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While a natural stage in every woman’s life, for many menopause is one of the most dreaded parts of being a woman. Generally, the most unpleasant thing about menopause is the unwanted symptoms that come with it. Hot flushes, mood swings, weight-gain and more are all symptoms that women commonly suffer from when experiencing the change, but there are things you can do to ease these and make it a much more comfortable time.  One of the best things you can do when going through menopause is to simply take some time out just to focus on yourself, especially on a menopause retreat that will help you tackle the symptoms you are experiencing as well as provide you with a much needed break.

There are countless wellness retreats that can help with the menopause and it really comes down to personal preference which one is right for you. 

We have put together a selection of our top menopause programmes, for more information contact our wellness experts by calling 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

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Healing Holidays Exclusive
Fountain of Youth Rejuvenation Week
Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof | Austria
7 nights
This 7-night health-enhancing and anti-ageing programme is tailor-made to help guests slow down, stop or even reverse signs of premature ageing. The Fountain of Youth Rejuvenation Week seeks to help improve your immune system, strengthen your physique and aid your digestive system. Your body will b...
Sharing from £1,601 pp Singles from £1,777 pp
Rocco Forte Anti-Age
Verdura Resort | Italy
4 or 7 nights
Relax at the glorious Verdura Spa, spectacularly set within one of Italy's most picturesque scenes to help turn back the biological clock. The ageing process not only includes aesthetic changes to the body; the ageing process affects all body systems, so the Rocco Forte Anti-Age programme at Ver...
Sharing from £1,805 pp Singles from £2,280 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
Personalised Programme
Vana | India
7 Nights
Vana is no regular destination spa, and its approach to wellness is equally as bespoke. There are no pre-determined programmes at Vana Malsi Estate; your schedule will be custom-made for you, following your in-depth consultation with one of the doctors, where you will list your goals for your stay &...
Sharing from £2,635 pp Singles from £3,375 pp
Healing Holidays Exclusive
LANS Med Basic Programme
Lanserhof Tegernsee | Germany
7 nights
This programme is based on the award-winning LANS Med concept which has been setting standards for a healthy and active lifestyle for over thirty years. Be ready to experience a combination of traditional naturopathy treatments combined with modern Mayr medicine on this 7 nights stay.The LANS Med Ba...
Sharing from £3,257 pp Singles from £4,122 pp
Nescens Better Ageing Programme
La Reserve Geneve | Switzerland
4,7 or 14 nights
More than your average, superficial anti-ageing retreat, the Nescens Better Ageing programme aims to offer an effective anti-ageing solution. Taking an all-encompassing approach to ageing that is supported by the medical expertise of the doctors at La Reserve Geneve, this programme uses a combinatio...
Sharing from £3,485 pp Singles from £3,845 pp
Women's Health Retreat
Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai | Thailand
For women, hormones generally play a key role in defining overall health and well-being. Hormone imbalances caused by diet, menstrual cycle, environmental chemicals, and improper lifestyle can negtatively affect physical, mental and emotional health. You can address these issues at the elegant Dhara...
Sharing from £4,060 pp Singles from £5,145 pp
Anti-Age Programme
Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot | Italy
7 nights
This programme is ideal for those who are concerned about the accelerated ageing process, as well as those who have hormonal imbalances and would prefer to find a natural body balance for an improved ageing process. The programme includes hormonal analysis and a body densitometry scan which provides...
Sharing from £4,835 pp Singles from £5,289 pp
Anti-Age and Regenerating Henri Chenot Programme
L'Albereta | Italy
7 Nights
This customised programme is built around the diagnostic tests you will undergo, in order to determine the biological age of the body, and aims to restore balance and reset the systems of the body using powerful and effective treatments.The treatments are supplemented by the Chenot Method diet, alon...
Sharing from £5,195 pp Singles from £6,165 pp
SHA Rejuvenation Programme
SHA Wellness Clinic | Spain
7 nights
The Sha Wellness Clinic Rejuvenation programme has been designed to naturally improve your overall health and sense of wellbeing, with a carefully crafted programme that not only rejuvenates but teaches you how to sustain a healthier lifestyle with long-term benefits. Your programme begins before yo...
Sharing from £8,665 pp Singles from £9,432 pp
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