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Located a few kilometres from Innsbruck, and circled by the Tyrolean Alps, Parkhotel Igls is a detox, medical clinic that adheres to the Mayr principle, (clean guts are the route to good health). Drawing on his famous theory of holistic wellbeing, the clinic believes that 80% of chronic disease is caused by bad nutrition and lack of exercise. Diagnostics are enhanced by the latest cutting-edge medical testing, as well as by alternative medical procedures. The clinic works closely with internationally renowned experts from the University Hospital in Innsbruck, so you will have access to the latest testing and treatments.

A stay here offers a major reboot to your system, so expect a light diet, a gentle exercise plan and a tailor-made course of treatments. Food and nutrition are a big part of your stay, and a diet plan, using locally-grown organic ingredients will be tailored for you. The food is surprisingly delicious, and there is a big effort to make it both tasty and pleasing to the eye. There are regular classes with the chef, so you can replicate dishes that are both healthy and wholesome, ensuring you retain vital nutrients in the cooking process.

Rooms are bright, contemporary and all have balconies with views of the Alpine mountains, where a waft of fresh pure air will improve your wellbeing instantly. There are daily guided walks into the surrounding countryside, yoga, aqua-aerobics, personal training and the best massages you will ever have - massages that will really treat your issues, and invariably performed by qualified physiotherapists. There is a cute spa with saunas, a hydrotherapy pool and steam rooms, as well as a lovely pool, BUT these are just the luxury trappings, as this is a serious medical clinic where you go to fix your health issues. 

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Includes transfers, accommodation & a 4 night Modern Mayr Swift programme.

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Room Types

Parkhotel Igls offers 42 rooms in the deluxe, superior and standard categories in addition to 9 luxurious suites with balconies that open out to view the awe-inspiring Tyrolean Alps. All accommodation includes a flatscreen TV, free internet access and safe. Bathrooms have bath and/or shower and bidet. Deluxe plus and Suite plus are also equipped with infrared cabins. Some rooms are wheelchair accessible.


Parkhotel Igls is all about F. X. Mayr Medicine, does not just treat symptoms; it addresses the causes and prevents the symptoms through detoxification. Choose from seven therapeutic modules, two diagnostic modules and a range of seasonal programmes that focus on everything from skin to the musculoskeletal system with treatments including massages, detox baths, acupuncture, pyschotherapy, sleep diagnostic sessions, ultrasounds and vitamin injections – to name a few. There’s also a range of beauty treatments including removal of spider veins, manicures and pedicures, detoxifying body treatments and facials. Pyschotherapy services are also available. 


Detox is a lifestyle, and the menu at the resort adheres to the ideas of Modern Mayr Cuisine. Food is light, simple and delicious, prepared using organic and locally-grown produce with herbs and spices rather than salt. There are eight possible diets ranging from herbal tea fasting to healthy eating; however, you will discuss your diet with the staff to address your own specific needs.


Parkhotel Igls offers grounds for walking, jogging and hiking for outdoors enthusiasts, and golfers are spoilt for choice with three golf courses in the immediate vicinity. Group classes include yoga, Pilates, stretching and training for target areas (such as stomach and back training) among others. Individual activity programmes can be developed during a consultation with a personal trainer. Guests also have access to an indoor swimming pool and fitness room with state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment. Cosmetic and therapeutic applications are also available by appointment. 

  • Indoor pool with jets
  • Textile free steam bath and saunas
  • Infrared cabins
  • Fitness room with state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment
  • Gymnastic room with exterior decking and park access
  • Multi-purpose fitness room with outdoor section and park access
  • Lounge
  • Library and billiard room
  • Lecture room
  • Boutique

Surrounded by the stunning Tyrolean mountains just outside Innsbruck, Parkhotel Igls in Austria has a gorgeous setting on a sun-drenched plateau. The clinic is only a 15 minutes drive from Innsbruck International Airport.

Flights to Innsbruck are not available year round. As an alternative you can fly to either Munich or Salzburg and transfer the 2 hours to Parkhotel Igls.

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Insider's Tips
  • Be sure to arrive on a Sunday night, as the whole programme is explained thoroughly by the doctors.
  • Bag a suite, on the north side of the property, where views are the best. 
  • Pre-book a DVD player, and take your favourite box set, as the evenings are long.
  • Pack for comfort, not style – walking boots, trainers, swimmers and comfortable leisure gear.
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Healing Holidays Exclusive
Summer Short Stay Programme
Parkhotel Igls | Austria
4 nights
Get all the great benefits of a stay at Parkhotel Igls in just a short space of time on the Summer Short Stay programme. This retreat has been designed to give you a taste of what’s on offer at Parkhotel and is great for those who are after a quick pick me up.Your stay will be tailored to your...
Sharing from £1,250 pp Singles from £1,265 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Basic Detox Mayr Cure Programme
Parkhotel Igls | Austria
7 nights
The Basic Programme is the fixed component of your stay at Parkhotel Igls, and it is the foundation onto which your choice of therapeutic modules is built.This 7-night programme activates your natural self-healing, preparing you for your personalised retreat. With highly experienced medical supervis...
Sharing from £1,661 pp Singles from £1,691 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Mayr Classic
Parkhotel Igls | Austria
7 nights
Parkhotel Igls, located in Austria near the majestic Tyrolean Alps, is a true wellness haven. The serene natural surroundings will allow you to completely detox and recharge with assistance from the knowledgeable medical clinic staff.The stay at Parkhotel Igls will help to majorly reboot your syste...
Sharing from £1,886 pp Singles from £1,916 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Detox on the Run
Parkhotel Igls | Austria
7 nights
A stay at Parkhotel Igls can reset your body and state of mind, fully preparing you to return to the everyday grind after your retreat. Encompassed by the majestic Tyrolean Alps, you will have the luxury of time to give your body the attention it needs.Gentle exercise is absolutely integral to Moder...
Sharing from £2,128 pp Singles from £2,158 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Musculoskeletal System
Parkhotel Igls | Austria
7 nights
During the Musculoskeletal System medical programme, the medi-clinic will incorporate a combination of specific back treatments, healing packs and Modern Mayr Medicine to address back and joint complaints.The programme will release the tension and muscular imbalances that lead to back pain and postu...
Sharing from £2,203 pp Singles from £2,233 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Mayr Intensive Programme
Parkhotel Igls | Austria
7 nights
Parkhotel Igls is a renowned detox and medical clinic just outside of Innsbruck, Austria. The medical clinic follows principles of F.X.Mayr, who founded the Mayr Cure and posited that poor nutrition and a lack of exercise significantly contribute to chronic disease. Parkhotel Igls offers comprehensi...
Sharing from £2,243 pp Singles from £2,273 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Mayr Heart & Circulation
Parkhotel Igls | Austria
7 nights
Parkhotel Igls is a medical clinic that offers a restful Alpine retreat in addition to an extremely talented staff of physicians and experts from the nearby University of Innsbruck. The latest diagnostic tests are extremely precise and shape your tailor-made programme.The Mayr Heart & Circulatio...
Sharing from £2,297 pp Singles from £2,327 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Mayr De-Stress Programme
Parkhotel Igls | Austria
7 nights
Parkhotel Igls of idyllic Innsbruck Austria is truly the place to get away from it all with refreshing views of the majestic Tyrolean Alps and an intuitive, nurturing staff of physicians and experts.Through Parkhotels Igls' systematic and holistic approach to wellbeing, this 7 night Mayr stress ...
Sharing from £2,381 pp Singles from £2,411 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Mayr Metabolism and Detox Programme
Parkhotel Igls | Austria
7 nights
Parkhotel Igls in Austria is a single-stop medical clinic that can cater to address a whole host of health issues. However, as a Modern Mayr medi-clinic, Parkhotel Igls specialise in detox programmes. The Mayr Metabolism and Detox programme offers a thorough dietary and therapeutic detoxification of...
Sharing from £2,387 pp Singles from £2,417 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Preventative Ultrasound Diagnostic Programme
Parkhotel Igls | Austria
7 nights
As a detox and medical clinic, Parkhotel Igls offers an extensive range of diagnostic testing carried out by an exacting and expert staff. Parkhotel Igls has the benefits of a private hospital, but one set in a peaceful Austrian region. This Preventative Ultrasound Diagnostic medical programme is de...
Sharing from £2,514 pp Singles from £2,544 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Men's Medical Check
Parkhotel Igls | Austria
7 nights
A visit to the detox medical clinic Parkhotel Igls will bring you to Austria and the majestic Tyrolean Alps. An incredible medical facility and extremely knowledgeable staff allows Parkhotel Igls to provide an incredible range of diagnostic tests.The Men's Medical Check programme highlights the ...
Sharing from £3,753 pp Singles from £3,783 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Modern Mayr Medical Check
Parkhotel Igls | Austria
7 nights
Although Parkhotel’s medical programmes are based upon Mayr principles, discovered by the famed F.X. Mayr, and include a slew of diagnostic tests that are carried out by experienced and highly-regarded professionals. The Modern Mayr Medical Check programme combines the diagnostics from multipl...
Sharing from £4,027 pp Singles from £4,057 pp
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"Tracey was outstanding to work with and took the time to listen to what we were looking for. Very professional considering there was no face-to-face contact. My husband and I look forward to our next 'Healing Holiday' and and booking this way."
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