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De-stress, unwind and immerse yourself in a peaceful stress management retreat in idyllic locations. We've selected the best programmes to re-energise your body and mind. Our programmes include options of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Ayurveda alongside  with  holistic therapies and medical consultation. We recommend tailor-made supportive emotional therapies, designed for those who need to escape from busy schedules, recharge, renew and rebalance their mind, body and spirit.

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Healing Holidays Exclusive
Ayurveda Relax & Feel Good Retreat
Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof | Austria
5 nights

This programme has been designed to completely revitalise you. It will re-balance your body, mind and spirit, giving you time for yourself. You can slow your pace of life, take a deep breath and re-connect with your inner strength. You will also feel pampered as the programme includes a variety of …

Sharing from £1252.00£1252.00 pp
Singles from £1425.00£1425.00 pp
Marbella Club Destress & Unwind
Marbella Club Spain | Spain
4 or 7 Nights

Whether you are working too hard, dealing with personal stress, or simply just need to get away from the pressures of everyday life, Marbella Club's destress and unwind programmes with their personalised training sessions, health consultations and emotional coaching sessions will…

Sharing from £1670.00£1670.00 pp
Singles from £2450.00£2450.00 pp
Anti-Stress Programme
Absolute Sanctuary | Thailand
8 or 11 nights | Receive two extra nights free

Absolute Sanctuary delivers truly transforming results and long-lasting benefits for guests. This Anti-Stress and Burnout programme focuses on breaking the daily grind whilst revitalising the body, mind and spirit through a combination of relaxing & healing spa treatments, nourishing foods &…

Sharing from £2039.00£2039.00 pp
Singles from £2299.00£2299.00 pp
Stress Buster Programme
Neeleshwar Hermitage | India

Benefit from a completely holistic approach to stress management as Neeleshwar Hermitage on their Stress Buster programme. A resort that specialises in the ancient Indian healing practice Ayurveda, this retreat depends on this traditional medicine to help guests manage and overcome their stress usi…

Sharing from £2111.00£2111.00 pp
Singles from £2723.00£2723.00 pp
Sayanna De-Stress Retreat
EPIC SANA Algarve | Portugal
7 nights

Properly managing stress can improve your mood, boost immune function, promote longevity and allow you to be more productive and EPIC SANA Algarve with its idyllic beach setting provides the perfect environment for such a transformation, supporting each guest to experience a shift in habits an…

Sharing from £2142.00£2142.00 pp
Singles from £2464.00£2464.00 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Mayr De-Stress Programme
Park Igls | Austria
7 nights

Park Igls of idyllic Innsbruck Austria is truly the place to get away from it all with refreshing views of the majestic Tyrolean Alps and an intuitive, nurturing staff of physicians and experts. Through Park Igls' systematic and holistic approach to wellbeing, this 7 night Mayr stress m…

Sharing from £2635.00£2635.00 pp
Singles from £2665.00£2665.00 pp
The Farm Stress-Management
The Farm at San Benito | Philippines

Free yourself from stress and recover from feeling burnout on this effective stress-management retreat at the Farm at San Benito. Everyday life can wear us down and stop us from feeling at our very best, but this retreat aims to rectify that and have you feeling calm and collected once more. The pr…

Sharing from £2660.00£2660.00 pp
Singles from £3440.00£3440.00 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Personalised Programme
Vana | India
7 Nights

Vana is no regular destination spa, and its approach to wellness is equally as bespoke. There are no pre-determined programmes at Vana Malsi Estate; your schedule will be custom-made for you, following your in-depth consultation with one of the doctors, where you will list your goals for your …

Sharing from £2695.00£2695.00 pp
Singles from £3100.00£3100.00 pp
Mindful Stress Management
Miraval Resort & Spa | United States

Over the course of your 4 night retreat you will benefit from a range of different activities and therapies to address both the physical and mental symptoms of stress. With access to the daily fitness and yoga sessions, as well as outdoor adventure demonstrations, you won’t be short of phy…

Sharing from £2708.00£2708.00 pp
Singles from £2878.00£2878.00 pp
Longevity Relax & Wellness
Vilalara Thalassa Resort | Portugal
7 nights

Let the pressure of everyday life go and address your health imbalances and experience a renewed sense of wellbeing. You will be pampered in the soothing spa and be given thalassotherapy that will re-energise and re-balance the body, mind, and spirit. You will begin your programme with various…

Sharing from £2757.00£2757.00 pp
Singles from £3083.00£3083.00 pp
Relax & Renew Programme
Kamalaya | Thailand
7, 9 or 14 nights

Ideal for people looking for a relaxing wellness holiday, this programme is designed to de-stress, replenish depleted energy levels and boost your immune system. Experience therapies from holistic treatments to alternative medicine, all tailored to your individual needs.This programme is desig…

Sharing from £3035.00£3035.00 pp
Singles from £3413.00£3413.00 pp
Asian Bliss Programme
Kamalaya | Thailand
7 or 10 nights

 Designed to promote bliss, renewal, joy and vitality, this de-stress programme is a powerful introduction to ancient healing. Combining Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Thai therapies, relieve your stress and learn about vital energy practices that support a more balance…

Sharing from £3339.00£3339.00 pp
Singles from £3718.00£3718.00 pp
Embracing Change Programme
Kamalaya | Thailand
7 nights

Enrich your emotional wellbeing and life fulfilment with the Embracing Change programme. Offering an experience of self-discovery and growth, this programme includes a combination of traditional Asian massages, Chinese Medicine and personal lifestyle consultations. The Embracing Change prog…

Sharing from £3582.00£3582.00 pp
Singles from £3960.00£3960.00 pp
De-stress Mind, Body & Spirit
Mii Amo | United States

Feeling tired, overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with the pace of life? Stress management is a crucial tool to maintain clarity of mind and deal with life’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stressors. Stress is one of the leading causes of illness in today’s workplace. R…

Sharing from £3674.00£3674.00 pp
Singles from £4030.00£4030.00 pp
SHA Anti-Stress Programme
SHA Wellness Clinic | Spain
7 nights

The fast pace of life, along with poor eating habits, constitutes one of the main reasons for an increase in stress levels, on both an emotional and physical level. A lack of energy prevents us from enjoying our true potential. SHA is the perfect environment for examining the lifestyle habits that …

Sharing from £3999.00£3999.00 pp
Singles from £4899.00£4899.00 pp
Ananda Stress Management
Ananda | India
7 nights

It is a well-known fact that anxiety and stress can have harmful effects on both the mind and body. With this in mind, Ananda have created their stress-management programme which uses a range of holistic therapies to resolve the causes of your stress and help you to unwind. The Ananda Stress Man…

Sharing from £4575.00£4575.00 pp
Singles from £5698.00£5698.00 pp
Optimal Living Programme
Canyon Ranch Tucson | United States

Head to Canyon Ranch Tucson, set in the stunning Sonoran Desert where the weather is pleasant year-round, in order to enjoy a multitude of stimulating activities. The Optimal Living Programme is one of Canyon Ranch's most popular programmes, simply because of the diversity of subjects that…

Sharing from £5285.00£5285.00 pp
Singles from £5795.00£5795.00 pp
Tension Release
Chiva-Som | Thailand
10 or 14 nights | Stress Management

The build-up of tension can negatively impact our lives in many ways, which is why Chiva-Som has created their Tension Release retreat to help you escape tension-causing routines and find inner peace once more. During stay you will receive an initial consultation which will help highlight the ca…

Sharing from £7663.00£7663.00 pp
Singles from £9794.00£9794.00 pp
SHA Life Reset Programme
SHA Wellness Clinic | Spain
27 nights

The Life Reset Programme at SHA Wellness Clinic is a four-week programme that can help you take a relaxing break and gradually restore your health and well-being to their optimal levels. The programme begins with medical consultations and examinations to diagnose any root causes of depleted heal…

Sharing from £22100.00£22100.00 pp
Singles from £25364.00£25364.00 pp
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