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There has been a rise in male travellers in the wellness world, and with such great retreats and programmes on offer it’s not hard to see why. From fully personalised medical checks to intensive fitness breaks and dedicated men’s retreats at some of the world’s top spas – Our wide selection of men’s programmes are designed to relax and revitalise, leaving mind and body cleansed and refreshed.

Don't be afraid to travel alone, in many hotels there are group classes and sociable sessions available for everyone; or go on a spa retreat with your partner, they will be eternally grateful to you!  

Treat yourself to one of our Spa Retreats for Men - you won’t regret it! Call us on 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.


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Longevity Fitness Booster
Vilalara Thalassa Resort | Portugal
3 nights

During your stay, you will gain knowledge about how your body functions through a personal health check and biophysical evaluation that measures body fat, muscle and basal metabolic rate. From there, you will receive a fitness assessment and personalised fitness plan to target areas that need the m…

Sharing from £1,460.00 pp Singles from £1,680.00 pp
Longevity Mindfulness
Vilalara Thalassa Resort | Portugal
3 nights

Take a well-deserved break with the Longevity Mindfulness Programme, learning how to manage stress and release tension. Here, you will embrace mindfulness and experience a greater sense of inner space, freedom, and joy. With one-to-one personal sessions with Shantidevi, you will have the …

Sharing from £1,611.00 pp Singles from £1,830.00 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Stay with Basic Medical Treatment
VIVAMAYR Altaussee | Austria
7 nights

VIVAMAYR Altaussee, near Salzburg, overlooks a crystal clear lake with breahtaking mountain views. Here, the fresh air is intoxicating; and local mineral rich thermal waters and Glaubersalt from Sandling-Massiv Moutain are incorporated into healing treatments. Dr. Sepp Fegerl and his young, enth…

Sharing from £1,889.00 pp Singles from £2,469.00 pp
Health Check programme
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz | Switzerland
2 Nights

This programme is specifically designed to provide you with a deep and detailed insight into how your body is functioning.  Full body analyses will let you know how your organs are functioning, how your physical fitness is and so much more. Tests taken throughout the week will include speci…

Sharing from £2,275.00 pp Singles from £2,765.00 pp
Insane Fitness Retreat
EPIC SANA Algarve | Portugal
7 Days

The insane fitness programme lasts 7 days and includes five hours per day of intense and varied workouts, including military training, cycling, TRX, cardio circuit, BTT, stretching, cardio box and more. The programme starts with an initial fitness assessment to help structure your week by high…

Sharing from £2,710.00 pp Singles from £3,072.00 pp
Basic Optimal Fitness Programme
Kamalaya | Thailand
7 or 10 nights

Adapted accordingly for both beginners and advanced exercise enthusiasts, this programme will help you achieve your fitness goals. With personal instruction and guidance from fitness experts, holistic spa therapies and nutritious cuisine, you will experience improved health on all levels. This i…

Sharing from £2,757.00 pp Singles from £3,102.00 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Lanserhof LANS Med Basic Programme
Lanserhof LANS | Austria
7 nights

Lanserhof consistently offers the best medical spa experiences throughout Europe - and the world. With their philosophy rooted in the Modern Mayr principles, modern techniques and holistic medicine, Lanserhof is also a fitting choice for those looking to detox.  This programme will for…

Sharing from £3,160.00 pp Singles from £3,376.00 pp
Fitness Retreat
Chiva-Som | Thailand
7, 10 or 14 nights

The primary objective of the Fitness Retreat at Chiva-Som is to nurture your body and give you the confidence and the tools, to achieve sustainable fitness.  Whether you are experienced or just starting out on a fitness and exercise regime, this retreat will help inspire, motivate and educate…

Sharing from £4,099.00 pp Singles from £5,399.00 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Men's Medical Check
Park Igls | Austria
7 nights

The Men's Medical Check programme highlights the importance of andrology, which is a medical specialisation focused on male reproductive health and the development of hormone balance. Dr Peter Gartner, Park Igls’ Medical Director, explains: ‘Hormonal monitoring, di…

Sharing from £4,365.00 pp Singles from £4,395.00 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
LANS Med Sports Active Programme
Lanserhof LANS | Austria
7 Nights

The Lanserhof LANS Med Sports Active Programme is geared towards those who lead an active and sport-oriented lifestyle and want to improve their exercise regime, technique, and overall health. Initial medical examinations can determine your current state of health, whilst evaluating how your fit…

Sharing from £4,486.00 pp Singles from £4,700.00 pp
SHA Anti-Tobacco Programme
SHA Wellness Clinic | Spain
7 nights

The SHA Anti-Tobacco programme aims to help you quit smoking in a healthy and sustainable way that also helps you avoid unwanted side effects so you can soon start feeling healthier and smoke-free. One of the top medical-spas in Europe, at SHA Wellness Clinic you can expect to receive the very b…

Sharing from £4,720.00 pp Singles from £5,550.00 pp
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