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Lanserhof LANS Austria, Europe
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Lanserhof LANS, a top of the line medical spa in the picturesque Tyrol region of Austria, is surrounded by astonishing Alpine scenery: mighty mountains, vast meadows, deep forests and glistening streams. The tranquility found in nature has the ability to help relax, thus the property and integrated accommodation at Lanserhof LANS seeks to tap into the healing power of nature. Here, you can regain your energy and discover your true potential. Holistic healing is individualised to not only combat disease, but also to promote health and self-awareness. Incorporating the 6 pillars of Modern FX Mayr therapy, a stay at Lanserhof LANS will rebalance you and harmonise your life.  

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Includes transfers, accommodation & a 7 night LANS MED basic programme.

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Lanserhof LANS is a well-equipped medical spa that uses holistic diagnosis to spot and heal various body ailments and imbalances. The large team of medical experts can study your gastrointestinal tract, metabolism, immune system and cardiovascular skin. They can also address problems with the skin, energy, and sleep. The medical spa even has the facilities to provide ultrasounds and to perform dentistry. Other areas of diagnosis include both gynaecology and andrology, eyes, nose/throat/ears and neurology. 

The treatments at Lanserhof are also extensive. Along with the traditional massages, skin care treatments and baths, Lanserhof LANS provides infusions and osteotherapy. Adventurous souls will want to give cryotherapy, submersion into sub-zero temperatures for regeneration, a try. Training sessions include functional training, TRX, yoga, physiotherapy and more. For greater insight, sign up for a consultation - and for inspiration, enrol in a coaching session. 


To continue with the "healing power of nature theme," you can improve your health while enjoying outdoor activities such as Nordic walking, swimming, jogging or biking. During the winter months skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing are also options. If you like to play golf, you have a choice of 9 or 18 hole courses or simply practicing your swing at a driving range. 

You can venture into Innsbruck to enjoy cultural festivals and art galleries. A tour of historical highlights is also available in the medieval old town. 

  • Relaxation zone
  • Indoor and outdoor saltwater swimming pool
  • Sauna & sanarium
  • 16 Treatment Rooms

Lanserhof LANS is surrounded by the awe-inspiring Alps, home to unique flora and fauna within open meadows, deep forests and sparkling streams. Nature abounds throughout Lans in Tyrol, Austria. 

The scenic drive from Innsbruck Airport takes only 25 minutes, while transfers from the Salzburg Airport require 2 hours. It is also possible to land at Salzburg Airport or Munich International Airport and complete the transfer to Lanserhof LANS in a little over 2 hours. 

Insider's Tips
  • Arrive at Lanserhof LANS on a Sunday before 5:00 PM and check out by 11:00 AM to avoid extra room occupation fees. 
  • The Discount for Young Persons provides a 50% discount on overnight stays for children up to 16 years of age that stay in a room with their parents.
  • Medical treatments are available for young persons aged 16 and above with accompaniment from parents. 
  • You can experience the rejuvenating effects of cryotherapy here. 
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Healing Holidays Exclusive
LANS Med Basic Programme
Lanserhof LANS | Austria
7 nights
Lanserhof consistently offers the best medical spa experiences throughout Europe - and the world. With their philosophy rooted in the Modern Mayr principles,modern techniques and holistic medicine, Lanserhof is also a fitting choice for those looking to detox. This programme will form the cornerston...
Sharing from £2,895 pp Singles from £3,018 pp
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