is used to fry the pancakes because it is high in Vitamin E and low in trans fat.PANCAKE INGREDIENTS:(MAKES 3 PANCAKES) 2 heaped tbsp. all-purpose flour 2 heaped tbsp. wholemeal flour 1 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. baking soda 1/3 cup unsweetened soy milk 120gm zucchini, julienned 1 tbsp. sunflower oilMETHOD: Sift flours, baking powder and soda into a bowl Gently stir the soy milk into the flour mixture to make a smooth batter Add the zucchini. Mix well Heat the oil in a frying pan and drop spoonfuls of batter into the pan to form a pancake. When bubbles appear on the top of the pancake, flip it over and continue to cook on the other side Top the fresh pancakes with salsa and serveITALIAN SALSA INGREDIENTS: 1 tomato, de-seeded and diced 1 shallot, finely minced 1 garlic, finely minced 2 sprigs basil leaves, finely chopped ½ lime ½ tbsp. olive oilMETHOD: Pinch of sea salt and black pepper Fill a bowl with the tomatoes, shallots and garlic Add in copped basil leaves Squeeze the lime, releasing the juice over the tomato-basil mixture Stir in the olive oil and mix thoroughly Season with salt and pepper Dish salsa on top of pancakes and serveIf you would like to sample Absolute Sanctuary and Love Kitchen for yourself, speak to one of our Spa Experts on 020 7843 3597 or info@healingholidays.co.uk and arrange your stay.

Put the brakes on ageing at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Wednesday, 19th November 2014

We all dream of eternal health, vitality and youthful good looks, but the ageing process is an unavoidable fact of life, which is why Switzerland’s Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has invented the Ragazer Ageing Score. With health and wellness at its core, the score is a unique programme through which your biological age – and the targeted steps to be taken towards slowing the ageing process – can be determined.Developed by Dr Clemens Sieber, a Swiss Medical Association doctor specialising in internal medicine, and the resort‘s nutritional scientist Christof Mannhart, the Ragazer Ageing Score can be used as an accurate indicator of the stage of aging. Using comprehensive diagnostics, the programme comes up with an accurate biological age, taking into account factors such as musculoskeletal systems, metabolism rates, diet and exercise.While youth is an attractive trait that we all desire, understandably, life gets in the way for all of us. With daily temptations and endless periods of stress, both at work and in our personal lives, ageing can be accelerated. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance, getting enough exercise and sleep, eating a balanced diet and avoiding addictive substances such as caffeine, sugar, nicotine and alcohol are all ways in which we can improve our health and stop giving the ageing process a helping hand.The Ragazer Ageing Score programme spans a four-night stay at Bad Ragaz, and begins with an in-depth consultation with Dr Sieber where lifestyle, nutrition and exercise are all discussed. Following this, an organ check-up involving blood tests is completed, and a range of medical and physiotherapy treatments are carried out in order to determine the score. Once the score is established, damaged internal systems can be pinpointed and restorative measures can be taken. This can be anything from a simple lifestyle change to prescription medicine. Focusing on regaining a renewed lifestyle balance, the programme aims to manage underlying issues such as sleep disorders and stress through specialist advice and solutions. Personalised support is offered throughout the programme and patients will receive their own health file so they can maintain the programme.Famous for its ground-breaking initiatives such as the Ragazer Ageing Score, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz consistently invests in maintaining its title as the leading centre in international well-being and medical health. Awarded Condé Nast Traveller’s, “Best Medi Spa Award”, the resort continues to strive for such success. To visit Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and book your stay on the Ragazer Ageing Score, speak to one of our Spa Experts on 020 7843 3597 or info@healingholdiays.co.uk. 

The Sleep Guru: The Natural Anti-Ageing Remedy? Friday, 14th November 2014

­­The Sleep Guru joins Healing Holidays to shed some light on the importance of sleep and the links to its anti-ageing properties.There are so many anti-ageing products on the market these days; it seems like every week the scientists have come up with a clever new chemical with a fancy-sounding name which we should smear over our faces in order to look young and fresh. Chemical peels, facials, balms, lotions, gels – the list is endless.While we’re all spending millions of pounds every year on these fancy anti-ageing products, there is actually this super-secret anti-ageing technique that’s been passed down through the generations and can have much better, long-lasting effects without needles. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Would you like to know what this amazing secret is? It’s sleep.Wait… I know, I know - we all do that every day, but we don’t all look terribly young and refreshed, do we? The important part is the detail: not just going to sleep, but having regular, good quality sleep. If you can master the art of good night’s sleep on a regular basis you will find that your skin is fresher and your eyes are brighter. Those suitcases under your eyes will magically vanish, much more effectively than with the most expensive treatments, and that grey tinge to your skin just disappears. How do I know this? Because I’ve experienced it for myself. I have suffered terribly with insomnia in the past. I began to look worn out, tired and grey. All the lotions and potions I bought made little difference, but as soon as I managed to conquer my sleep problem, everything else improved and fell into place.When you’re having sleep problems, you quickly get used to only having a few hours here and there. Three or four hours’ sleep suddenly seems like a great rest. You might not think you’re lacking in sleep if you manage five hours a night, but try getting to bed a little earlier for a week or two and notice the difference.Sleep is when our bodies repair themselves; we need to give them time to do their work. When you are getting enough sleep, everything just works so much better. It has an amazing anti-ageing ability that affects you both inside and out. Why not try it for yourself, dedicate the next month to some early nights, lavender bubbly baths and self massage.  If you regularly get your 7-8 hours sleep, I promise it will show.Sleep well!Love,The Sleep GuruTo embark on a retreat that focusses on Anti-Ageing programmes, take a look at our vast selection of retreats and speak to one of our experts on 020 7843 3597 or info@healingholidays.co.uk.

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Mail on Sunday: Heston Blumenthal in Bali

Heston Blumenthal escapes his busy life for the sanctuary of COMO Shambhala. Read his experience and why the combination of meditation, juice drinks and pure relaxation is his ideal to winding down – and how he lost 8lbs in four days.

ILTM Spa - London 2014

ILTM Spa came to London this week with a three day event at Hotel Cafe Royal. Healing Holidays Managing Director, Frances Geoghegan, was at the for-front to explain why agents are so important, especially when it comes to sharing our advice and valuable first hand expertise. TTG share the highlights from the opening forum event.

Conde Nast Traveller: Six Senses Zighy Bay

Daisy Finer, Spa Editor of Condé Nast Traveller, reports from Oman and explains why this haven in the desert is a winter-sun-spa must.

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Verdura Sicilian Aroma Massage Verdura Resort, Italy

Verdura Golf & Spa Resort are offering a free Scilian Aroma Massage when you book minimum of 4 nights.  

Free Nights for First Time Guests Kamalaya, Thailand

Dive into a wellness retreat in Thailand and get back in shape with pilates, yoga and tai chi sessions. And with free nights on offer, it all sounds perfect..

Free Nights for Repeat Guests Kamalaya, Thailand

Going back to Kamalaya is like coming home - so be pampered with a series of wellness holistic treatments while surrounded by the wonders of Thailand 

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