Nutritional Reset by Daniela Morandi

New and Exclusive: Personalised programmes to achieve and maintain top psycho-physical form through the latest nutritional strategies

Saturnia, June 2013 – Terme di Saturnia SPA & Golf Resort, one of the world’s most prestigious and renowned wellness resorts, adds a new and important element to its exclusive model of regeneration of mind and body (Your Natural Reset) with the launch of an innovative programme of personalized nutritional resetting, as the result of an agreement with one of the most authoritative international experts on nutrition, Dr Daniela Morandi.

Daniela Morandi, nutritionist and naturopath of international standing and author of a series of books written with Barry Sears – a world-famous researcher and creator of The Zone Nutritional Strategy – founded on the methodology of the most up-to-date scientific research that proves that staying healthy, combating the effects of ageing and effective long-term weight loss is mainly dependent on the hormonal response that food triggers in our body, from control of its glycemic load, chemical composition, time at which it is consumed and the way in which it is combined to act on the metabolic systems and our well-being.

In the ideal setting of serenity, concentration and relaxation that Terme di Saturnia offers, Daniela Morandi will personally supervise guests participating in Your Nutritional Reset programme, over the week slowly letting them become autonomous and using the most up-to-date concepts for a correct relationship with food as well as learning how to incorporate the programme they started in Saturnia on returning home.

During the week current dietary myths will be challenged and the importance of a proper diet shown not just in cases where subjects are overweight but also for those of normal weight. This is because our dietary habits have a very important impact on our quality of life, both in terms of mental and physical well-being as well as energy and efficiency.

The real meaning of “inflammation” – the source of imbalances and general lack of well-being will also be analysed, in which food plays an important role. The same thing goes for premature ageing of the cells and organs (in particular the brain), similarly closely linked to eating habits. Research has shown that every scientific age-prevention strategy must always start with in depth anti-inflammatory activity.

During their stay at Terme di Saturnia, guests will immediately experience the advantages of following a balanced menu, based on a nutritional programme drawn up by Dr Morandi and personalized by her according to individual preferences and requirements.  The spa’s medical team is also on hand if required.

A large proportion of time will also be dedicated to learning how to prepare attractive and appetizing dishes that respect the correct nutritional rules, with “show cooking” and simulations of “balanced days”, to be recreated at home.

Your Natural Reset by Terme di Saturnia

Natural Reset is Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort’s exclusive philosophy and starting point for its new programme of nutritional resetting, transformed into personalized programmes to recuperate complete psycho-physical well-being and the route to a healthy and sustainable way of life.

This approach centres on the extraordinary properties of its very pure hot spring water gushing from the natural crater at the heart of the resort. This water flows at the constant temperature of 37.5°C at a rate of 500 litres a second, for a complete turnover every 4 hours, six times a day and serves to synergically combine different techniques and disciplines in a magical and relaxing setting:

-              Tutoring is undertaken by a staff of 50 dedicated professionals, who interact with guests to determine the objectives of their stay and a programme to achieve them;

-              A vast choice of hot spring cures and treatments that integrate the medical, antioxidant and anti-ageing properties of the spring water using constantly up-to-date techniques and equipment, in one of the world’s largest wellness centres (consisting of 54 booths as well as The Ulimate Area, reserved for luxury treatments)

-              Personalised calibrated and progressive physical activity, that can be undertaken in 7 different areas, 4 indoor and 3 outdoor, as well as the opportunity to play golf all year long at the spa’s own international-level golf course beautifully integrated into the complex itself

-              Diets inspired by the most up-to-date nutritional research

feefor rating
"Everything was excellent, except the very gloomy lighting in my room. There was no bedside switch for the lights, so I had to unplug the standard lamp - the only lamp that gave much illumination - before getting into bed. With all three lamps lit, there was not enough light to see colours when I was packing. Notwithstanding this, I intend to go again. The staff seem to get on well together. They have a high morale, and the business is well-run. It feels like a happy place."
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