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If you enjoy going on spa breaks abroad but don’t want to travel too far from home, consider taking a trip to one Europe’s exquisite luxury spas. While it may be close to home, a spa break in Europe can almost feel as though you are visiting another world entirely. With a spa history that dates back thousands of years to the Roman times, when the health benefits of the many natural hot springs and mineral waters in the region were first discovered, you can be certain that there’s a reason why spas in Europe have maintained their popularity over such a long period of time. While things have now moved on rather dramatically from the Roman era, the combination of medicine and beauty expertise in Europe have now refined spa health into something of a science, you will still find that the powers of the thermal waters are one of the major attractions of many of these spas.

Beyond the unique thermal waters, it is the variation within Europe that makes it such a great place to visit for a spa break. Whether you seek an ultra-modern medical spa or an Ayurvedic resort comparable to those in India, there is something that will be right for you. Despite so much variation and choice, something that is universal across these spas however is the consistently high standards of luxury accommodation, world-class continental cuisine, and of course the quality of the treatments and care you will receive. This is exemplified by the success of European spas at the 2017 World Luxury Spa Awards.

Idyllic spa destinations can be found right across the continent, offering a variety of luxury spa experiences. Switzerland’s spas provide premier lifestyle and wellness programmes, offering detox, weight-loss and stress relief plans to help you cleanse your body and refine your lifestyle. Doctors are often on hand here to give you a medical check-up and treatment for any health issues you may have. Switzerland is also a great location for fitness and winter sports.

Italy is also home to a number of world-renowned spas, making it a prime location for spa breaks. There are more natural thermal spa centres in Italy than anywhere else in the world, with every type of spa break imaginable on offer, from soothing pampering treatments to intensive fitness programmes. It is also home to the ancient Roman baths, which have a multitude of health benefits, making them very popular amongst Italy’s visitors.

Iceland’s top class facilities perfectly compliment the astounding natural surroundings which accompany them. A spa break abroad in Iceland will give you the opportunity to see the island’s most stunning natural sights, such as its waterfalls, geysers and geothermal baths as well as the famous Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights while unwinding in luxurious accommodation.

Germany is an ideal location for health-conscious holidaymakers, as it has over 350 approved health resorts sitting within its borders. The well-informed staff have a deep understanding on how to live a healthy lifestyle, enabling them to provide you with an effective detox and fitness break. There are numerous great locations for biking, hiking and walking within Germany, with stunning mountain ranges as well as the Azure skies to take in along the way. The country itself is steeped in history and culture to see while you are there, such as medieval villages and Bavarian beer houses. Germany is also home to hot mineral springs, which were enjoyed by Romans at Baden-Baden. Germany has historically always been popular for its spa resorts, royalty from across Europe would often meet here throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

Another popular European spa location is Portugal. Portugal is admired by visitors for the multitude of stunning sandy beaches and cliffs which make up its fantastic natural coastline. Spas here allow you to make the most of that coastline, offering a number of beach activities, and thalassotherapy treatments, which utilise the natural healing powers of sea water. Or, if you’d prefer, there is also a range of locations in Portugal which offer stricter weight-loss, stress management and detox programmes. Fitness retreats, medical spas and pampering retreats are all available within the country also.

Greece is also a great spa location. Loved by visitors for its warm, bright climate, Greece is steeped in history and has glorious views to match. Deep blue oceans, and fantastic landscapes make this a destination of choice for many. It is a particularly pleasant location for relaxing spas and pamper retreats, but also has a selection of high quality wellness programmes, with detoxes, weight-loss programmes and de-stressing programmes all available. High quality, luxurious accommodation is widely available, to ensure you experience maximum comfort during your holiday.

Austria also boasts stunning scenery and has a wide range of spas available. Austria’s beautiful natural landscape provides a perfect setting for activities such as hiking, biking and cycling, all while taking in breath taking panoramic views of the aps. There is also a selection of detox and weight loss retreats across a number of medical and holistic healing spas to help make you feel fitter and healthier.

Those looking for short spa breaks abroad with a limited time window for their break should consider taking a short trip across the English Channel to France. Transport to France is easily accessible and highly convenient, meaning you can spend less time travelling, and more time unwinding in a spa. Taking a spa break in France will allow you to improve convenience without having to compromise on quality. France has a host of world class spas, including a number of specialist detox, weight-loss and beautifying spas. The spas have expert staff who utilise leading modern technology to deliver high quality treatments with high quality results.

Spain is also an excellent choice for those looking for a European spa break. Spain’s popularity as a holiday destination amongst British tourists is well documented, however, its spas often go highly underappreciated. Spain has some of the world’s best spas, and has a wide range of specialist spas available. This even includes spas that offer stop smoking programmes and sleep clinics. As well as this, there are a number of spas which specialise in detox and weight loss, as well as multiple pampering spas and cosmetic surgeries. Spain’s spas provide an effective blend of cutting edge Western technology and oriental therapies, delivered by world class experts to ensure you get the most rewarding results from your retreat. There are many unique spas across the country, with some built on top of healing thermal waters, which offer benefits that nowhere else in the world can. Alternatively, there are many spas built on Spain’s sandy shores, so if you want to combine your spa break with some hours under the sun on the beach, there are plenty of places where you will be able to do so. Spain’s terrific warm climate, stunning landscape and remarkable natural features make it a great destination for any traveller looking for a relaxing retreat.

Cyprus also can’t be overlooked as a luxury spa destination, with many relaxing spas offering luxury pampering treatments using a holistic philosophy. The idyllic Mediterranean climate and beautiful landscape provide a great setting for you to unwind and rest. There are a number of sports activities available on the island as well as multiple kid’s clubs, making it great for families as well as couples and singles to take a break and indulge in a luxury spa treatment.

The range of spa breaks available in Europe is highly diverse, so no matter if you seek a weekend spent being pampered at a romantic hotel, or a more intensive wellness retreat at one of the world’s top destination spas, Europe’s spa breaks will be able to meet and exceed your expectations with ease.

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