Dr Bianka Toebben - Vilalara Thalassa Resort Wellness Expert

Dr Bianka Toebben, Longevity Clinical Director (PhD) at Vilalara Thalassa Resort, specialises in anti-ageing, aesthetic medicine, homeopathy and integrative medicine. She is a passionate and compassionate medical professional with over 20 years of extensive medical training and experience in preventive medicine, anti-ageing medicine, stem cell research, oncology, acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis, and energy medicine.Her heart-centred approach has helped improve the wellbeing and quality of life of thousands of people in Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Dr Toebben's passion for the pursuit of health and healing began in 1982 in Germany where she was earned her medical degree in the University of Essen. After an internship in natural medicine she joined the research team at Essen in Oncology. Over the last two decades she has completed numerous certifications, scientific research, publications, and also acted as Clinical Director in private clinics in Spain and Portugal.

Dr Toebben is a member of the German Association of Natural Medicine, German Medical Association of Acupuncture, as well as a registered doctor in the Portuguese Order of Physicians.

What is the basic philosophy of Vilalara Thalassa Resort?


Our philosophy is all about improving wellbeing and supporting each other. As a resort that has such a rich and inspiring history we’ve progressed to this stage by supporting our guests and taking care of them in a way that you don’t always see in new resorts.

Our genuine concern and care for our guest’s wellbeing has earned Vilalara Thalassa Resort its glowing reputation and our loyal clients, so our philosophy remains the same and we continue to focus on catering to their needs.

Another component to this is providing our clients with natural and effective treatments, we specialise in anti-ageing, detox programmes and our Thalassotherapy is world renowned. With all our services we aim to provide only the best and ensure satisfaction and results.

What makes you different from other wellness spas?


In terms of facilities and services we offer some of the best programmes and treatments in the world especially with our Thalassotherapy, however I feel what makes us different is our passion.

People visit Vilalara to heal and improve their wellbeing, so whilst it’s our job to help our guests it is just second nature to us and so much more than a job. The personalised experience we offer is hard to find in wellness spas, everything we do is geared towards our guests needs.

What are Vilalara’s most popular programmes?


All our programmes that involve Thalassotherapy are popular, Vilalara is known as one of the top Thalassotherapy spas in the world and we have visitors from all over the world travelling here just to experience it.

Our Longevity Relax and Wellness programme is also very popular, it’s ideal for anyone who needs a bit of a health boost. The programme begins with a full health check from our medical experts who will detect any issues that need to be addressed and create a plan to improve wellness. The treatments in this programme combine holistic treatments with relaxation and of course our world-class Thalassotherapy to ensure our guests leave feeling their best.

How do you support your guests to find the right treatments?


We consult with our guests beforehand and when they arrive to ensure their needs are met. Medical health checks are available and our full team of wellness professionals will be able to advise our guests and draw up an extensive treatment plan to improve their health.

The treatment plans will cover everything from psychological activities, to spa treatments and their diet plan. The guests are carefully monitored throughout the duration of their stay to check their progress and see if the programme needs adjusting at any stage.

Who will most benefit from a stay at Vilalara Thalassa Resort?


Anyone looking for a break and to improve their health, we offer such a wide range of programmes and treatment plans that a stay at Vilalara could be beneficial to anyone. Whether you’re looking for a quick “pick me up” or a solution to a longer-term and deeper issue, then we can find a way forward for our guests.

What are the benefits, short-term and long-term, of a stay?


Short-term has many benefits, if a guest is staying at Vilalara and looking to improve their wellbeing then the break from their everyday life in itself will be beneficial to reduce stress. The spa treatments and relaxation therapies will all provide a short-term reprieve from our guests troubles and worries whereas the psychological and physical treatments will benefit their health long-term both physically and mentally.

We can provide the psychological relief our guest’s need, and in the long-term improve their health through treatments and by giving them the tools to carry on this improvement after their stay so they can benefit from remaining healthy.

What is the best time to go to Vilalara Thalassa Resort?


The spa and its surroundings are at their peak year round, so the “best time” ultimately depends on the guest. When the guest needs our help, that’s the best time to visit Vilalara. The resort can offer beautiful accommodation and facilities but as a wellness resort, our guests get the most from their visit when they need help with their wellbeing. In terms of weather the best time to visit would be between March and September for the optimal chance to soak up the sun!

Is there a minimum stay at your resort?


We have no minimum stay, although we feel guests would benefit most from a minimum of 3 days with one of our programmes, we understand that many might just want a night of pampering. To get the most from the programmes we would recommend a full 7 nights, giving guests the time they need to settle in and truly immerse themselves in the experience.

What is the most important advice you would give to someone who wants to do a detox retreat?


I would advise them to really engage with the programme of their choice, if they want the best results they really need to trust us, but also be honest and if something isn’t working for them discuss it with us so we can make their detox as effective and comfortable as can be.

Do you provide support after your guests stay?


Of course, many of our programmes provide follow up care and advice, and following this we are always available to contact, or even check in again for a follow up stay.

If you would like to discuss your personalised retreat at Vilalara Thalassa Resort, call our wellness experts on 020 7843 3597 or submit an enquiry.

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