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Whether a personal choice or because circumstance dictates, sometimes our wellness holiday isn’t just a solo trip, but one that includes the whole family. You may think you’d be rather limited for choice when searching for a wellness holiday that the whole family can enjoy, but believe it or not there are plenty of family-friendly spas that everyone will love. Whether you head to a resort that has a spa that welcomes children and even offers children’s spa treatments, or you head to a hotel with excellent facilities in place to keep the kids occupied while you enjoy your retreat, there are plenty of options available to families. Enjoying a wellness break together in a beautiful destination is sure to be a fantastic bonding experience and ensures that the whole family get to reap the great benefits of a retreat.

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4 Nights at Spa-Hotel Jagdhof
Spa-Hotel Jagdhof | Austria
4 nights

Enjoy a 4 night pampering stay at the luxurious Spa-Hotel Jagdhof, Austria, one of the country's largest and most architecturally-gorgeous spas. Spend your time unwinding and relaxing in the well-equipped spa with 20 unique features to help you completely relax and revitalise. Spa fac…

Sharing from £840.00 pp
3 Nights at Schloss Elmau
Schloss Elmau | Germany
3 nights

If you're seeking a luxurious mini-break surrounded by nature and fresh mountain air, this three night stay at Schloss Elmau is for you. Tucked away amongst the Bavarian Alps in a quiet corner of Germany, this is the perfect place to come to forget the hassles of everyday life and simply bask i…

Sharing from £950.00 pp Singles from £1,072.00 pp
Sayanna Yoga Retreat
EPIC SANA Algarve | Portugal

This five night dedicated yoga retreat at EPIC SANA combines daily yoga lessons with wellness workshops. During your stay, you will learn the basics of meditation and stress relief, including how to address stress through various breathing techniques. The training at the Sayanna Yoga Retreat will a…

Sharing from £1,037.00 pp Singles from £1,312.00 pp
Amanda Hamilton Detox & Nutrition Retreats
Marbella Club Spain | Spain
May, September & November

Throughout the year Amanda Hamilton, one of the world's leading nutritionists, will  be leading three 4-night detox and nutrition retreats. These results-oriented programmes will include a host of inspiring seminars, individual consultations, spa treatments and daily activities.Spend the d…

Sharing from £1,185.00 pp Singles from £1,725.00 pp
Pampering At Tanjong Jara Resort
Tanjong Jara Resort | Malaysia

Partake in traditional restorative Malay treatments that have been handed down for years at the Tanjong Jara spa. The exclusive spa pre amble is the Mandi Bunga or Malay Floral bath, enjoy this prior to your chosen spa treatment. Luxuriate with the wonderful aroma of indigenous herbs and plants com…

Sharing from £1,190.00 pp Singles from £1,500.00 pp
SAYANNA Better Ageing Retreat
EPIC SANA Algarve | Portugal
4 Nights

This specialised programme is specifically designed to delay the physical aspects of the ageing process and leave you looking and feeling younger. The programme will start with a fitness evaluation to assess your current health and wellbeing, the results from which will shape the therapies and a…

Sharing from £1,345.00 pp Singles from £1,599.00 pp
Marbella Club Mediterranean Lifestyle
Marbella Club Spain | Spain
4 or 7 Nights

The Marbella Club's signature programme is inspired by the well known healing benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Through a combination of facials, body treatments, personalised massages and Mediterranean sunshine you will leave looking and feeling more revitalized, radiant and r…

Sharing from £1,475.00 pp Singles from £2,150.00 pp
Marbella Club Optimal Fitness and Energy
Marbella Club Spain | Spain
4 or 7 nights

This programme from Marbella Club with its daily personal training sessions will help boost your stamina and increase physical and mental performance. Not only will you gain more confidence in yourself, you will also gain the tools to ensure that you maintain and improve your fitness levels when yo…

Sharing from £1,549.00 pp Singles from £2,225.00 pp
Marbella Club Destress & Unwind
Marbella Club Spain | Spain
4 or 7 Nights

Whether you are working too hard, dealing with personal stress, or simply just need to get away from the pressures of everyday life, Marbella Club's destress and unwind programmes with their personalised training sessions, health consultations and emotional coaching sessions will…

Sharing from £1,567.00 pp Singles from £2,243.00 pp
SAYANNA Mindfulness Retreat
EPIC SANA Algarve | Portugal
5 Nights

EPIC SANA's mindfulness retreat will help you gain a greater understanding of your mind and body patterns, and how to make them more positive. After an introduction to mindfulness, you’ll experience several hours of mindfulness sessions a day retraining your mind to live in the …

Sharing from £1,628.00 pp Singles from £1,903.00 pp
Marbella Club Tranquility & Sleep Enhancing
Marbella Club Spain | Spain
4 or 7 nights

A good nights' sleep plays an important role in keeping good overall health and well-being. A lack of restorative rest, both mental and physical, is linked to premature ageing and risk of ill health. Marbella Club's tranquility and sleep enhancing programmes use evidence-base…

Sharing from £1,763.00 pp Singles from £2,439.00 pp
Family Stay at Schloss Elmau
Schloss Elmau | Germany
5 Night Family Stay

A spa hotel might not be the most traditional choice for a family holiday, but Schloss Elmau isn’t a traditional spa hotel. With four separate spas, one of which is specifically for families, spacious suites with kitchenettes as well as a host of different activities and clubs for kids of all…

Sharing from £1,845.00 pp
Sayanna Cleansing Detox Retreat
EPIC SANA Algarve | Portugal
7 nights

Cleansing your body is the first step to improving your health, increasing vitality, and restoring body and mind balance. EPIC SANA Algarve's complete detoxification programmes includes a combination of detox meals, juices and soups with pampering and detoxifying treatments at the Sayan…

Sharing from £1,950.00 pp Singles from £2,311.00 pp
Sayanna De-Stress Retreat
EPIC SANA Algarve | Portugal
7 nights

Properly managing stress can improve your mood, boost immune function, promote longevity and allow you to be more productive and EPIC SANA Algarve with its idyllic beach setting provides the perfect environment for such a transformation, supporting each guest to experience a shift in habits an…

Sharing from £2,097.00 pp Singles from £2,459.00 pp
Marbella Club Cleanse and Purify
Marbella Club Spain | Spain
4 or 7 nights

These gentle detox programmes have been designed to cleanse and purify the body thus reducing symptoms of fatigue, irritability and discomfort, helping you feel lighter and more energised. To ensure optimum results are achieved, these programmes include Marbella Club's full board…

Sharing from £2,234.00 pp Singles from £2,910.00 pp
Marbella Club Bikini Body & Beach Ready
Marbella Club Spain | Spain
4 or 7 nights

Allow the Marbella Club team to prepare and guide you to more body confidence with a combination of total-body sculpting workouts, nutrition guidance and treatments designed to help you look and feel your best. To ensure optimum results, each programme includes Marbella Club's full board P…

Sharing from £2,287.00 pp Singles from £2,963.00 pp
Sayanna Ultimate Re-Shape Retreat
EPIC SANA Algarve | Portugal

Epic SANA specialises in Fitness retreats that really work. Their re-shape weight-loss programme incorporates initial and continuous nutrition evaluation, post programme online expert advice and tailor-made meal plans to help you achieve your weight management goals. The programme includes 6 days o…

Sharing from £2,688.00 pp Singles from £3,050.00 pp
Insane Fitness Retreat
EPIC SANA Algarve | Portugal
7 Days

The insane fitness programme lasts 7 days and includes five hours per day of intense and varied workouts, including military training, cycling, TRX, cardio circuit, BTT, stretching, cardio box and more. The programme starts with an initial fitness assessment to help structure your week by high…

Sharing from £2,710.00 pp Singles from £3,072.00 pp
7 Night Stay at Amilla Fushi
Amilla Fushi | Maldives
7 nights

For the ultimate in beach side bliss and pampering, a stay at Amilla Fushi is a must. This resort offers guests barefoot luxury as you step off the jetty into the glorious sunshine. For those looking to unwind and relax, head to the Javvu Spa, or opt for one of the water sports, jet skiing, fishing…

Sharing from £3,389.00 pp Singles from £5,759.00 pp
Bodyism at Amilla Fushi
Amilla Fushi | Maldives
7 nights

Perfect for those looking to improve their health and fitness while still enjoying all the benefits of a relaxing holiday in the sunshine. After a ‘Body Oracle’ consultation, you will receive a personalised programme of spa treatments and Bodyism fitness and wellness classes designed to…

Sharing from £7,929.00 pp Singles from £11,535.00 pp
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