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Denise Leicester

Ila founder Denise Leicester has spent a lifetime exploring the dynamics of natural healing. A qualified nurse, aroma-therapist, yoga teacher and yogic healer, her hands-on experience extends from the rural communities of India to the Dubai royal family, and spans Eastern and South American healing traditions. 

At the heart of her study lies a belief in the power of healing energy. In 2005 Denise developed a unique concept of well-being that addressed the inner essence through the skin, an absolutely pure product range created in complete harmony with nature and delivered with conscious, healing intent. 

Denise has woven every fibre of the ila matrix. She spent the first 12 months of the company’s inception researching, travelling and sourcing the purest ingredients from the most ethical international farmers and growers – simple but extraordinary people who inspired her with their deep love of the earth. She then created an infrastructure that functioned at the most sustainable and nourishing level possible.

A word from Denise: 

“When I first ventured into the field of ‘organic’ ingredients for the ila product range, it was primarily because I wanted to bring a contemporary product line to the market that truly reflected, and held, the ancient wisdom and purity of the earth. My intent was to create products that contained pure life force energy and vitality, which, as well as bringing beautiful skin, would bring us back in touch with the beauty of the earth, our own hearts and inner purity. I was determined to create a business that was ethical and sustainable ‘from petal to product’. As such, I chose to work directly with farmers and growers to enable close monitoring of every step of every process. 

Through my extensive travels in search of the purest of ingredients, I’ve witnessed how it is the local communities and indigenous tribes that truly live in harmony with nature. They have always been ‘organic’ as a matter of principle, because what underlies their every action is respect and honour for the earth around them. They feel, hear, obey, follow and accept whatever nature dictates, always in harmony with its rhythms. They have a true relationship with and respect for Mother Earth that we, in modern life, have lost. 

In Morocco, we work directly with Nadia and the women of the ancient Berber tribe, traditionally the keepers of the sacred Argan forests. Nadia is dedicated to preserving her community and culture through sustainable practices. She ensures that the Berber women who traditionally harvest the Argan nuts, have an infrastructure that maintains the delicate balance of a successful business and a thriving and healthy community based on family values. In India, we work with a co-operative of farmers who practice Vedic traditions of farming in complete harmony with nature. With no electricity, no chemicals, no cars and no pollution, their products epitomise nature in all its purest glory and guises. Without these people and many more like them, ila wouldn’t exist. Every day, they remind me of the importance of ‘going beyond’. I salute them all.”

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